Success Academy’s Unique Approach.

For a period now the name Success Academy has come out of the mouths of many people. It was so after the school registered exceptional performances in mathematics and English. The proficiency rates were 64 percent for English and 94 percent for math. The first school under the Success Academy began in the year 2006. Today 32 schools exist, serving a population of more than 9,000 students. Of the 32, 24 are Elementary, (K-4), seven are middle schools (grades 5-8) and a high school. There are prospects of opening, even more, schools in the future. The exceptionality found in the institutions after a survey made it clear that achievements were not based on the content taught but by its delivery.

At Success Academy, content is all. While other Kindergarteners are playing with wooden blocks, Success Academy has a block curriculum. Children come together in small groups and come up with an architectural sketch, and later construct a project. From each cluster, one child explains what they have built to other students in the class. The approach helps the students to have exposure to buildings from all over the world.

Another source of achievement for Success Academy is its English Language Art curriculum. The school initially used success for all reading, but that didn’t feel enough. The schools add lots of content even to the vocabulary and knowledge instilled in students. Elementary students, for instance, have two units in each grade, where they read and write on a particular topic for about six weeks. In middle school, an independent reading time and a literature class are added. The students in these grades receive iPads containing numerous books.

Writing skills are overly emphasized from the kindergarten all the way to the 8th grade. In other classes, students come up with pieces that cross along several genres. Revision is essential. Unlike what many people perceive, Success Academy teaches experimental based science in each day from kindergarten. When it comes to co-curriculum activities, Success Academy is active. At one time during a survey, the chess team was found preparing for the national tournament, others making preparations for music while others worked on art projects.