Who is Jason Hope?

He is a philanthropist who was born in Arizona. The entrepreneur was brought up in a temple according to the traditions. Later he joined Arizona University in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in Finance and immediately after his graduation he proceeded with his masters in the same field at a business school called Carey. Jason has been an investor in the internet world, desktop apps, software gaming and mobile apps for a period and has partnered with several companies. In addition to this Jason also offers financial consultation services.

What is his relationship with SENS Foundation?

Because of his philanthropist nature, he mostly carriers out research that may offer solutions to challenges facing the people of Arizona as a way of giving back to them. Recently, the investor has made a considerable donation to SENS Foundation. This is a company that aims at getting anti-aging treatment by use of biotechnology. Aubrey de Grey is one of the founders of the company and a close associate of Jason Hope. Through making donations, he hopes that the company will have enough resources to use in the research on anti-aging remedies which he later plans on presenting to his people back in Arizona. The company hopes to achieve the goal by coming up with cell repair natural medicine and coming up with treatments that come with old age which include; Atherosclerosis, diabetes and Alzheimer’s among others.

What types of diseases does Jason Hope hope this anti-aging research will help cure?

As waste products accumulate in the body, the functionality of the body starts becoming inefficient. Most of the blood vessels start growing inelastic, and so is the skin. As a result, blood is not appropriately pumped to other body organs, and waste products in the body are not entirely excreted. Therefore, due to the poor body functioning, as one grows old, some diseases start creeping in. These diseases include; Diabetes, Alzheimer, and Atherosclerosis.

What other philanthropic organizations does he support?

The successful business man’s kindness is beyond reach as he has offered monetary support to several companies apart from SENS foundation which are Metropolitan Phoenix club for girls and boys, Lymphoma and Leukemia which is a society from Mountain Desert, Worldwide Orphans, Foundation for Education which is an international organization, Foundation of Andre Agassi among many others. He does all these actions as he believes that the best gift humankind can offer is making the lives of others better and worth living.

For details: www.linkedin.com/in/jasonrhope

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