Greg Blatt’s Success Over the Years

Greg Blatt has held several executive positions over the past years. His most recent role was as the CEO of both Match Group and Tinder, positions he held from 2016 through 2017. Before his promotion to CEO post, Greg was the executive chairman of both firms. Greg has also served for firms such as IAC where he held different roles, Business Affairs, and several other law firms. He also worked for Martha Stewart Living. Greg has educational accolades from Colgate University as well as Columbia Law school where he acquired a bachelor’s degree and a J.D respectively. 

According to Greg Blatt, he had no particular business plan in mind earlier on in his life. He embarked on various business before finally settling on Match Group. Before joining law school, Greg had gone from one job to another. Some of the jobs he did included bartending and painting. After his studies, he joined a law firm in New York doing commercial law, but later on, discovered that it was not what he wanted to do. Greg Blatt, therefore, moved to entertainment law but his role was short-lived. Greg, later on, became a general counsel, a responsibility that led him to work at IAC. After a few years, Greg was invited to Match Group, and he has developed the firm to what it is today.

Greg Blatt makes use of physical meetups and questioning his adversaries to make his days productive. Greg believes by physically interacting with people, one gets assured of productivity. As an entrepreneur, Greg Blatt makes excellent use of his time by working on projects that are due to become successful at the moment. He sets aside business ideas that will develop over time.

Greg Blatt ensures that he has a passionate team and provides them with the required resources so they can come up with valid ideas. He also encourages and inspires his team member to help out in creating profitable concepts. According to Greg, the use of video to connect people in different geographical location is a trend that excites him. He believes that interaction through video will create a massive transition in business.

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Pop To The Top Laerte Codonho

There is no doubt that every multinational corporation wants to be on top within their industry but with everyone clawing and scraping to get there there’s bound to be a fair share of issues and unfair competitive techniques. For instance, the long struggle between Dolly sodas and Coca Cola. Laerte Codonho, founder of Dolly sodas and a master marketer, took it upon himself to approach the situation differently (Conjur).

Almost everyone is familiar with the brands Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, and Dr. Pepper so just who is Dolly soda? Dolly is a Brazilian soda brand that has been around since 1987. This is also the same year that founder Laerte Codonho introduced Brazil to its first diet soda. The “first” is either a flop or turns out to be something great. Fortunately for Laerte Codonho, both this new contribution and other popular products began to raise national awareness of the brand by the late 1990s making it possible to compete in the major leagues.

Unfortunately with bigger fame comes the potential of bigger problems. Although Dolly soda fans were loving the products and giving them a try over the more well-known name brands, Laerte Codonho also came across some not so positive attention. In particular from that of none other than Coca Cola. They created interferences that made Laerte fell victim to criminal accusations, reduced market shares, and even bankruptcy. They were not very fond of Dolly pulling profits away from them so they did what many large multi-national corporations with greater financial and legal resources do when the little guys step on their toes. 

Laerte Codonho understood that this was not a little bump in the road that could be easily avoided with minimum damage and that he had to go about fighting back strategically. He did what he did best using marketing strategies that displayed the quality of his products such as campaigning, billboards, and handwritten notes for the camera. Laerte Codonho understood that behind closed doors his company was basically alone. Dolly did not become the brand it was alone so, what better way to keep standing than making sure its supporters knew the truth behind the matter as well.

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Igor Cornelsen Explains The Difficulties Of Investing In Brazilian Companies

Igor Cornelsen is a financial advisor who has been educating people about investing for many years. His main strategy is creating passive income for his clients. Following this strategy, an investor can have a constant stream of revenue coming in that doesn’t require repeated work. His company, Bainbridge Investments Inc., is headquartered in the Bahamas and physically located in Brazil.

Managing investments can be a difficult task. Igor Cornelsen prefers a straightforward approach to managing his investments and that of his clients. He has consistently made money even from Brazilian companies which is remarkable since that country has had an unstable economy for decades. This success has made him one of the most sought-out financial advisors in Brazil.

He grew up in Curitiba, Brazil. His father was an engineer which he wanted to be as well for a time. A graduate of the Federal University of Parana, he has an economics degree. He worked as an investment banker for the first three decades of his career. He was the chief executive officer and board member of multiple investment banks including Libra Plc, Multibanco, and Unibanco.

Brazil is a massive country although most people aren’t aware of that because it looks smaller on a global map. It is 3.25 million square miles in size and has 210 million people. The only four countries with more people are India, China, Indonesia, and the United States. It has a very active economy and is the 8th largest one in the world.

Igor Cornelsen says that Brazil’s economy isn’t anything special but it is very complicated. There are a great many laws and regulations about how companies operate and how people can invest in them. Navigating this market made it much easier for him to begin investing internationally. He says that, by comparison to Brazil, investing in American and European companies is a breeze.

Dabie Tsai Sees a Bright Future for Accounting Professionals

Some people think of accounting as a dull and passive professional field, but this is an incorrect assumption. Accountancy is inherently dynamic because it is necessary to keep up with the world of business and economy. Professionals who work in this field are expected to stay up-to-date on issues related to compliance, corporate practices, finance, technology, taxation, and more. When it comes to career development, accountants know that they must be flexible, and this is something that Dabie Tsai, an international auditing expert who spent more than 23 years with KPMG, knows very well. 

During her time at KPMG, Tsai worked in offices in the United States, Canada, Chile, and Spain. She is fluent in three languages and has expertise in mergers and acquisitions, SOX 404, initial public offerings, and corporate governance. Regarding the future of accounting, Tsai believes that accountants should be ready to embrace various developments.

Artificial Intelligence

Bookkeeping, reporting, and auditing are tasks that will progressively become more automated and efficient thanks to machine learning routines and algorithms. While some accountants feel that the advent of AI technology could be a threat in terms of job security, Tsai thinks that automating some tasks will give professionals more time to focus on helping clients. 

Global Mindsets

Multinational experience is a career factor that has significantly contributed to Tsai’s success. Accountants who come across opportunities to work abroad should strongly consider adding them to their resumes. Hiring individuals who have experience working abroad is a corporate trend that is here to stay because employers realize that a global mindset is good for business. 

Second and Third Languages

In the field of accountancy, communication is as important as due diligence. Tsai made it a point to learn the languages of the international offices she was assigned to, and this goes along with the aforementioned global mindset. Accountants who speak more than one language will have an even brighter future in their careers because this has become such a highly sought-after skill.

American Addiction Centers: You Will Conquer Your Addiction

It is important to believe in yourself at all times, but it is especially important when battling an addiction. It is going to get you through those dark times and those dark days. You know you will regroup, recover, and pick yourself up once again.

It is why the AAC (American Addiction Centers) is fully invested in helping out those struggling with addiction. They know how strong and how tough they really are because of what they have to endure on a daily basis.

Needless to say, it is no picnic, but they don’t complain about it or look for sympathy. They just look for help in conquering it once and for all. With the AAC by their side, arm in arm, they have a group of men and women that are truly devoted to helping an addict overcome anything that is thrown their way, no matter how impossible it might seem at the moment.

They don’t believe in the impossible. They believe in their results, and their results are truly the gold standard when it comes to treatment centers. Their website states their success rate is more than double the national average. That is truly amazing. It shows that what they started in 2007 is paying off. It has been paying off since they opened their doors. That is the thing to remember here.

When people commit themselves to doing things the right way, wonderful things can come out of it. They are not looking to just rush people out of there. They also listen to the individuals suffering from an addiction to find out what they are thinking and how they are feeling. They truly care about them as human beings. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor

Beside manner is important when treating someone with an addiction to AUD (alcohol use disorder). Society has been unkind to them. They don’t always get the benefit of the doubt. People don’t look at the bigger picture and try to understand what’s really happening with them.

Instead, they are quick to judge them and even laugh at them. It can be a cruel world at time, but they can’t help it they were born with a disease and a mental illness. They are just trying their best to overcome it and be a good person. They are good people, and the people at the AAC know it. It is why they are helping them in the first place. They get right to the root of the issue to help the individual with an addiction to alcohol.

It is why they are always researching, studying, and doing surveys. They want to be at the forefront of information on addiction. With their commitment to this, they will always be number one.

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EOS Lip Balms – Egg Shaped Lip Balm All The Celebs Are Talking About

Evolution Of Smooth lip balm, more commonly known as EOS, was founded in 2006. By 2015 EOS lip balm was the second highest selling lip balm in the world. What makes EOS unique is it’s “egg shaped” packaging that is available in many fun colors and flavors. These great flavors include sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, vanilla bean and more. The product also features all natural and organic ingredients helping it to stand out among its peers.

Recently Evolution Of Smooth has released a new product, their Lip Stick Balm. This new stick balm is also all natural and organic, however, it is only created using sustainable ingredients. Consisting of nourishing oils such as vitamin E, jojoba and shea butter this formula is sure to moisturize your pout. The EOS Lip Stick Balm features a new sphere tube, similar to your traditional lip balm tube, but still cute and trendy. 

In 2019, EOS is still revolutionizing the lip balm industry and is very popular among women everywhere. They can be seen in magazines and on social media everywhere. Celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and even pop singer Billie Eilish all have all been caught sporting these adorable balms. 

Isabel dos Santos: The Pearl Of Africa

Isabel dos Santos is a well-renowned figure in Africa’s business and finance industry. Being a woman, she has worked hard to earn her rightful place at the table of wealthy individuals. Forbes recognizes Isabel as Africa’s wealthiest woman and one of its youngest billionaires. Isabel is respected for defying all myths and hurdles to accomplish her goals. She has been playing a significant role in shaping the way for more women to become successful in the business world. Hailing from Angola, the independent businesswoman has a rich portfolio stating her work in banking, construction, telecommunication and energy sectors in Africa, Portugal, and Europe.

Isabel dos Santos’ path was backed majorly by her educational background. She attended King’s College in London where she earned her bachelor’s in electrical engineering. Isabel holds education as a crucial tool necessary for opening up opportunities. She has been instrumental in aiding many young women to get an education as a way to empower themselves. Through Isabel dos Santos and her business initiatives, more women are becoming independent and joining the skilled workforce. Shortly after graduating from college, Isabel was set to begin her life as an adult. She secured her first job as a project manager engineer in Angola. In the search for more challenges, Isabel veered off into becoming an entrepreneur. She became a partner at the Miami Beach bar and restaurant based in Luanda.

Isabel dos Santos then pursued her interests in the telecommunications industry. The African pearl invested in Unitel, a communications company in Angola. This move would make Isabel one of the company’s largest shareholder, controlling 25 percent of stake.Years under Isabel’s insight, Unitel grew to be one of Africa’s largest and fastest-growing mobile operator. Isabel continues to diversify her portfolio with her name touching on some of her Portuguese ventures. She also has interests in the oil mining business where she partnered with Americo Energia.Isabel dos Santos is gradually grabbing the world’s attention with her moves. She is changing the obsolete concept that discriminates women from leading and participating in hefty world economy topics. She is indeed the female figure and change that African women have been waiting for ages. Click here.

Agera Energy: Pure Wind Program

Providing the best services to their customers while providing natural gas and energy to customers Agera Energy offers the Pure Wind program to achieve the goal of using selling natural gas and energy while being the best energy provider. Visit to know more.

The Pure Wind Program s specific to Agera Energy where they offer customers the choice of reducing their energy bill by switching to the usage of natural gas and energy to power their home or business. For customers that agree to make the change they are offered enrollment into the Pure Wind Program where at least 50% of the energy used is generated by a wind farm (Premier Gazette, 2019). Read more about Agera Energy on

United States wind farms are an alternative way to generate energy that is better for the environment compared to energy generated at a power plant. By generating energy naturally using nationally-sourced certified wind farms Agera Energy is responding to the concerns of thousands of customers regarding energy generation and usage harming the natural environment. By using wind farms to offer the Pure Winds Project to home and business owner’s they are able to supplementing half or more of their energy usage with naturally generated energy (Chronical Weekly, 2019). Through this program Agera Energy is giving their customers a more natural, environmentally safer, and ethical choice in saving money on their energy bill while enjoying effective energy service with Agera Energy’s Pure Wind Program.



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Chicago Has A Lot To Offer To New Residents

Chicago is one of the United State’s most famous and dense cities. This diverse city has plenty to see, do, and explore. It also has its own quirks that new residents should be aware of. Here is a small sampling of what you can expect. 

People coming from warmer climates should prepare themselves for a frigid and snowy winter. Expect freezing temperatures and drab weather. You will want to make sure you have a warm coat, gloves, hat, and a scarf. You will need it. 

Summers in Chicago are the opposite of its winters. They are warm, and the people seem to come alive along with the plants and wildlife. Enjoy the many parks, beaches, and outdoor events the city has to offer. The beaches we are talking about are the city beaches right on Lake Michigan

Chicago is a culturally diverse city with some unique elements to it. If you love pizza, then you definitely should try out an authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Street vendors abound in Chicago. You can find vendors selling American favorites such as hot dogs along with ethnic street food such as tamales, jibaritos, polishes sausages, and Italian beef sandwiches. If you like exploring neighborhoods, then be sure to check out Little Vietnam and Koreatown.

Beal Properties makes settling into Chicago simple, easy, and comfortable. The company manages dozens of properties in some of Chicago’s and its surrounding suburbs most convenient and prestigious neighborhoods. You can find modern, renovated and ready to move into apartments in such neighborhoods as Lake View, Wrigleyville and Logan Square. 

Beal Properties has been managing properties in the Chicago area for over three decades. The company is not just a group of property managers. The staff at Beal Properties is invested in the community and wants to give back to the community that many of its employees call home. Every month, Beal Properties donates money to community organizations in the Chicago area that is chosen by its team members. This is just one way that Beal helps foster community spirit and supports charitable organizations.

Jeunesse Global Product Excellence Awards

Jeunesse has once again proven excellence in their field by being honored with 24 awards at the 25th Annual Communicator Competition which is an international competition that honors companies for their creative excellence in communications. This is the fourth year in a row where the company, Jeunesse, has continuously raised the bar in the way it communicates the Jeunesse story to the public about its youth enhancement products. 

Among their honored awards, Juenesse received 11 awards of Excellence which is the competition’s highest award that they honor companies with, and 13 awards of Distinction. These awards were in the divisions of print, video and digital work that included both written and visual communication categories.

One of their newest products, the RVL Advanced Hair Care System won awards for its packaging, both digital and print communications which included the product line’s video and brochure. Multiple product videos were given the honors of Excellence as well as Distinction. Several products including RevitaBlu won awards for their packaging.

The Communicator Awards look for the best in public relations, public identity, corporate communications, and advertising. For this year’s competition, the Communicator Awards drew more than 9,000 entries, so Jeunesse was up against some stiff competition, yet were still able to show all of the other competitors what real excellence is when it comes to innovative products and new ways to communicate their image to the world. 

With their goal being to empower people to feel young while looking great by using products that they want to use to make a positive impact on the world by creating multiple innovative and comprehensive skin care and nutritional systems, the way they market and package their products has a huge impact on the business has been able to perform. They also have a multilingual customer support system which includes a top of the line platform and global enrollment in 34 offices that directly market to over 145 countries.