NGP Van, located in Washington, D.C., is a company that leads the way in providing technology for various aspects of the Democratic Party in all of the United States. Many other progressive organizations also use their software to help make their voices heard for causes they support. NGP Van offers affordable prices because they believe in these organizations’ principles, ideas and changes being promoted. It was founded in 1997, employs 190 people and is one of the ten fastest growing companies in 2017. NGP Van said they “are like family”, is a fun place to work and offers many perks for their employees.

NGP Van has strategies available for political campaign fundraising goals and how to meet them. They also have plans for organizing a rally to help it run more smoothly.

NGP Van has the following tips to help make your rally a success:
1. First, decide what points you want emphasized at your rally.
2. Plan your location by considering how many people will be attending, how much parking area needed, accessibility to all, etc.
3. Hang photos everywhere of the person involved in your campaign, distribute campaign signs to everyone attending and make sure passionate proponents are strategically located behind the podium with signs of support.
4. Decide what other speakers to choose that will help convey the candidate’s message.
5. Choose an enthusiastic emcee to introduce other speakers to make sure your program runs smoothly and problem-free.
6. Advertise, advertise and advertise! Use all social media outlets, newspapers, TV, radio, etc. to promote your rally event.
7. Enlist volunteers to help in all areas.
8. Make sure there is plenty of media coverage.
9. It’s a good idea to save your rally for the last two weeks of your campaign when excitement and enthusiasm of your base is at its peak.

NGP Van is not only for political campaigns. Non-profit organizations, labor unions, and local and state campaigns also use them, so whatever is needed for your organization, NGP Van may be just the place to look to help in all your endeavors.

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