Shaygan Kheradipir’s Comeback

Shaygan Keradpir once again reprises his role as a talented leader in the business and technology sector. Coriant has newly appointed him as their Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Many in the industry are considering this a great comeback for him. It was not too long ago when Keradpir’s future as a leader in the telecom, technology, and financial services industry seemed to sway delicately in the balance. After a highly publicized exit from his role as CEO of Juniper Network’s Inc., there was a period of time when some seemed to question whether he could bounce back. Not everyone during this time was in doubt however. The people back at Coriant were able to recognize that this was just one setback amidst Keradipir’s extensive history as a proven expert in strategic planning and operations.

Keradpir’s 28 years of executive experience began as Verizon’s EVP and Chief Information Officer. While at Verizon he successfully steered the company as it modernized and pioneered new products, most notably its Fios television service which received an initial capital investment of $20 billion. After Verizon he joined Barclay bank where he went on to make more waves. As Barclay’s Chief Operations and Technology Officer he stood at the helm of their TRANSFORM program, where he helped to modernize the company for the 21st century. Also under his belt is a PhD in engineering from Cornell University as well as a number of technology patents. It’s little wonder then that Coriant is more than thrilled to have Keradpir join their team.

In a recent article ( Coriant expressed their confidence in Keradpir’s skills and talents. The company’s senior management team has been working closely with him since earlier in the year. Coriant is confident that Kheradpir is just the man they need at the helm, leading them as they pursue growth strategies and aim to stay at the top of the competitive end-user market.

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