Traveling Vineyard: Guidelines on Wine Tasting and Traveling with Wine-lovers

Wine is one of the most appraised beverages in the world, being appreciated globally for its taste, its history, and the skill involved in producing a wine of really high quality and value.

Wine tasting is one of the most common practices that wine-lovers do to really appreciate the drink and taste the best wines that you can find on the market.

To be a part of a wine-tasting event, you have to know a few basic concepts, like how to properly taste and evaluate the drink.

Traveling Vineyard, one of the most renowned and influential companies in the wine industry, have shared some of their personal tips for those who want to commence participating in wine-tasting parties. Traveling Vineyard is known for being the most receptive group for new wine-lovers who want to be a wine guide and travel around the world with the team.

According to the wine specialists in Traveling Vineyard, you obviously have first to know what type of wine you are encountering. The yellow variety is the white wine, while the deep red one is the red wine, obviously. There is a third type, which is usually less common, but equally valuable in wine-tasting parties: The Rosé. Beyond this simple classification, however, there is a lot more variation and differences between different saturations of colors that you will need to study to really get acquainted with. There is an abundant knowledge to be absorbed behind this apparently simple drink. However, for a wine-tasting party or event, really getting acquainted with all the variations of the red wine, for example, will actually raise your influence with the other guests.

Traveling Vineyard is always telling their guides on how important is the wine’s smell to wine lovers who want to fully taste the drink. It goes beyond the moth’s taste, as the aroma of the wine is equally important for these enthusiasts.

There are different practices that increase the effectiveness of the aroma phase, like swirling the wine and then immediately lifting the glass to feel the aroma correctly. With Traveling Vineyard, you will be taught all of these practices to become a really efficient wine party host, guide or a traveling guide.

Yes, with Traveling Vineyard, you can travel around the world as a guide, including some of the favorite locations between wine lovers, like Napa Valley, the origin of some of the most expensive grapes in the world. For more info about us: click here.

If you want to become a wine guide and travel with other wine enthusiasts while occasionally working at home, Traveling Vineyard is the opportunity you were waiting for. You can join them without having that much previous knowledge about wine-tasting and other activities related to the drink; you only need to undertake their training to really become acquainted with everything.

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