Why Choose Beneful?

The importance of my pet’s health is a priority in my care for him. His playful attitude and shiny coat have remained after all these years, and a big part has to do with him having a proper diet and getting a good amount of exercise. Exercise is simple and straightforward–take them to the dog park, walk them around the block. But what kind of food should my pet be eating? How do I know it’s made of quality ingredients and giving my dog the best nutrients? Is it fulfilling his health needs?

A veterinarian is the best equipped to answer questions and evaluate the overall health of pets. However, doing my own research and trying to save money, I identified Purina’s Beneful products to best fulfill my dog’s dietary needs. I’ve used Beneful brand dog food for all the dogs that I have owned, specifically Beneful Original Recipe Adult Dog Food. All ingredients are listed on the bag, so I know exactly what I’m giving to my loyal companions.

Beneful is a part of the Purina brand products, working in the pet food industry for nearly 25 years. They make their food with following the standards set by the FDA, USDA and AAFCO. Their quality control is considered the “gold standard” for the industry. Also, they take the extra step by tracking and examining every ingredient they put in their food. Lab tested and inspected for quality, Beneful is made with wholesome grains and real beef, blended with vegetables enriched with a variety of vitamins.

Dry and wet food are available among Beneful products. They make dog snacks as well as chopped blends of food, consisting of numerous types of meats (chicken, beef, lamb), rice for grains, and plenty of filling vegetables like peas, carrots, and many others. My dog has benefitted in overall health by eating Beneful throughout his life. The balanced nutrition offered by Beneful accompanying routine care has helped him retain his energy, healthy coat, and happy disposition.

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