Class Dojo Is Enabling Parents To Stay Connected With School Activities

Class Dojo is an interactive communication tool for students, teachers, and parents to use and stay connected within the school environment, and help promote positive feedback and encouragement. Students and teachers are able to make profiles of their own on Class Dojo, and each student has personalized avatars to stand out from the others. The instructor for a class can set up behavior standards and tasks for students through the app.

Class Dojo is also compatible with most devices, and can be used on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Students can receive feedback and notes based on their performance in the classroom, and even more importantly, parents are able to see the progress of their student and what they are doing in class as well.

The program has many upsides to it and is continuing to help reduce the confusion and disconnect between students, parents, and teachers in class and school. The Class Dojo app works quickly, and allows teachers to instantly access any information as well as post videos, photos, and send messages. Teachers can give feedback on a students behavior quickly which helps reduce overall classroom distractions. This ensures students are spending time on their activities and not just goofing off in class.

Class Dojo is using the latest technology for their app, and as technology continues to advance, they will improve the overall features of the app. The company raised more than $20 million to help fund upgrades for Class Dojo.

By providing parents with the ability to stay connected to their students throughout the day while they are in class, students are more likely to try harder and behave properly. Before this, instructor and parent interaction was limited to scheduled conferences that happened far and few between the school year.

Founders for Class Dojo, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don stated they plan on using the assets from fundraising to help expand Class Dojo as a whole. In time, Class Dojo’s features will be improved and more features will be added. This is all in an attempt to help parents become a stronger influence for their kids while they are learning and to help them grow properly.

Class Dojo was originally founded in 2011, and based on the other learning and education tools out there, they decided to fill the need for a proper tool for communication. The program is dedicated to building up the school culture and community by using positive encouragement to get everyone involved.


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How Does Dr. Jennifer Walden Help Women?

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been helping women find their inner diva for years, and she has moved her practice back to Texas from New York. She wants to be sure that all the people who come into their office will get help, and she also wants to show women that there is a way to change their bodies for the better. Every woman who comes into her office will see a computer image of the work that can be done, and then these women can set up their appointments to have the work done.

Everyone who is trying to make the most of their body should come out to see Dr. Jennifer to get help. She will talk every woman through what needs to be done, and she will make sure that all her patients are very clear on what is going to be going on with their bodies. She can explain what will be done, and then she will tell women when they can come in to get their work done.

Every patient gets to recover in the office, and they will be able to rest as they recover from the perfect procedure that was done. All women who are doing this need to come in with friends who will be able to relax in the office. It is a quiet place where friends and family can come to offer moral support, and then they can be sure that they will be comfortable until it is time to take their friend home. Dr. Jennifer will make sure that all her patients are going to have the followups they need to look their best, and then she will be sure to speak to every patient about any complications they.

Dr. Jennifer is one of the best in her field, and she will help every woman find her inner diva. Her whole life will change when she has been through surgery, and she will love the way it feels to be in front of the mirror. All women deserve to look their best, and they can come to Dr. Jennifer for a consultation.


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George Soros the Philosophical and Philanthropic Financial Speculator

George Soros was born in Budapest a town found in Hungary in the year 1930 and later moved to England as a seventeen-year-old during World War II. He was a student at London School of Economics where he secured an entry-level opportunity with a bank in London concerned with investment after his graduation in 1952. He worked here for four years and later moved to the United States where he was employed in some firms as investment management officer and as an analyst.

George’s investment and current developments

He has returned back to trading after a long time. The investor has not been trading for some time now. George Soros made his first landmark economic touchdown in 1973 when he founded and launched Soros fund management as a business entity registered under limited liability companies (LLC) and named it The Hedge Fund Company which grew, developed and had its name changed to Quantum Fund. After accumulating sufficient income, George established ‘open society foundation’ in 1979 which gave black students in a South Africa a scholarship at Cape Town University. It also gave rebels from Eastern Europe a chance to study abroad. Currently, this foundation has arms stretched to more than half the number of countries in the world with an expenditure estimated to be $835 million in a year.

George’s fame came into limelight in 1992 when he won a bet featuring the British Dollar that earned him close to $2 billion profit in a day. Recently, he has been involved in significant investments in what he views as an opportunity for profit under looming economic constraints and troubles. He bought shares of gold miners and gold. In December 2015, George Soros donated up to $8 million to “Super PAC” in a bid to support the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for the race of presidency as the first female president of the United States of America.

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Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

George as an author

He has written some books which cut across almost all the vital scopes of life, from politics to open societies, globalization, and even economics. The number of published books totals to fourteen and were all released within a short duration of time with the most recent being ‘The Tragedy of the European Union’ a book that clearly highlights the shortcomings of the European Union. Other books are; The Age of Fallibility, which was released in 2007, The Bubble of American Supremacy, which was published in 2004 and Open Society, which was released in 2000.

He retired one of the wealthiest investors by using people’s money reach to the top, and this placed him at the helm successful business investors. After which he ventured into writing broadly on the niche of United States of America as a player in the affairs of the world.

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Outlook Still Good For Hedge Funds Despite Stagnant Performances Says Madison Street Capital

The hedge fund industry may not be the strongest investment vehicle in terms of returns all across the board, but that isn’t stopping it from continuing to be widely used by most asset managers. According to, a report put out by major Chicago investment bank Madison Street Capital stated that big hedge fund merger and acquisition transactions actually increased to 42 in 2015, up by 10 from the year before and available assets are actually the highest they’ve ever been in the industry. It is perhaps because of the availability of alternative strategies in hedge funds that managers are looking at to offset incurred liabilities and operational costs.

According to Carl D’Cunha, these trends of increased M&A transactions may be brought about in part by the increased uses of alternative M&A deal methods such as “revenue-share stakes, PE stakes”, and other “seed deals” as he calls them. D’Cunha is Madison Street Capital’s Senior Managing Director and carries with him over 16 years of knowledge of the global financial services industry and is an expert in M&A transactions. D’Cunha works alongside CEO Charles Botchway and Managing Director Jay Rodgers on the executive board at MSC.

Madison Street Capital not only facilitates and advises on M&A, but they also provide debt consolidation services, business valuations, and other restructuring services. The businesses they’ve served range across nearly every economic sector from healthcare, manufacturing, and education to IT and telecommunications. Recently, Madison Street Capital acted as an advisor to Pearl Human Care Pvt. Ltd in a major deal that would allow the India-based healthcare provider to partner with Detroit’s Henry Ford Health System. Pearl Human Care is excited about a new state-of-the-art health facility in Vellore that it expects to open soon, and much of the credit to that has been given to Madison Street Capital for their high efficiency in helping close the deal quickly.

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Beneful Products Every Dog Owner Should Try

Beneful, a Purina product, is made with real ingredients and keeps your pets nutrition in mind. All products have balanced nutrients, and give a flavor your furry friend will love. Here are some products that I can’t get enough of.

Beneful:Originals dry dog food
The Originals dry dog food comes in beef, chicken, or salmon flavor. All of these flavors are made to meet the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles. This is an adult dog food takes care of all the nutrients that your dog needs. It is also one of the top selling varieties on Amazon.
Beneful:Healthy Weight dry dog food
IF you’re anything like me, I sometimes like to spoil my little guy. This can mean feeding him table scraps, and that leading to getting a bit heftier than he should be. When this happens I buy Healthy Weight food. This is made with real chicken and has ten percent less calories than the other products. It still taste amazing, so your dog doesn’t even know he/she is on a diet.
Beneful:Healthy Puppy dry dog food
This is a product I haven’t used in a long time, but when my dog was a puppy this was a must. It contains DHA which helps with vision development and supports a healthy brain. This food also contains real chicken, and has all of the nutrients your puppy needs, all the while tasting great.
Beneful:Baked Delights Hugs treats:
I can’t talk about products for your dog and not mention a yummy treat. Hugs are made with real beef and cheese. These are perfect for training or just giving your dog a yummy snack.
Make sure to give Beneful a try for your dogs well balanced diet. These are just a few of the many wonderful products Beneful has to offer. Give them all a try. Visit the nearest Wal-Mart store and try these products today.

Why George Soros Thinks Ukraine needs Backing

For a while now, Ukraine has been facing internal turmoil, which has largely been attributed to the Russian invasion and occupation of Crimea. This has led to a full blown conflict, which has threatened the European Union at large. Hungarian-American hedge fund billionaire, George Soros recently shared his views about the EU, the ongoing Ukrainian crisis, and how the country can be helped.

Soros explains that the EU was conceived as a close-knit association of autonomous countries, which were keen about using their individual sovereignties for the good of the whole European continent. This was an audacious initiative, which sought to uphold inclusive governance and the application of the rule of law. The bloc wanted to depose nationalism and forceful governance. Regrettably, the ongoing euro crisis has effectively converted the EU into a completely different entity.

At the moment, is widely perceived to be more of a relationship between creditors and borrowers. This is a relationship of convenience whereby creditor nations sanction conditions that favor their domination over the debtor countries. The European Union itself has failed to act on most of the crises that have bedeviled member nations. This state of inaction has made many citizens to lose faith in the EU judging from the voter apathy experienced during the European parliamentary elections.

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Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough

Russia’s Annexation of Crimea

While the EU is stumbling from one crisis to another, Russia is slowly emerging as the biggest threat to the bloc. According to Soros, the country’s geopolitical ambitions border on tyranny. Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin has been exploiting a national ideology with the backing of the Orthodox Church to reinforce his regime. The takeover of Crimea in particular has made Putin a cult figure back home. He has similarly been trying to end America’s dominance on the global stage by trying to forge an association with China.

The use of violence in annexing Crimea has portrayed to the world how tyrannical Moscow can be. Fortunately, it has given rise to a crop of liberal Ukrainians who are determined not to be part of the so called Russian Empire. If the new Ukraine succeeds in opposing Russian invasion, it would present a substantial blow to Putin’s rule. This explains why he has been fervent in his efforts to undermine a united Ukraine. So far, he has managed to do this by encouraging and providing support to autonomist republics, more so in the Eastern parts of the bedeviled nation.

How Ukraine Can be Helped

George Soros asserts that the EU must come up with pragmatic solutions to counter Russian efforts. The most operative solution is to offer political risk indemnification to those who are willing to invest in Ukraine. This can maintain the economy regardless of the ongoing political tumult. This will similarly prove to Ukrainians that the rest of Europe is committed to helping them stabilize. The World Bank has a Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, which can help insure investors who choose to venture into volatile Ukraine. The EU should similarly provide the necessary support. Such a show of unity can help restore Ukraine to its former glory. The article was originally posted on Project Syndicate.

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Keith Mann Cultivating Leadership through Scholarships

The changing economic world is demanding leaders who are innovative and unique. Companies can tap the right leaders from different learning institutions. However, at times their options are limited because low-income students who are talented in different ways do not graduate. This means that they cannot be hired to work in any company as leaders. Keith Mann is closing this gap by introducing scholarships to low-income students. The intention is to help them, not just attend college, but also graduate with great grades and end up successful.

Partnering with Uncommon Schools

Keith and Keely Mann Scholarships have been rolled out in partnership with the Uncommon Schools that helps low-income students earn a college degree. The scholarship has boosted the closing of the achievement gap. Students can thus exploit their abilities in schools and finally get companies to work with.

Learning Practical Skills

One of the main aims of Keith Mann is to help students learn practical skills. This will help them succeed in school and still prosper in the job market. While working in the search market, Keith knows the importance of finding the right person to fill a certain vacancy. Therefore, the partnership will boost what students learn in schools. This is because the focus will be beyond college to help students prosper in the job market.

Next Generation Leaders

The business world is changing every day and posing new challenges to different companies. Future leaders therefore, will have to get the right skills to enable them manage a changing environment. This means that students have to position themselves in the right way. Keith Mann is focusing to see innovative leaders who will unlock new problems.

Keith Mann Innovative Ideas

Keith is the founder of Dynamic Search Partners. He is passionate about placing experts whose skills match the job requirements in the alternative investment companies. Every year, he fills over 200 client mandates across different continents including United States of America, Europe and Asia. He established the firm as a premier executive search company in 2009 after realizing the hedge fund industry was being underserved. Keith helps hire professionals in marketing plus strategies about internal processes of a company.

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How Diversant is Helping IT Firms Fulfill their Staffing Needs

Finding competent staff within the IT industry is quite challenging. This industry is quite intricate, which means that whoever is brought on board by the firms must portray exceptional competence and skill. Thanks to Diversant LLC., those who are in charge of IT firms do not have to worry about recruiting employees. The company has a database containing the particulars of highly competent job seekers who wish to pursue careers in IT.

Diversant has been recognized for its incessant efforts, which have been geared towards the promotion of diversity within and outside the workplace. The leadership team has a strong belief in diversity. The company’s remarkable growth has been attributed to this. In addition, critical and analytical thinking, innovation and judicial problem solving are qualities that are nurtured among employees and job seekers. These qualities go a long way in enhancing peaceful co-existence at the workplace.

The firm is a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), which is authorized to carry out its activities throughout the US. It has been on the forefront as far as the development of distinctive workplace programs is concerned. These programs help clients to reinvent and streamline their business approaches by empowering staff members. The firm is the brains behind UNITY, which is a program that narrows the bridge between huge corporations in their quest for diversity. Through this program, Diversant helps small businesses to form strong networks that have the capability of meeting the staffing demands of companies looking for those who are competent in IT.

John Goullet in Brief

He is Diversant’s Principal and Chairman. He honed his skills while working for major IT firms,. After graduating from Ursinus College, Mr. Goullet worked as a computer specialist. He later had a stint as an account executive at an IT staffing organization. This post opened his eyes to the potential that the industry had. It was not surprising when he founded Info Technologies in 1994.

Info Technologies was a staffing organization that connected IT consultant to firms needing their services. The company grew rapidly and was severally mentioned among the fastest growing entities in the US. In 2011, it merged with Diversant to form Diversant LLC.

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The Beauty of Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a global investment firm purposed on seeing to the entrepreneurs’ needs and always keeps the first. The company traced its root in the 1990s when the co-founders, James Dondero, and Mark Okada formed a joint investment. The investments dealt with income markets as well as management of bank loans.

The firm mainly invests in several financial markets. So as to maintain stronger relationships, the company has developed a culture of investing where their employees live and work. Highland Capital Management makes a significant difference by volunteer ship programs as well as financial donations to the local community organizations.

What is more astounding about Highland Capital Management is the fact that they value the community’s culture, unlike many other agencies. The firm’s primary initiative is to cater for the needy and boost the living standards of the society. Their programs are mainly directed to providing essential community necessities such as healthcare as well as educational facilities.

Three principles define the company’s investment approach. The firm believes in the power of experience, discipline and also being bold as an investment firm. By adhering to these principles, Highland Capital Management aims to produce above average returns. The company believes in their power to add significant value to the entrepreneurial world.

Highland Capital Management gives investors access to unique expertise to the venture process. The company’s vast experience of over two decades has assisted it to generate more strategies that have earned t more returns over time.

Highland Capital Management has employed highly qualified professionals with over ten years’ investment experience. These professionals aid in reviewing existing ventures as well and evaluating arising opportunities ad also monitor the patterns related these industries.

Under the leadership of the Dondero, the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, the firm has made significant progress. James brings sin to the company great potential gained from over three decades’ experience in high yield investing.

Far from business, James Dondero is quite an active philanthropist. He significantly contributes to programs related to educational affairs as well as pubic policies. James is a University graduate with the highest honors from the school of commerce. He also earned dual majors in Accounting and Finance. Jim Dondero is also a Certified Management Accountant.

While Searching For Unicorns, We Found Their Queen, Doe Deere


It’s not every day that someone sets out to search for a unicorn. In case you don’t already know, this is not a task to be taken lightly. You never know what you will find, for example, we set out to prove that unicorns were real and we found the Unicorn Queen herself. Her name is Doe Deere.If you are one of the people who know nothing about unicorns or their queen, you really need to meet Doe Deere. Doe is an amazing and very colorful queen. Doe’s personality sparkles and burns as bright as some of her amazing creations.

Doe is the creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics company. Russian born and growing up in New York City, Doe quickly because involved with the scene of fashion and makeup. She wanted to offer the makeup users what they were looking for, brighter makeup that would hold up. She created Lime Crime in 2008 and a year later the company launched a lipstick line that people loved. Today, Lime Crimes Unicorn Lipsticks remain popular and colorful.When that lipstick line was launched it made makeup history because all of the lipsticks on the market were bland and didn’t offer the wearer much in the way of color. It was Doe Deere that had the genius to reinvent lipsticks in true to life color. Radical lip colors were something that everyone wanted but no makeup company was willing to take the gamble on, Doe Deere and Lime Crime stepped up to the plate and hit the makeup coloring out of the ball park.

Listening to the needs of customers is one think that Lime Crime does good. When there is a request or demand for a color or shade, Lime Crime stands up and does their best to break the mold of the nine to five makeup company. Let’s face it, Doe Deere is not your grandmothers make up creator. As queen of the unicorns, Doe Deere takes her position very seriously and as a result prevention of animal cruelty is always at the top of the list. No unicorns or other animals are harmed in the process of Lime Crime’s Makeup testing. That’s not to say that the unicorns don’t wear the Unicorn Lipstick of their own free will. Keeping that in mind, all of Lime Crimes products are cruelty free and Vegan friendly too.

When you want a makeup that is fun to wear and meets your needs of personal expression, you will want to check out Lime Crime and while you are there, say hello and Thank You to Doe Deere.

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