Learn About Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes is a well-known Michael Jackson impersonator, and there are a few things people should know about him. Continue to read this article to learn more about Cortes.

About Cortes
The Michael Jackson impersonator is 44-years-old and he is from Spain. He was born on July 30, 1971 and many consider him to be one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in the world.

His Career
Cortes runs a company called Destiny Projects, which is an entertainment company. The company specializes in managing artists, as well as developing artists, and Cortes’s career is still going strong and he performs concerts all around the world.

He also has plenty of videos of his performances that he has done throughout his career, and it is not uncommon for very large crowds to appear at his performances. He has also made a number of TV appearances across the world.

As for the songs he sings, Cortes is known for singing a lot of different songs by Michael Jackson. Asides from looking like Jackson, Cortes sounds a lot like Jackson.

Social Media
Cortes has a massive following on social media, and he has thousands of followers on Facebook alone. Through social media, Cortes has received plenty of proposals for shows, and he enjoys speaking with his fans. He also has many photos of himself on social media sites and many fans have had their photos taken with him and have uploaded them to social media.

Hiring Cortes
Those who are interested in hiring Cortes can do so by contacting his company. However, fans and promoters should know that he is very busy. This is because Cortes is in high demand and he performs all-around the world, but the good news is that if he is available for specific dates, he will let you know. As for his rates, they do vary, and more details are provided to those who contact him.

As you can see, Cortes is a world-class impersonator, as well as a well-known performer. There are many Michael Jackson impersonators out there, but Cortes is easily one of the best ones in the world.

Yeonmi Park and Her Incredible North Korean Story

Yeonmi Park is one of the individuals in the world who is really making a difference when it comes to human rights. Her childhood is the type of childhood that would have really beaten down many individuals, but instead of letting it beat her down she was able to create a very uplifting book. Her book shows the struggles of living in North Korea in constant hunger and fear. She was able to escape to China at the age 13, but it wasn’t easy. There were many hardships that her family had to go through in order to get to where they are today.

Even when in China the problems didn’t stop. There were many problems with organized crime that Park’s family had to deal with. This was something that was shown greatly in her book. There was much trauma in writing this book as Yenomi states. This is something that was very hard for Yeonmi of yeonmi.net, but she kept going forward in the face of the trauma. She knew that she had an incredible story that could help people move forward. There is so much good that can be brought forth with this book along with so much understanding.

Her story shows the difference in views of North Korean individuals, especially the women who are from North Korea. Many of the traffickers look at North Korean women as high priced merchandise. North Korean women are dedicated to their purity and virginity. This is very valuable in the chinese human trafficking market. This is something that Yenomi goes into great detail describing. There are many different stories that really bring the reality of the North Korean situation to the forefront of this story. Yenomi is very brave to bring all of these feelings back to the surface with this tell all story.

This book is so powerful that the leaders in North Korea are spreading negative propaganda against the book. Admittedly Yenomi is very scared about this, but there isn’t a whole lot that she can do other than be brave. It is good to know that her book is being taken seriously. This is something that can provoke some serious change. It is people like Yenomi who will be able to make real change happen in this world. They are the ones who are willing to make a real stand against what is happening in the world. Yenomi is still adapting to life in the United States. She was so trapped by poverty and hunger that she is having a hard time learning how free she is now. There are many new freedoms that she is still trying to learn how to adapt to.

Why Kyle Bass Has A Terrible Public Image

Kyle Bass, an American investor, has recently been featured in news headlines for losing his lawsuit against Acorda Therapeutics, a major pharmaceutical company in the United States. Acorda has the exclusive rights to production of their best selling drug Ampyra, which is used to help treat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. The court decided to rule against Bass was because it is wrong to rip a patent from a company who worked hard to produce the product. Clinical trials that the FDA requires are not exactly cheap, so manufacturers deserve the patents to drugs they develop or discover.

Bass is known to have back various companies or individuals of prominence despite them having bad morals and doing unethical things. Argentina recently had to default on their debt, because they did not have enough money to pay it off. This was the second time this happened in the last fifteen years, which is a very serious issue. Countries should not default on loans so often, but Kyle Bass had the nerve to defend Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, an Argentinian politician.

General Motors had a massive recall of several types of vehicles because they were unknowingly assembled with faulty Firestone tires. Not all of the vehicles were produced with faulty tires, but GM had to issue a recall of those vehicles because many consumers had experienced injuries, or worse, death. Kyle Bass had investments in GM, and decided that he would not withdraw his investments from the automotive giant. When asked why he made this decision, Bass said that it was not GM’s fault for producing the faulty vehicles, but the consumers’ fault for purchasing the vehicles and driving them. Where is the logic in this? Come on, Bass.

Kyle Bass briefly rose to fame in 2008 when he correctly predicted the worldwide economic crisis. Many of the biggest banks in the United States were lending too much money to debtors that were not in ideal positions to pay the loans off, so debtors started to default on those loans in 2007. There was a snowball effect when many other debtors started to default on their loans, which resulted in some of those enormous banks failing. Bass bet against the debtors paying back their loans through credit default swaps, and earned a lot of money from that investment. But, this is the pinnacle of Bass’ career, and he has not made any good career decisions since then.

If you see Kyle Bass featured on a major business news network, please ignore him, as hid advice isn’t the most reputable. He has incorrectly predicted the economy of Japan to fail for five years in a row, and Japan’s economy has yet to fail. Wy would anyone listen to him?

Famed Brazilian Writer Jaime Garcia Dias

The world of Brazilian literature is one that is widely read both by those who are living in this expansive nation and those in other parts of the globe who just love reading great stories by skilled writers. Brazil is a world’s most populous Portuguese speaking nation. Many of the nation’s writers are highly revered both locally as well as in other places. Today’s contemporary Brazilian literature is filled with many writers who have worked hard to help create a unique form of literature that continues to develop as the nation’s writers learn the various ways they can use their native language.

One of the nation’s most honored and admired writers is Jaime Garcia Dias. Dias is a native of Brazil who has been a published author for over two decades. His work includes many kinds of writing such as fiction as well as non-fiction and political commentary. Dias has found inspiration for his numerous places and used such inspiration to explore many areas of contemporary Brazilian society. His work has also been read by many people in Brazil as well as others around the world who admire his ability to bring characters to life and tell a highly compelling story in only a few words.

Dias grew up in a household where writers and writing was highly valued. This led him to consider becoming a writer in order to express his thoughts and help him reach out to others at the same time. Dias has found many sources of inspiration for his thoughts and has used his skills to set them to paper. He began his career in this field as a teacher. In 1993, he started teaching at the highly respected Carioca Literature Academy, a school devoted to helping promote Brazilian literature and language as well as helping people from abroad learn about this diverse and impressive field.

His work here led to many promotions as his teaching skills were recognized by many at the academy. He pressed for changes in the way literature and writing were taught here, changes that helped the academy become better and more responsive to their needs of their students. He also started to write while here. In 2001, his devotion to the field of Brazilian literature was recognized as he was given the prestigious White Crane Award, an award that is designed to help honor those who have done much to help contribute to excellent in the field of Brazilian literature. Since that time, he has gone on to publish many new novels and various works in other fields. His work in this area has helped people in Brazil enjoy access to stories that are well written, thoughtful and often very moving.

Sergio Cortes The New King Of Pop

Michael Jackson has impersonators all over the world. Either through makeup or surgery, they have constructed a way of looking just like the former pop star. They even can imitate him through the different stages of his life. None of them are as good as Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortes. He stands apart because of his uncanny resemblance to the King of Pop. He has the moves, the style and the look of Michael Jackson.

Growing up Cortes from Barcelona began mimicking Jacksons dance moves simple because he liked his style. He didn’t really intend to impersonate the star but his face looked just like him that he started drawing in crowds wherever he went. As a teenager, reporters began to approach Cortes to take his photograph which were then sold as though they were Michael himself. A journalist posted his pictures and videos of Cortes online and he instantly went viral. I went through his photos and videos myself and found it nearly impossible to tell the two apart. After Michael’s passing Sergio became extremely distraught. He decided to devote his life to impersonate his favorite artist. He has tons of videos on YouTube where you can watch his amazing performances as Michael Jackson. Fans have created Facebook pages in his honor that are chalk full of performance videos and info. Sergio has even appeared on numerous television shows. He even performed on American Idol. He is a client of Destiny Projects, a company that specializes in managing artist development.

Sergio Cortes worked very hard to get to where he is today. Once he realized everyone was taking notice he immediately began to put in long hours honing his craft. He learned Michaels mannerisms and dance moves. He even practiced on changing his voice to sound just like Michael Jackson. Sergio currently lives in Brazil but performs as Michael Jackson all around the world. A few years back Sergio presented a tribute show in Madrid. His current project is in Italy, with a two hour performance called Human Nature Llive Show. His show reminds you of Jacksons spirit and will leave you breathless.

Handy, Home Cleaning Services Could be the Answer to Home Cleaning Needs

Hiring house-cleaning services makes a lot of sense these days if when people maintain a busy work schedule or lifestyle. However, most people don’t have any idea about how to hire house-cleaning services. These tips can provide information about the hiring process and several things that need to be considered before making a decision.

How Often Are House-cleaning Services Needed?

Before researching house cleaners or cleaning services, a person needs to determine what their cleaning needs are.

• Are regular services required on a weekly basis, twice a month or just once a month?

• Some people prefer to call for services as needed and don’t require regular scheduled services.

• In some situations, a person may only need cleaning for a very special occasion or when moving in or out of a home or an apartment.

Define Cleaning Needs

• Does the whole house need to be cleaned or just specific rooms?

• Is it necessary for someone to be at home while the cleaners are working?

• What hours or days are best to work with the families’ schedule?

• Is anyone in the family allergic to certain cleaning products?

What Type of House-cleaning Services Are Preferred?

There are several different options available today for choosing house cleaner services. Each option may provide advantages or disadvantages depending upon personal preferences.

• Choose a company that provides house-cleaning services using sub-contractors. The company is responsible for hiring the cleaners, bonds and insurance.

• Select a house cleaner and hire her or him as an employee. This requires more paperwork and responsibilities on the homeowner’s part because they become an employer.

• Hire a cleaning service that uses their own employees.

Benefits of Hiring House-Cleaning Services

• The service is responsible for insuring, training and hiring employees or sub-contractors.

• Most services provide all the cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies.

• Cleaning companies have enough personnel to accommodate schedule changes or cover when your house cleaner becomes ill.

• Cleaning services handle the responsibilities for paying employees or independent contractors, and they also take care of bonds, insurance and taxes.

Handy, Home Cleaning Services

Handy, Home Cleaning Service is a relatively new cleaning and repair service that started in 2012. However, Handy not only provides excellent home services, but people can book their services over the Internet through techcrunch.com at their convenience.

To book their services, simply visit their website, and fill out a simple form, which includes a secured payment system and everything is all set. All of their services are provided by independent contractors, and the services come with a money-back guarantee!

Handy sends professional cleaners to clean apartments, offices, vacation rentals and homes. Their repair services include a variety of home services that most of us need a little help with at one time or another like interior painting, faucet repairs, toilets, air conditioners or even hanging drapes.

Whether hiring a cleaner as an employee sounds like a good option or using a great home cleaning and repair service like Handy is a consideration, make sure they are bonded and carry the necessary liability insurance.

Making A Fortune: Kenneth C. Griffin

As one of the wealthiest people in America, Ken Griffin boasts a net worth of $7 billion. The hedge fund manager and CEO of the Chicago-based Citadel, is one of Forbes’ 400 wealthiest Americans, and placed on Alpha’s Rich List thirteen times.

Getting Started
During his freshman year at Harvard, in the 80s, the self-made billionaire became interested in investing. By his second year, he set up a trading center in his dorm room so he could obtain real-time market data; raised $265,000 in capital from family and friends; and traded options between classes. After graduating, Griffin caught the eye of investor Frank C. Meyer, founder of Glenwood Capital, LLC. Meyer gave Griffin the opportunity to invest $1 million, and Griffin showed his gratitude by making a 70 percent return on the investment. Later, he went on to found Citadel Capital, the 13th-largest hedge fund manager in the world, which oversees an estimated $25 billion in investments.

Philanthropic Efforts
Griffin, who was born in Daytona Beach, in 1968, is a passionate supporter of education and health care, contributing more than $500 million both personally and professionally through his foundations: the Griffin Foundation and the Citadel Foundation. Most notably, he has given large donations to Alzheimer’s, blindness, and cancer research. Additionally, Griffin has contributed heavily to Lurie’s Children Hospital, Steadman Philippon Research Institute, Weill Cornell Medical School, and the University of Chicago. Moreover, an investment of $10 million helped fund the Griffin Early Childhood Center in Chicago Heights, Illinois, an experimental school program for preschoolers intended to determine how different curricula affect academic success.

His largest contribution, to date, has been to his alma mater, Harvard. In February 2014, Griffin donated $150 million to the university, stipulating that $125 million be used to sponsor scholarships for need-based undergraduate students. The endowment is the largest single gift Harvard has ever received.

Griffin serves on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Public Education Fund. He sits on the Board of Trustees for the University of Chicago, and is a member of a number of several organizations including the G100, the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago, and the Economic Club of Chicago.

Calling himself a Regan Republican, Griffin has contributed to the political campaigns of Mitt Romney for president, Mark Kirk for senate, and Bruce Rauner for governor. He has also donated to organizations he feels encourage limited government such as American Crossroads and Restore Our Future.

Flipora Has Gotten A Lot Of Attention Lately

Investors start to get excited when they see something new and different come out, and that has been the case with Flipora. Investors are swarming the company, as they want to be a part of it and the changes that it is bringing to the web. The investors want to help Flipora to grow so that it can one day take over all of the search engines that people use, nowadays. They believe in all that Flipora can do, and they are more than happy to put some of their money into the company.
Flipora was formed by two guys who were in graduate school, and they did their best work to make it into something good. Now, 7 million unique users a month have the founders to thank for the convenient way in which they use the web. Flipora helps them to do things differently, and more easily, than search engines would, and people are really enjoying using this service because of that. Flipora just keeps getting more and more attention because of how unique and great of a service it is.
Everyone likes hearing of something different coming out and taking over the web, and everyone has gotten pretty excited about Flipora and the things that can be done with it. Investors have taken notice and have given Flipora a good amount of money to keep expanding, and users have taken notice and begun to get on it all the more. Flipora has done many great things, and there is sure to be more to come from the company.

Lime Crime Cosmetics-Filling the Void of what is Missing in Cosmetics

Doe Deere, the genius behind the Lime Crime Cosmetics brand on Amazon began her cosmetics line with the mindset of creating a whimsical and feminine, almost rave-inspired palette of colors that has never before been used in the world of cosmetics, especially one that can compete with a lot of the larger brands, like Mac cosmetics, L’Oreal or Maybelline.

Today, Lime Crime Cosmetics boasts an extensive collection of eyeshadows, lip liners lipsticks, lip gloss and eyeliners. Because of their exotic and mesmerizing fluorescent color palette, she has completely won over a crowd of girls who understand the elements that Doe Deere brings to the cosmetics industry is sorely needed.

Lime Crime is a collection of cosmetics that uses the idea of us living in a world where fantasy and glamour are the dominating factors. Along with her cruelty-free ethos, Doe Deere’s company is one of unique standing.

The name Lime Crime stems from an idea that wearing and creating a cosmetics line should be fun and extremely provocative. Most models in the world of fashion see that fair-skinned, very cute girls often look hottest when they combine the elements of forbidden and sexy with the innate cuteness that the Lime Crime Cosmetics brand provides. Not until now could you find a line of cosmetics that complements women with very soft and pale features as well Lime Crime has been able.

The Lime Crime brand stems from the founders love and passion for Eastern European fairytales. There are a lot of very beautiful and feminine girls out there who are not being represented very well in by any makeup brand in the world. It is as if they’d do not want very fair skinned women to wear makeup at all besides black eyeliner, black mascara red lipstick. Her desire to create beautiful and exquisite things, not just in childhood, but in adulthood has enabled her to solidify her brand as one of the strongest makeup companies in the industry.

Lime Crime is a famously thematic brand that focuses on the feel and the vibe of the theme that it is promoting. So, for example, if they are promoting their Unicorn Line, it will be a collection of all of the colors, textures, glitters and tones that are typically associated with unicorns. If her theme is something more sensual, then she may choose to darken the colors of the palette for that theme. One common thread that ties her entire collection of brands together is its vibrant and exhilarating appearance, using a palette that is largely either pastel or neon typically with lots of lip glosses and lip liners to really amplify the feminine, soft void thatLime Crime Cosmetics is currently filling.

The Growth of Mobile Wireless Services


There are many great benefits to mobile wireless services in a society. These services allow people connection to the internet without having to be in one place all the time. However, sometimes these services can come at a high price to customers. There has been a growing movement from start up companies to provide people with low cost mobile wireless services like FreedomPop. Here are several benefits that mobile wireless services bring and how companies are trying to get costs down in this field.


One of the biggest trends over the past couple of years is mobile use of the internet of FreedomPop. Once phones could be connected to the internet, it was only a matter of time before they became the primary way in which people accessed the internet. Just five to ten years ago few people had access to the internet through their phone. However, today the vast majority of internet traffic in developed countries is through mobile phone use. As more people start to have access, the costs have gone down considerably. There are still companies that want to reduce this cost to customers.

Initial Costs

There are many reasons why data plans cost so much to customers. There are a lot of initial costs for companies that want to provide this service to customers. Companies then have to charge high rates to recoup these costs. However, now that the infrastructure has been built many small companies are coming in to try and provide these services at a lower cost.

Freedom Pop

Freedom Pop is an example of a start up company that is trying to change this industry. Having only been in business a couple of years, they are still in the initial development stage. Their vision is to provide customers with low cost data plans that can compete with the biggest companies in the industry. Customers are willing to move their business over to Freedom Pop because they offer lower rates with the same quality of service.