Susan McGalla and Executive Sponsorship For Women

Women have arrived in a place in Corporate America today which was thought impossible fifty years ago, yet there are fewer opportunities available for the most talented Women at the top. Women want roles of leadership and have proven they can bear the responsibility like Susan McGalla. Though it is true that Women have more opportunity in the workforce, yet it is evident that focus and support groups for women seeking corporate positions are far from an actual job as a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. In short, few women have reached the leadership positions as Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers as Susan McGalla. One possible solution that has been suggested recently is Executive Sponsorship for Women who are seeking Executive Leadership. While support groups can provide opportunities for women at the grapevine level, Women are seeking more than support. Women want an opportunity and Executive SPonsorship may be the missing link.

A corporate or executive sponsor within a company would work with potential candidates seeking leadership roles to provide them opportunities or act as inside recommenders toe upper leadership. It was the same path that Susan McGalla found herself in when she was moving up thru the ranks. McGalla said that growing up with two brothers and a Father who was a Coach gave her the opportunity to not seek the easy way but was treated like her brothers, which made her work for what she had. She carried this attitude forward in her corporate work ethic, but all she needed was an opportunity.This happened during her employment at American Outfitters. All the executives were men when she started but shortly before exiting the company she had become president of the entire company. Susan McGalla hopes more women will have these kinds of opportunities.

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