Nick Sarnicola Co-founder of ViSalus

In the business of wellness and wellness products the Co-founder of ViSalus is invested in the health of his customer base. The sales guru and dynamic force of a CEO that is Nick Sarnicola, means to invigorate the health and wellness market. HIs motivational attitude toward his profession has led him to recent promotions by ViSalus like the 2019 Vitality event in Italy. This event marked a successful celebration of life, which included two big product releases. Vitality 2019 attracted over 5,000 business savvy individuals prepared to learn and grow in the wellness market. Nick Sarnicola also assisted in the release of a few new marketing strategies for Italy’s top sellers. Taking time to promote success stories of their fitness program Body by Vi The ViSalus team, Nick Visalus showed that he is passionate about the growth of ViSalus customers.

If you are looking to catch a ViSalus, Vitality convention in the United States there is an upcoming event in Kansas City coming up in October that you may want to check out.

Nick Sarnicola is an entrepreneur, a CEO, and maker of millionaires. Sarnicola makes putting passionate and driven individuals on path to making their fortune a habit. To date Sarnicola has helped in the creation of over 50 millionaires.

On the Vi Community Hub page you can see scrolling commitments of other followers of the ViSalus programs which have people committing to things like 3 weekly walks. Nick Sarnicola is not just a sales person he and his team at ViSalus have the wellness of their consumers at heart.

Nick Sarnicola’s innovative mind is driven to get people motivated and out into the world, fulfilling their goals.

ViSalus and their team of talented marketing strategists will continue to make a heavy impact on their community with driving forces behind them like Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen.

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