5 Keys to Success by Josh Verne

Everyone wants to be successful. Success is generally equated to happiness and comfort and who wouldn’t want a life like that? Success will always be the light at the end of the tunnel for most of us. It is what keeps us going in our daily life but sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming. Doubts and failures sometimes keep us down preventing us to reach that sweet pinnacle of success. We all need a little push every now and then and listening to Josh Verne will surely get you up.

Josh Verne is the CEO of the FlockU.com, a site for college students that has been a continually huge success in the virtual world ever since it was launched last year. Verne’s site mainly focuses on marketing and connects college students with brands online and on-campus. The site basically contains news, opinions and information all created by college students. Simply, we could say that it is a genius mix of maximizing technology and marketing.


The quick success of this site, of course, would be credited to its creator, Josh Verne and his life visions. Verne is an excellent businessman and entrepreneur that have had enough experience and inspirations in life to make the most out of his resources and gear it full speed towards his goals. Here are his five tips to get out of your own way and succeed in life and business:


First, Verne said that you must know the difference between a leader and a boss. Both are in management positions but there is a difference: that is, a leader listens and the boss does not. To be successful, you must be a leader and respect everyone’s opinion such that they also respect and follow you. To Verne, this is one of the basic components of success in business and life in general; to pay respect such that they also give you back respect.


Secondly, you must always strive for Win-Win Situations. Everyone in your party should benefit from the ordeal which means that it should be a win for you, a win for those working under you, and lastly a win for everyone that is in the community. Stepping down on other people just to achieve what you want will do you no good and just come back right at you like a karma boomerang and reflect badly on you and your business’ reputation.


Third, you must speak less, and listen more. Verne encourages people to be good listeners. To be successful in business, you have to listen to what others have to say. It will propel you to a good direction knowing more of what others think. Also, Verne state that being more of a listener makes people listen to you more when you actually speak.


Fourth, you should have a balanced life. Success in life requires balance and by balance Verne means that you should make improvements in all aspects of your life whether it is on your health, relationships, wealth, and more. It’s not about the measure of time you allot in each aspect but rather making sure that you constantly grow little by little in each. He stated that if one area suffers, it jeopardizes another aspect therefore hindering your success so we must always make sure that every part is as important as the other.


Lastly, Verne believes that you should know what you are passionate about. Find out what keeps your gears going and keep on doing just that. Do something out of passion and you will never get tired doing it. It will be easy and fun if you are passionate of the things you do. You might get tired and stressed about it but hey, at least you enjoy doing it!


In summary, being successful in whatever it is that you do entirely is up to you. Be good in whatever your intentions are and surely it will come back to you good too.

Goeffrey Cone: New Zealand is a Tax Transparency Model

Geoffrey Cone is a graduate of Otago University in New Zealand. He has a post graduate diploma in trust and tax law and a Bachelor’s degree in Law. In 1980, he commenced his practice in Auckland, New Zealand. He then went on to Christchurch where he became a partner and the Partner’s Chairman in a Law Firm. He practiced trust and tax advisory as well as commercial litigation. Geoffrey has appeared in numerous court cases concerning tax and trust law as a chief counsel. For over two years, Geoffrey Cone worked as a litigator for the British West Indies Law Firm. Before moving out, he founded his law firm in 1999. The cone Marshall Limited, his law firm, is the only law company in the country that specializes in exclusive tax planning and international law. The company provides trust and trustee management services through their conglomerate of enterprises.


In a recent media release, the coverage portrayed New Zealand as one of the most prestigious places in the world for foreign trusts. For this reason, this news is mouth-catching. For any high-net-worth individual, it all sounds like the most attractive places to take your capital and work on the complex financial transactions. As a matter of fact, this news was misleading.


First of all, let’s look at the main question. We should understand that New Zealand is not a tax haven as the media recently displayed. The OECD has a list of tax havens maintained in their records. For this reason, New Zealand has no appearance in the list of tax havens. To the future, we do not expect the country to turn into a tax haven. Following the news release, the information was biased and misleading. The main characteristics of tax havens are that they never impose any taxes on businesses conducted in the countries. The countries lack transparency. According to OECD, the tax havens inhibit information exchange to enforce and administer domestic tax regulations. One of the first countries to appear on the whitelist of OECD is New Zealand. The country has enough implementation of the agreed international tax standard.


The transparency of tax information depicted in the country makes it the leader in tax transparency. For this reason, they have a set of procedures followed to handle trustee requirements and foreign trusts. Governments and state agencies can find any necessary information upon request. Michael Cullen, the former president of the country, introduced the present tax regulations in New Zealand. Under his rule, a resident trustee in New Zealand or a foreign trust should submit a Trust Foreign Disclosure form by the IRD. This helps the country keep the information about your business in the public records. They include distribution and settlement details, trust deed, and trustee liabilities and assets settlements.

Eric Lefkofsky: The Story of a Self-Made American Billionaire

When some people hear the name Eric Lefkofsky, they might think of Tempus. Tempus is a data-driven company that seeks to help doctors give personalized advice and treatment to their patients. The technology goes beyond anything doctors could have imagined before. It is based on big data software that collects and analyzes data from each patient to produce specific choices. This allows doctors to help patients a lot faster and in real-time. It also opens up the opportunity for doctors to treat patients remotely, which should be convenient for cancer patients who may be suffering from limited mobility.


Lefkofsky became a household name amongst physicians when he introduced the Tempus software. Most experts believe that this program is meant to revolutionize the way patients receive care, among other things.


The man has been a visionary since he was a young man. Of course, like others in his family, Eric Lefkofsky valued education. This prompted him to finish school and get his phD from the University of Michigan. His education was merely something he wanted to have in his back-pocket because what he was really interested in entrepreneurship. The first thing that he attempted was a shirt company based in his hometown. This proved to be harder than he imagined, but Lefkofsky learned valuable lessons. Sure, his business was not as successful as he might have hoped for, but it provided him with the money to try other ideas.


The entrepreneur decided to try another business with the help of a friend. The idea was to simply gather information from different stores and present them to the public in an smart-computability fashion. A few people might not have believed in this young man, but he proved to be a force in the entrepreneurial industry. Lefkofsky (Forbes) is now worth about $1.7 billion, and this wealth was achieved at a young age. The little business that proved to be quite successful was Groupon.


Lefkofsky is only in his 40s, and he is already on his next project. This drive to always better himself and challenge himself is something that he learned from his parents. Both were highly educated and valued the power one person can harness with enough determination. The project that he is tackling now, Tempus, is already looking like a positive gamble.


Another gamble that he took after Groupon was Uptake. This company seeks to use big data information to help businesses improve in different ways. The powerful software helps identify issues, weaknesses, and tries to improve them. One aspect that many take away from Uptake is that the system helps the companies improve safety. This drive to help people could have been predicted, especially if one knows Lefkofsky’s parents, who were bent on helping people in any way possible. His father works as an engineer and his mother works as a school teacher.


It is clear to see that Lefkofsky’s switch towards big-data information to help his fellow human beings might have been due to the way he was brought up. Of course, it might also be clear to those who see that he is an active philanthropist. There is definitely much more to Lefkofsky than what some might think. Hopefully, these accomplishments help enlighten those who don’t know much about the self-made billionaire.

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How Cone Marshall Has Climbed Through Ranks To Emerge A Leader

Law is a diverse field that has developed for many years and firms across different countries have come up with services that have helped individuals to get its interpretation. The New Zealand law system has been having unique players and one of them is Cone Marshall, which has been in the business since 1999. The firm has been offering litigation support to cases of estate and tax law. Most of the clients who have been working with Cone Marshall since past few years are from overseas locations.


To make it to the international market, Cone Marshall has come up with new services that are supporting the growth of a service that is designed to benefit its clients. It would take as many as one month to solve a problem when the firm was established, but today with the advanced tools and professionals the firm works with, it is able to offer solutions within less than three days even to complex problems.


This success has attracted the attention of clients from other countries and most of them are attorneys who would like to get solutions to commercial litigation problems presented by their clients. Through an advanced online system, filing has become easy and stronger. Access to information has been advanced to ensure clients can track the progress of their work easily.


Cone Marshall has also worked on installing a strong security system that has supported the execution of different processes online. To ease all processes, Cone Marshall has invested in offering training to its staff. Having familiarity with the new system has allowed them to offer better solutions at a speed that has allowed their clients to receive support within the right time.



Every change that has been made to Cone Marshall has come from great leadership and the will to develop a strong firm dedicated to resolving complex cases of commercial litigation. Cone Marshall works with professionals who have been in the industry for more than three decades.


Karen Marshall has remained a great resource to the firm for her exemplary support that has allowed the development of a smooth infrastructure. She worked in Britain for 10 years handling commercial litigation before she was appointed a Principal at Cone Marshall in 2006. Karen Marshall has been working with George Cone, a professional who has been in the industry for over 30 years and a founding member of the firm, to come up with progressive policies and ideas.

Brian Bonar Considers Trumps Student Loan Pre-election Plan

According to financial expert, Brian Bonar, there may be hope on the horizon for college students faced with the student loan debt. President-elect, Donald Trump has proposed capping interest rates on student loans.

A generous 12.5 percent cap has been discussed, as well as streamlining the entire U.S. Department of Education system. Trumps pre-election proposed plan would include linking student loan payments to income, and forgiving a balance, if any, after 15 years.

“There has only been a strong hint to what President-elect Trump will do to make college more affordable, and this remains to be seen” says Bonar. The student loan program could be up for privatization, but Trump would need Congressional members to pass such a deal. “Student loans are a hot topic yet any new deals between Trump and Congress are going to be a major test in cooperation,” adds Bonar.

College Financing Today

US college graduates have accumulated a combined $ 1.2 trillion in student loan debt, and one in four borrowers are overdue more than 90 days in their payments. The bulk of student debt (80%) is guaranteed by the Department of Education. Students that default on their loans leave taxpayers footing the bill. In the last five years, student loan debt has increased by $448 billion dollars.

College students typically graduate with average loans of more than $30,000. Add to that the fact that many graduates struggle to find a good paying full-time job after graduation, and it becomes easy to understand how students are facing this crisis. Currently, there’s a student loan payment plan, signed by President Obama that charges 10 percent or less, according to income, but its only available to loans signed after October 2007.

So, what options does one take when college hangs in the balance? Financial expert, Brian Bonar says students must make tough decisions. Attending a less expensive university, or perhaps the first two years of undergrad school, students can attend an affordable local college then transfer. “Typically, aspiring students don’t consider the challenges of paying off a college education. They don’t choose the affordable options,” says Bonar.

Brian Bonar is the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation in California. He’s a uniquely qualified expert that has founded several companies and for nearly 30 years enjoyed a highly successful career. Bonar uses his experience, leadership and exposure to financially savvy clients to produce innovative strategies that streamline costs and boost productivity.

EOS Lip Balms Extraordinary Success

For a long time, chap stick was the typical cylindrical tubes, and then there were options to get them in different flavors. But about seven years ago, a new lip balm started to spiral everywhere. Suddenly, pastel colored lip balms called EOS were everywhere! These orb shaped lip balms were flavored and Beauty editors from cosmos and Allure kept on and on about the lip balm and their grape and honeydew flavors. . Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera were caught using the new product. These little EOS balms were starting to fill the shelves at Walmart, Walgreens, ULTA and eBay (http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm), and they were selling rapidly. People couldn’t seem to get enough of the cute little EOS balms.

The EOS company name is short for ‘Evolution of Smooth.” And this products name started booming everywhere from commercials to magazines. EOS lip balm stayed silent about their successful brand until now. They recently did an interview with Fast Company, and they told their success in the $250 million company. According to Kline, a consulting and research firm, EOS is the second best selling lip balm in the country! The EOS lip balm sells an average of 1 million units in a week! The Global lip care market estimates that lip care products will increase to $2 billion by 2020. There is a driven demand for natural and organic products, which is perfect because EOS lip balm is exactly that! The co-founder and managing partner Sanjiv Mehra explained that during the start, they wanted to keep quiet and focus on creating their products and distributing them before they spoke about it. Mehra states, “As we’ve grown, we believe that it is important for consumers to know a little bit more about the business we are and the values we stand for.”



Learning from Malini Saba that anything is possible

It’s rare to find a successful woman who is still committed to her family. Once women become successful, they delegate family chores and responsibilities to other people such as Nannies and other family members. However, this is not the case for Malini Saba. Despite being a very successful woman concerning investments, she remains committed to her family. This can be shown by the love she has for her daughter as she drops her to school every day. Life hasn’t always been simple for Malini Saba. She was born to middle-class Sri-Lankan parents living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. However, she grew up in Australia before relocating to the United States of America when she was just 19 years. At this moment, she had just $200 with her.


Times have passed, and she is now a successful woman. She has investments in many industries such as oil and gas industry, real estates in India and Australia and even technology companies in Silicon Valley such as PayPal, the Sycamore Networks, and NetScreen Technologies. Saba is also the chairman of Saban, a company that owns large tracts of palm oil and rice fields in Southern Pacific. She also uses the returns from this investments to elevate other people, especially women. She is responsible for founding the Stree: Global Investments in Women. This is a charity organization that mainly focusses on helping women from low-income economies. Other acts of kindness she has demonstrated includes the $15 million donation to Sri-Lanka and India during the Tsunami. While trying to establish himself, she faced stiff opposition from men who thought that a woman should not succeed. She never gave up but continued to fight until she made it in life. Malini Saba most favorite place for investing her money is the commodity market. She says that the risks involved in the commodity market is high and so is the return.


Saba was married to Stanford University student when she moved to the U.S. She utilized this opportunity by attending lectures at the University where she had a keen interest in investments and banking. At one given time, she had the opportunity to attend a bankers gathering, and she managed to talk to a few people in this gathering. She listened carefully and later utilized this advice and invested the little money she had. She invested in the field of telecommunications and even in the real estate. The girl who came to the land of opportunities without money was now a successful investor.For more information about Malini Saba,read here.


The Frustration Of Trying To Make Money Online


Making money online is not quite as easy as it sounds. For one thing, there are a lot of tricks that people have to learn in order to start making money with their website. A lot of these take a lot of time to learn. A lot of people try very hard to bring traffic to their site. However, many people find themselves with barely a unique visit to their site. For one thing, a lot of people do not know the site. Another option is to set up ads for the site. The amount of visits and conversion depends on the content of the ad.


One thing that the client can do is find a company that will give them the high quality ads that will bring in the traffic and drive home the conversions. One of the companies is White Shark Media. White Shark Media is one of the more prominent advertising companies. They are able to create campaigns that will surpass some of the most creative campaigns. One thing they know how to do is address the intended audience. They also know how to use the right keywords in order to make sure the ad ranks highly for the keywords that it is competing for.


White Shark Media is also knowledgeable about SEO. While they don’t offer SEO services of their own, they know which companies are able to provide some of the most effective types of SEO for the user. They are willing and able to refer the user over to the SEO service provider. This helps the user overcome the frustration of trying to make the most money possible from their website. At least with White Shark Media, the user will be able to quit their regular job eventually and rely on his website for income.

Class Dojo is Changing How Parents and Teachers Interact

Class Dojo is an app designed to help teachers and parents to communicate regularly. It offers a central location for teachers to share class news or communicate directly with a single parent to provide information to a parent.


This app is intuitive, making it easy for even those with no technical ability to use with ease. It offers fun and simple graphics and clearly defined pages so that parents, teachers and kids can find the information that they’re looking for.


The creators of Class Dojo, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, founded their company in 2011. They have raised $21M through venture capitalist in their second round of raising funds, with a total of $31M in venture funding.


With no intention of selling personal information to third parties vendors, due to their respect for personal privacy, they have found other ways to grow their company. Their plan is to connect teachers and parents with products and services that they need for their children.


To date, they have not made a profit for the company. This is not unexpected, as they have not started any revenue streams for their app. Their focus has been to create something that teachers, parents and students can use to improve their classroom and communication experience. Their focus has also been to ensure that the end product would create a positive culture within classrooms and schools alike.


Two in three schools use this free app. It is predominantly used by elementary and middle schools with great success. There is some competition in this arena, but Class Dojo seems to be taking the lead, particularly with public schools. The 25 person team plans to continue working to get Class Dojo into the hands of teachers around the country.


While it is not completely clear what the next step is for Class Dojo, the founders do have some things in mind. They see it as a way for parents to pay for school related functions online, a way for schools to sell their yearbooks to parents and students, a place donate money for school supplies and more. No matter which direction they take, their plan is to use this tool to discover what parents and teachers need and provide it in this easy to use app.


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Who is Eric Pulier

The question that is asked by many is,who is Eric Pulier? Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur and has succeeded in many different ventures. He is the founder of over fifteen companies and all of them are successful. When you think of success, this is the guy who embodies that very word. Not many people can manage to raise millions of dollars for their business. With over fifteen under his belt you can be sure that his hands are full.

He has been linked to many ventures that are listed below

  • Digital Evolution
  • US Interactive
  • Media Platform
  • Akana
  • Desktone
  • ServiceMesh
  • Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council (TM Forum)

Eric Pulier is also a known philanthropist. He has funded many different charity organizations. Charities such as Trident Capital, eCompanies,and Monitor Ventures.

He is not only a businessman, but he is also a family man. Eric Pulier has 4 children and shows how active he is by participating in family events. He serves on the board of a summer camp for children with chronic illness. The painted turtle is the name of the summer camp that he a board member of. He is a resident of Los Angeles California and spends most of his time there doing research and how to make the world a better place.

Eric Pulier uses technology to solve the issues that go on in communities. He focuses on impaired children, who have disabilities that can be solved with technology.

He created a program for people with multiple sclerosis. The program helped teach people about the disease. The main purpose of it was to help them manage the disease. As you can see his work has helped out many. A good entrepreneur keeps people motivated and works as a team player. This is who Eric Pulier is, a hard worker and a great team player for the community.

Eric @Facebook: Eric.Pulier