Sergey Petrossov JetSmarter App

Sergey Petrossov was recently awarded the Forbes 30 under 30 award for his work in consumer technology and the award for South Florida’s Top Working Professional by the prestigious Sun Sentinal. Sergey Petrossov has been awarded so many prestigious awards because he is always working hard to find ways to make the technology and consumer industries more innovative.

Before Sergey Petrossov founded JetSmarter, he was the co-founder of two other IT projects including an online chat service system that enhanced the customer service experiences as well as a platform that allowed Russian based educational institutions to provide distance learning. During that time he was also serving as an advisor to the board of a private jet operator based out of South Florida- an operator that had the world’s largest fleet of charter fleets in the entire Gulfstream.

Petrossov flew his first private airplane for the first time and it was then that he was first able to see the challenges that came along with the process of booking a charter flight. At that time, mobile marketplaces were becoming more popular, and Petrossov felt that if he could utilize technology, then he could make the booking process for charter planes much easier and less awkward. And from this singular private flight, the idea for JetSmarter came about.

Petrossov quickly got the team that he worked with for other projects together and invested much of his own money, and together they started working on building an app that would connect flyers to the best of the best jet operators. After a lot of planning, JetSmarter was finally able to launch in August of 2012. After its launch in 2012, JetSmarter worked to raise some additional funds and collaborated with other vendors and partners and in March of 2013, Petrossov was finally able to launch JetSmarter to the public. The team behind the success of JetSmarter are people who worked on things like NASA, Nokia, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, and BMW, which means their combined experience in technology, private air travel, and logistics has allowed JetSmarter to be the groundbreaking app that it has become!

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