Recapping the Interview of Charles Koch

Charles Koch, the CEO of Koch Industries worth $40 billion and who is 80 years old, says that he is a liberal. He also desires to find common ground with the Obama administration. Many consider him to be a banker and the political libertarianism high priest of the United States. However, he says that he can be called a classical liberal or just a liberal. He says the original sense of a liberal is someone wanting to maximize tolerance, the well-being, peace, and tolerance for everybody. To him, the original sense of this word is a great word, but now liberals are people who want the government to control people’s lives.

Rather you hate or love Koch’s politics, no one ever said he is a dummy. He has three degrees from MIT, and he achieved his family’s business to prosper from $23 million in the mid-1960s to over $110 billion- making them the second, largest private company of the United States. He funded political campaigns and lobbying for years, and he recently released a new book called “Good Profit: How Creating Value for Others Built One of the World’s Most Successful Companies.”

When interviewed last Friday, he showed that he’s shrewd and crafty as he talked with a reporter in his response and evasion of various questions concerning Trump, for instance. When asked the meaning of candidates, like Trump and Bernie Sanders, picking up traction, he says that Americans are really dissatisfied with the current direction, and are hoping that a system is made where people are able to run their own lives while the government sets the basic rules, with the rule of law having everyone treated equally under the law.

Despite Koch being known to criticize the Obama administration and others, Republican and Democrat, for being guilty in overstepping its reach, he is hoping to find a way to work with the Democrats and the White House. He is hoping to find common ground on eliminating occupational licensing that prohibits the employment of disadvantaged people, by supplementing and reforming the education program to teach people certain principles and values. Additionally, Charles Koch’s four political priorities for this election season, include the following: to end the irresponsible spending within the government; to move from the two-tiered society; to eliminate the corporate welfare which influences the two-tiered society; and to reform the foreign policy to make sure Americans are safer.

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