One on One with Marketing, Guru Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo Martinez is a marketing genius who boasts of more than 30 years in the realms of marking. His vast wealth of experience is as a result of the various positions he has held in marketing and advertising agencies globally. Indeed, Gustavo Martinez has overseen the creation of some of the most iconic and timeless ads that have entirely reshaped pop culture in contemporary society. More about this CEO and marketing guru is found in this piece.

Career History and Achievements

Gustavo Martinez has worked for some of the largest corporations in the world. His tenure at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide equipped him with the much-needed experience that he has used to transform the marketing arena in various firms.

Additionally, Gustavo Martinez has also worked for some of the most venerable companies in marketing, Ogilvy and Mather and McCann World group. He previously worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers before joining the firms above.

Gustavo Martinez Offers a Perspective on His Career

In the modern age, flexibility and versatility are vital ingredients for success. As such, Gustavo Martinez has been on the forefront in utilizing both techniques to further his knowing in marketing as well as a leeway to better opportunities. Recently, Gustavo Martinez has adapted a shift and has leaned more towards consulting and providing related services to other firms.

Gustavo Martinez reiterates that as a consultant, you work as an independent contractor to a firm, offering both strategic and high-end services at operational levels. Gustavo states that consulting has been part and parcel of advertising since time immemorial.

Indeed, he reveals that through consulting, firms have been able to realize top notch and long term results in their operations and increased turnover. Gustavo Martinez worked for several consulting companies before he was hired as CEO and President by other agencies.

Important Aspects of Marketing

Gustavo Martinez notes that the importance of creativity in any marketing department cannot be ignored. It is the single most vital asset in advertising.

He says that marketing and advertising are different from other industries where the process has already been well-established, perfected, and refined. Other sectors need workers who are reliable in competing for their shifts, who are repetitive and who to an extent are formulaic.

On the contrary, Gustavo Martinez observed that marketing is the polar opposite of other industries. Advertising can, at times, be likened to applied artistry. When it comes to marketing, the industry is driven by raw creativity. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench and Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

For these reasons, Gustavo reveals that they adopted a paradigm shift in their recruitment process. Nowadays, they only recruit the best candidates to stay ahead of the stiff competition. Therefore, college graduates who are more inclined to work as independent contractors have more chances of being hired as opposed to those who are glued to the nine-to-five routine.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong – Elevating Online Shopping Experience for Its Customers

The success story of Richard Liu Qiangdong is extraordinary, considering that he made a multi-billion dollars empire from scratch by himself. Richard Liu worked for many years for a company called Japan Life as the director of computers before he switched his career to become a successful businessman and started a store in Beijing, China. Richard Liu Qiangdong was able to navigate through the heavy competition in the retail business and from a single store; he opened a dozen more that were later transformed into an e-commerce business in 2004. The success that his company achieved is primarily due to the innovative and effective marketing and sales strategies that he developed and help execute.

Richard Liu Qiangdong wanted to become a politician when he was young and even graduated with a degree in sociology from Renmin University to follow his political ambitions. However, he later realized that to have a flourishing career, it is necessary to have a degree in business studies. It is for this reason he joined the famous China Europe International Business School, where he completed his Masters in Business Administration. After Richard Liu completed his studies, he worked for Japan Life for several years, where he was promoted to the post of Director of Computers. It is during this time that he was able to gather some capital to start his first business venture in the form a shop at China Technology Hub in Beijing.

The success that his online store witnessed is what led to one success story after another, which eventually became the we know today. It is a publicly traded firm and is listed in the New York Stock Exchange as well. Richard Liu Qiangdong is not satisfied even though Jingdong is one of the top e-commerce companies in China. He is trying to add innovative systems into the system to make the company more efficient. The company also has a partnership with the best brands allowing its customers to enjoy the latest fashion while sitting at home. It is the reason why the company has been growing at a fast pace and continue to set high standards.

How OSI Group Processes McDonalds Hamburgers

McDonalds Company is a food company that comprises of various customers in the world. In recent years, the company released an operational manual which indicated that it sold 75 hamburgers each second thus initiating a lot of concerns about its ingredients from various individuals. After reviewing the hamburgers, one buyer conducted an experiment where he stored it in the fridge and funded it exactly in the same condition some fourteen years later. Through a business tour, the Insider magazine finds out some vital aspects of OSI Group McDonalds Company in Germany. Currently, the company is more critical of the ingredients they use to make their products. For example, they range from excess sugar, food processing additives such as the E Numbers to salt.

Plenty of customers

McDonalds Company usually comprises of various customers that typically rely on best fast foods after much scrutiny. For instance, David Whipple who is a customer to the company ventured into an activity to determine the number of ingredients present in the hamburgers. Later after fourteen years, he showed everyone the appearance of his product.

Components of the products

The popular McDonald hamburgers, chicken, and French fries consist of preservatives that enable them to rot but after some specific conditions. Moreover, the director of the company insists that microbes such as water, time, warmth, and nutrients enable them to rot. However, if one of the elements is eliminated from the environments, the chances are high that they will not spoil the food.

McDonalds Statement

During the year, the management of McDonalds said that its burgers and fries did not consist of any preservatives. While in its tour, the business insider established various ways how the burger was made into the market. Through the Gunzburg factory, OSI Group McDonalds managed to supply different hamburgers to the company.


Since it is an American company, OSI group is tasked with supplying range of products to the OSI Group McDonalds because of its expansiveness in the area. Before its establishment in Europe, the company had liaised with OSI Group McDonalds in the German village. After following various agreements between the two companies, they decided to perform business together.

Randal Nardone Broke Stereotypes, Proved Academic Background Not Merely the Determinant of Success

Education is a very important factor in one’s journey to access. However, going to universities and colleges and finishing a bachelor and even a master’s degree in business are not guarantees that one will also be successful in business. In fact, there are several successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, and leaders whose academic background are far or are not at all related to business. One of them is the co-founder of the largest private investment firm in the country, Randal Nardone. Unlike other CEOs, Randal Nardone has a bachelor’s degree in Biology and in English from the University of Connecticut. He also holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from School of Law of Boston University. Both of these academic backgrounds are not directly related to his stature as a leader in the financial investment industry.

Randal Nardone and his co-founders launched Fortress Investment Group in 1998. At the time, they want to build a firm that could help their clients grow and become profitable. Almost a decade after it was launched, Fortress Investment became the largest private equity firm trading publicly. The firm reached $70.2 billion assets worth of management investment ownership. Randal’s journey in the finance industry began when he joined Blackrock Financial Management Incorporated. He worked in the company as one of its principals.In 1997, he served as the managing director of UBS AG. In 2011, Randal became the chief executive officer of Fortress Investment Group and one of its board of directors. In 2017, the private equity firm based in New York City was acquired by Softbank Group Corporation.

The acquisition opened more opportunities for the firm. Randal believes that through Japan’s banking giant, Fortress will have more chance to access bigger credit sources and will optimize with growth. The firm was acquired for $3.3 billion. Softbank, however, retained Randal on the firm’s management team.Forbes included Randal Nardone to its list of billionaires. With around $1.8 billion in net worth, Randal claimed the 558th place of the billionaires’ list. In addition to managing Fortress Investment, Randal also served various executive roles in different private equity and investment firms.

A Sit Down Interview with Wes Edens

 Recently an interview was published on with prolific co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, Wes Edens. Ric Bucher, writer for the Bleacher Report decided to sit down and have a conversation with him over the NBA All-Star Weekend to review how the past season has gone for him. First, they went over his thoughts on the celebrity game and if he watched it with one of the other co-owners of the Milwaukee Bucks playing, Marc Lasry and he stated that he would watch it but never play in it as he has a huge interest in the sport and likes having some part in it. but never wants to consider himself as a celebrity.

Ric Bucher decided to ask Wes Edens about his personal life in competing and that he actually had a past as a competitive skier growing up. Upon getting older, Wes put down the sport but still enjoys rock climbing as a sport since he still loves spending the time on the mountains as much as he did as a kid. Ric reflects upon Wes that he’s an interesting person in the field of sports as you generally don’t have that many people in upper management who decided to still partake in playing in sports at all today. Wes Edens decides to keep going on about rock climbing and shares stories about the scariest experiences he has had climbing, with the scariest being the time that he tried to rush himself off the Wind River Range during a storm that almost had him repel himself off below. To know more about him click here.

Towards the end of the interview, Wes Edens describes how he became the type of investor that has been described as an underdog of sorts today. Wes realized that when looking at how big sports have been whether it be for college or NFL for the city of Milwaukee, there was no real reason that the Bucks couldn’t succeed just from the lack of interest. He explains how important it was for him not to make the product that is the team successful, but to make an innovative arena that would really want to make people come out and see basketball games live in person instead of watching them on the big television screens they already own. During this whole interview, Wes Edens really lets you see into his mind and show how his what was seen before as unconventional methods of investment are actually very successful.

Agera Energy Strives to Help the Environment

Agera Energy is a supplier of energy in the form of natural gas and electricity. They service every one from residential to large commercial businesses. They have some of the best customer service and sales representatives. Agera Energy also strives to be conscious of the world environment. Follow Agera Energy on

Clean water and air and access to energy resources are important now and for future generations.

Management at Agera Energy inform their employees about efforts the energy company is taking to improve it’s environmental footprint. Employees can let management know if they come up with any ways to make the company more efficient and environmentally friendly. This all helps to improve the companies sustainability policy. Read more about Agera Energy at

Agera Energy works to install more LED lighting. They use film coverings for windows to reduce solar heat. Recycling bins are frequently used. Other steps are also taken to save energy. Agera Energy is a company that cares about the environment.


Luke Lazarus on Leaving Your Comfort Zone

One suggestion Luke Lazarus frequently gives to young, aspiring business-owners is to make sure that when you develop a brand, you create a story to go along with it. People will be much more receptive to ideas that sound good on paper, and a success story is bound to draw attention.

Of course, once you grab the attention of the public, your job is not even close to done. After this, Luke Lazarus would claim that the best course of action is to demonstrate to them that you have something to offer them. If they can be convinced that you are worthy of their attention, they will listen to whatever you have to say. Beyond that, it is all about how good of an idea you can come up with.

Luke Lazarus tries to think about what it is the public struggles with and how he might be able to fix that, but he acknowledges that there are a variety of methods of dealing with the pressure associated with business, and any solution he could give someone would only be his personal view on the matter.

This is why Luke Lazarus does not run around flaunting his word as though it were law; he knows that there is no such thing as a true constant in the chaotic world we live in, and the closest we can get to consistency is in our lack of it. Because of this, it is foolish to center your happiness on only a single potential outcome, as there are a multitude of others always available to you. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

The thing that people often do not understand, however, is that an outcome is not always yours to take. There are many factors of life that you simply cannot control which will contribute to the extent of success you are able to reach. Because of this, Luke Lazarus urges people to play it safe with their money, for their is no guarantee that they will be able to have a constant supply of it. Learn more about Luke Lazarus:

After all, life is full of variables; that is part of its charm. Without factors we are unsure of, we would simply be walking through a plane of familiarity, and nothing presented before us would pose a challenge. This is the reality that many people genuinely want to live in, but someone like Luke Lazarus is repulsed by this idea of perennial comfort.

Comfort is an idea that he wants to deconstruct to its most bare components. At the end of the day, comfort is simply the result of a lack of action, and living life without action is just about as useful as not living life at all. Because of this, Luke Lazarus chooses to act rather than sit in a state of wellness.

Steve Ritchie Championing for Diversity at Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie is Papa John’s (CEO) Chief Executive Officer. Right after assuming the position of Papa John’s CEO, Ritchie shared an open letter with the clients, shareholders, and stakeholders of the brand. The message Steve Ritchie posted on social media was an apology from the brand for letting down its clients and partners.

In an open letter addressed to the clients, shareholders, and Stakeholders of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie mentioned that both the executives and staff at Papa John’s have recently completed their compulsory unbiased training program. According to Ritchie, the unbiased training program will be carried out in all Papa John’s outlets.

The management team at Papa John’s and the brand’s senior executives also agree that an independent cultural audit should be carried out in all outlets. During the audit, there will be an investigation into the brand’s diversity and the various inclusion practices after which, recommendations will be provided.

Diversity and inclusivity are the top priorities at Papa John’s. Steve Ritchie understands that it is the duty of Papa John’s to create an environment that is accommodating to all its clients and employees. In the spirit of championing for inclusivity and diversity at Papa John’s, Ritchie led a team of Papa John’s executives to Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Atlanta so that they could assess the areas that Papa John’s need to improve its relationships with stakeholders, shareholders, and clients.

Papa John’s Steve Ritchie has revealed that the franchise is working on assembling a much-needed advisory group that will be made up of nationally renowned and respected experts in the field of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Ritchie believes that these professionals will play an essential role in overseeing the management and steering of the brand, while at the same time providing recommendations on how to create an all-inclusive working environment that can accommodate people from all backgrounds irrespective of their racial profile.

Steve Ritchie ended his open letter to the firm’s clientele base and the firm’s investors by stating that, under his leadership, Papa John’s will be focusing of inclusivity, diversity, and an all-around leadership team that represents the brand and its ideology.

Successful Ways To Get Your Story Covered By The Media

Pitching your tale is the very first step within bent on the media. Exactly how you obtain your story show up on blogs, journals, magazines, newspapers, radio terminals or on the nationwide TELEVISION relies on exactly how you pitch your story.

If you are continuously obtaining “no” for a solution, you have dedicated errors that are impeding you from getting the insurance coverage that your brand needs. Check out the suggestions that you can practice to raise your chances of obtaining promotion:

Craft your tale well.

Be clear with what you want to tell the readers. If you’re targeting the media, ensure that your message is clear for them. They do not intend to think something as well as you’re informing a various point. Be direct as well as concise with your message. Don’t go rounds and rounds. It is one thing that the media do not desire.

Is your tale relevant?

Although you may think that you have an interesting tale to share, keep in mind that no one will undoubtedly care to read it if it is not appropriate, fresh and also unique. Take the “so what examination, “why will people care to review my story” and also “that will likely benefit from my information?”

Prep work is a trick.

Before pitching your story, see to it that whatever remains in location, including the quotes, statistics, charts and also various other information that reporters might require. Recognizing your story well as well as examining it before pitching them guarantees that you’re not missing out on something and also everything is right. Do not send them a tale with the incorrect graph or information. Those are the last points that you do not intend to take place; otherwise, your story ends up in the spam folder.

Get your media package all set.

A well-written news release typically gets a nod, yet a news release with complete media sources will impress the reporters at once. Reporters are constantly active. They are on-the-go for covering information and also need to meet the due dates. See to it that you have the best active ingredients prepared when submitting your tale. Have quotes product demonstrations, photos, graphs, case studies and your company Chief Executive Officer newest meeting clip; they will be undoubtedly thankful for that.

Do not give up.

If you’re not obtaining signals that press reporters will cover your tale, don’t surrender. Sometimes, due to their busy routine, they don’t have sufficient time to respond. Nevertheless, if they neglected, don’t be dissuaded today. Recommend other ways that they can take a look at your tale. Offer them to visit your blog, or ask them if they can examine your story which might be uploaded on your web site.

Know what exclusivity indicates.

The preferred and big magazines will certainly cover groundbreaking news. If you have a fantastic tale to inform, make sure that you recognize what exclusivity means. Do not ever before break your words when you guaranteed a publication or a reporter a “stoppage” notification, but your news ended up being published by their rival information outlet. Doing this can end you up being blacklisted in their magazines, or the reporter will certainly never before cover your story.

Do not attach your news release.

Do not ever before dedicate the ridiculous mistake of connecting your press release distribution to your email. Never utilize accessory as it is extremely informal, and there’s a high possibility that your email will be sent out to spam. Another point, make sure that you offer them with multimedia sources. Reporters are drawn into visuals, so including multimedia can raise your opportunity that they will cover your story. Consist of a link having the multimedia, so they can check it or download it.

Surprise your audience.

If your story has the component of “surprise,” there’s a likelihood that they will certainly state “yes” to your pitch. If they think your tale will certainly shock the visitors, it’s a good story. One more angle to check into is the element of “learning.” Does your tale provides something useful or solves a particular issue that the audience has?

Details of Classified Ads

The Good, the Bad and Classified Ads

Classified advertising can end up being an extremely strong tool for marketing when you have the proper understanding of using it. On-line advertising is the sole way for those users where they are able to easily publish multiple classified ads at no cost and find anything also at no cost. If you become flagged, your ad becomes removed without review. Your ad is going to be saved and you’ll be redirected to the unpaid ads part of your account. Classified ad posting is the sole way for you by which you may easily publish your classified ads free of charge. For example, if you need to post used car classified ads, you must start looking for local classified sites which target local individuals. leolist

Edit the text of the ad by simply clicking the pencil beside the ad you want to modify. To begin, you will need to submit the ad to COA. Before you begin posting classified ads you may need a list of classified websites which is quite important before starting your classified ads. There are two days by which you are able to easily publish your classified ads or even acquire good result the sole thing that which one suits your requirements.

If you choose to place your ad without registering, simply put in your contact info and click Use Guest Account. Ad appears in print and on the internet. If you cancel the ad, there’s not a reactivation option, or so the ad would need to be re-created. Posting your classified ads would enable you to publish your different types of classified ads all around the world that’s quite effective and popular all over the world. They are the best and the most affordable form of advertisement for common people as well as businesses. Online classified ads function as a mini website where you need to bring the USPs, best features of your merchandise together with the pictures and your contact details so that your possible buyer can know all about your goods and if found suitable, can contact you to purchase.

Classified Ads – the Story
Sometimes people attempt to locate a regional classified posting websites list online which will let you post a lot of ads all over the world with no condition. Lithuania online free classified site list will offer you a very best performance which will permit your users too easily and freely post ads online with no condition and restrictions. Many best Lithuania free classified website list is the sole way which you may use for promoting your small business online.

Whatever They Told You About Classified Ads Is Dead Wrong … And Here’s Why
If you’re contemplating to prepare a classifieds site, you a lot have completely different choices available. In addition, it shouldn’t be very hard to get yourself registered with a website, since step-by-step instructions are provided at each stage to help people who don’t know how registration forms work. There are too many best classified posting sites are extremely powerful and popular all over the world. When posting classified ads, you have to be very careful in regards to the sort of classified site you decide on, to make sure you have the maximum benefits. Paid classified sites always charges a specific amount for placing ads on the site. So while it may seem easier to work with a classified ad site that doesn’t need registration, it’s always wisest to settle on a site with registration. Deciding upon the correct classified ad site in order to post free classified ads is quite important to be sure you have the best benefits.

The One Thing to Do for Classified Ads
Sometimes people attempt to locate a community classified posting websites online which you want to find through various different of ways. Sometimes they try to find a local classified posting websites online which will allow you to post ads. Posting classified ads online is quite cost-effective.

The Hidden Treasure of Classified Ads
You will find plenty of sites competing with one another on the net. When searching for Yamaha snowmobile parts, the company’s website can be a priceless tool. You have a web site for it. In all such instances, classified ads websites are the best choices. Locate a reliable, professional classified ads website and you will certainly find what you’re looking for!

Definitions of Classified Ads
Today, the majority of the sites provide the chance to people so they can offer their ads freely. You may use the classified websites to sell any product with no interference. Classified websites have produced the purchasing selling games easy which you would really like. Everybody often seek out a chad online free classified sites list that’s a regional classified site but the significance of worldwide classified sites is very much. The majority of the popular classified websites are extremely easy for each person. There are too many classified websites to be found on the internet which will allow you to publish multiple classified ad sites on the web.