Omar Boraie Brings Back the Health of the City

Omar Boraie has successfully turned around an entire city by using only his grit and determination. This won him the label from many news articles as the father of New Brunswick, New Jersey. This tenderhearted man has used his real estate company in order to build the infrastructure necessary to grow a healthy city.


Sam Boraie has been passionate about reviving the city of New Brunswick ever since he returned from his two were in Europe. While traveling across that great continent, he saw the powerful cities of Munich, London, and Paris. He told himself that New Brunswick, New Jersey could become just as powerful as any of those European cities.


When Omar Boraie arrived back in the United States of America, he began sharing his dream and vision with anyone who would listen. He detailed for them a four-step plan that would allow New Brunswick to become an economic force to be reckoned with. The first part of the plan was to make a loving community. The second step of the plan was to make jobs lucrative in the area. The third step of that plan was to unite the entire city under a single vision. The fourth of that plan was to build the backbone of the strong society, which is the middle class.


According to WSJ, Omar Boraie set to work immediately by helping New Brunswick become a more loving place. He mainly did this through working with churches and nonprofits. He gave them instructions to plan events that would help families meet one another. In return, he we=ould provide them the necessary finances. One nonprofit worked with the State Theater to provide a summer of movie nights for the people. Seven movies were shown for free and 7,000 families were united.


Omar Boraie also immediately began to strengthen the job situation in New Brunswick. At that time, jobs were leaving. Rumor on the street was that Johnson & Johnson were moving their factories to another city. Omar Boraie knew that if they did this, the entire area would die. He was able to work out a plan with them so they could raise wages, hire more people, and build an additional factory. You can search on Yahoo for more details.


Omar Boraie then worked through his network to build a strong coalition. The Mayor, the President of Rutgers University, and members of the state Senate made it their life’s work to help New Brunswick thrive.




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