The Increase of the Koch Brothers’ Influence

The Koch brothers, Charles and David, are two powerful individuals who are a part of the same family and have the same motivations for success. Charles Koch inherited Koch Industries several decades ago and have been able to expand the company and create a name for themselves in both the business industry as well as in politics. Currently, the Koch brothers are strong financiers of the Republican party due to the Republican party’s promotion of the free market.

The Koch brothers have demonstrated their role as financiers with the 2012 election. The Koch brothers, together, raised over $400 million for the purpose of financing Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Though Mitt Romney did not win, the Charles Koch is determined more than ever to assist a Republican candidate to the win. Before the start of the 2016 election, the Koch brothers began a campaign to raise money through many wealthy donators. As of now, the Koch brothers hold over $900 million to finance a potential candidate.

The only thing that is inhibiting their tie within the political world is Donald Trump who is also currently self-financed. Mr. Trump’s politics in regards to trade, taxing, as well as foreign policy are not in alignment with that of the Koch brothers. In addition to this, Donald Trump has attacked the Koch brothers on social media such as Twitter for the reason of them financing another candidate.

Charles Koch, as well as their hundreds of investors have the current mission of taking down Donald Trump. The strategy that they are most in favor of is highlight Mr. Trump’s bankruptcy as well as his sometimes shady business deals and demeanor. With their current mission and strategy, the Koch brothers have a similar interest to that of the Democratic party who are in disagreement of his business background and his lack of diplomacy skills.

Though Donald Trump’s many supporters has proven to be a problem, the Koch brothers are driven by two goals. The first goal is to expand their family ties and their business while the other is to continue protecting the free market from government interventions. The Koch brothers believe that the free market is the key to economic prosperity. This is why the Koch brothers are making large donations to institutions such as George Mason University as well as certain think tanks. These institutions are strong supporters for the classical economic principles enacted by Carl Menger and Adam Smith

Avi Weisfogel Raises Funds For Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist that practices in New Jersey. He also grew up in that area, specifically in the town of Old Bridge. He studied Biology and Psychology at the Rutgers University and obtained his bachelors degree from this school and launched Old Bridge Dental Care upon graduating. At New York University he obtained his dentistry degree which is a dental college.

Avi Weisfogel wanted to help others so he started teaching others how to treat problems with sleeping such as Sleep Apnea. He has a ton of experience helping people with sleep problems and has been in this business for over sixteen years. He has taught many people that problems with sleeping can be related to dentistry and how well patients take care of their oral hygiene.

Since Avi Weisfogel cares so much about children and dentistry he wanted to start a fundraiser that would help a charity called Operation Smile. This charity helps children get medical procedures to cure deformities. One of the deformities that Operation Smile sees the most is cleft palate. They also help children who have cleft lips.

There were two people that started this wonderful charity. Kathleen who was a nurse and her husband William Magee started this organization. William Magee was a plastic surgeon that saw the need for such a organization to exist to help children whose parents would otherwise not be able to pay for these much needed operations. They both knew the importance of helping these children get the surgeries that they needed in order to lead a happy and healthy life. They originally only helped children in the Philippines but have since grown to other places around the world.

This charity needs donations so that they can supply the tools to the volunteers that make trips to parts of the world to help children in need. They need to pay for the trip for all the volunteer doctors and medical staff to make sure they have enough people to get the job done right. Operation Smile helps children in many different countries, six in all. Operation Smile has preformed over a fourth of a million surgeries on children since they started the organization. If you would like to help Avi in his mission to raise money for this wonderful charity you can head over to his GoFund Me page. There you can donate to help children get the much needed surgeries that can change their lives.

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Scholarships for Students in the Business Field

With so many students struggling to better their education, it is nice to know that there is someone out there who is more than willing to assist these individuals. College nowadays can be too expensive and may be just a pipe dream for many. Those who are in the business field know how vital it is for them to obtain degrees and have an education because it will help them to find and achieve better jobs in the marketplace. Keith Mann is a hedge fund owner and director who is helping students in Brooklyn, New York to reach this potential and get the education that they know that they need.

Keith Mann, himself, is a leader in the business world and has over 15 years with his company known as Dynamics Search Partners. His business has helped other companies reach their own potential when it comes to hedge funds and business marketing. With his extensive knowledge of the business industry, it is no surprise that Mr. Mann is knowledgeable about how important it is for you to get a good education and have it available to you in the future when looking for jobs and working in the industry.

This scholarship is easy and quick for students to apply for, as they only have to write up an essay which explains how and why they think an education is important to their overall lives. The winner who gets the prize will get a full scholarship provided by Mr. Mann and there will also be a variety of other winners who will come away with smaller prizes as well. This is ideal for students because of the fact that they might be struggling currently with paying for college and getting the education that they need. It is no surprise that college is expensive and can be a dream for so many people who simply cannot afford it and this is why Keith Mann has made a scholarship for those who would like to be able to get what they need and get that education that they can put towards their own careers.

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Handy Is a Successful Home Cleaning Service

There are many companies nowadays that offer home cleaning services. Many of these companies come and go rather quickly because of the large amount of competition within the cleaning industry. However, the home cleaning company known as Handy has made itself a leader in the industry in a very short period of time. What have they done to set themselves apart from the rest of their competition? What has made them more attractive to the general public than many of the other home cleaning services that are out there? There are several answers to these questions. Let’s take a closer look at Handy and what has helped to turn them into a very successful company.

1. Professional cleaners

The people who will be coming to your home to clean it are not some people off the street. They are professional cleaners who have been thoroughly trained in all of the latest cleaning techniques. They also know how to use all of their equipment and chemicals correctly. You can feel safe putting your home in the hands of the cleaners that are employed by Handy. Obviously, you should only allow people who are insured into your home to do any sort of job. All of the cleaners who work for Handy are fully insured. This means that you will be protected if any of the Handy cleaning crew causes any damage to your home or possessions while they are working. All people who apply for a job with Handy are subjected to a background check. This allows you to feel safe allowing Handy employees in your home and around your children.

2. Have your home cleaned the next day

You will never need to wait a week or more to have your home cleaned. Waiting a long time for a cleaning appointment is a thing of the past. A person simply needs to go to the Handy App. It only takes one minute to schedule an appointment. A cleaning crew will be at your home the next day. This type of fast service has made Handy very popular with their customers.

3. Money-back guarantee

Customer satisfaction is extremely important for Handy. They want the people who hire them to be completely happy with the work they receive. Therefore, they are willing to give their customers all of their money back if they are not satisfied with the cleaning that was performed in their house.

Highland Capital Management Makes Changes To Its American Portfolio

Highland Capital Management is the creation of Jame Dondero, and his hedge fund has become one of the most powerful in the United States. Jim does not invest all his money in America, but he makes wise decisions about investment around the world. A quarter of his holdings are invested in America, and this article explains how his holdings in America are changing shape. A wise investor is willing to change his plan, and Jim is changing the way he approaches his American holdings.

#1: American Holdings Are Shifting To Technology

Technology holdings for HCM are increasing with the acquisition of many shares of Amazon. Amazon is a large conglomerate that actually impacts retail and technology numbers in many portfolios. Investing in technology is a priority for Jim, and he uses many of his own investment techniques on these stocks. Technology will continue to be a strong industry in America, and Jim wants to remain a part of the industry. Watch Jim and the Highland Team ringing the NYSE Closing Bell below.

#2: Health Stocks Are Rising

Health stocks are rising as large companies continue to expand their treatment choices to customers. There are customers around the country who are turning to massive health networks, and pharmaceutical companies are seeing an increase in profits at the same time. Eagle Pharma became a new acquisition for HCM, and that stock alone provides a much better return on investment for the money. Jim is committed to using the right stocks in his American portfolio, and health care companies appear to be the right choice.

#3: Releasing Older Stocks

HCM has chosen to release old stocks that are no longer profitable to the company after many years of holding some of these stocks. Stocks that are no longer profitable cannot stay in a company’s portfolio, and Jim is willing to let go of anything that he knows is not working. The critical analysis done by HCM helps their company save money when they make changes to their portfolio, and Jim advises his staff to be wise when changing plans.

The HCM team has made changes to their portfolio with the help of new technology and health care stocks. There are many changes coming to the financial world, and Jim believes that his company must keep up with those changes. Only a quarter of the HCM assets are held in America, but that number reaches about four billion dollars that must be managed with great care. Follow Jim on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on all things stock market.


Cat Reappears 14 Months After Disappearing

Many people can relate to the frustration of losing a family pet and the hours of terrifying hunting for the animal. That was the case with Tanya and Jonathan Irons who lost their Norwegian Forest cat Clive in December 2014. Despite taking to social media and putting up numerous posters around their Stapleford, Nottinghamshire, England, the couple failed to find their nine-month-old kitten. It seems that the cat did not wander too far from home in his adventure to grow up and out, and luckily didn’t end up with ARAS, the cause being supported by Jon Urbana to support all of the world’s homeless cats.
Fourteen months, the cat reappeared in a factory that makes cat food about two miles from the couple’s home. The kitten really loved the cat treats that the factory produces as it was almost double its disappearance weight. Strangely enough, for the 14 months, no one at the factory noticed the cat.
Finally, a foreman at the factory saw the cat and remembered the posters that he had seen posted in his neighborhood. He contacted the couple and was happy to be able to reunite the cat with its owners.
Tanya says that the cat remains very friendly but has a much larger appetite. Therefore, she anticipates that she will have to purchase a lot more food in the future.
The couple has a two-year-old daughter who does not remember the cat. Therefore, Tanya and Jonathan have decided to tell her that it is a new cat despite knowing the truth. They say that someday when she is older, they might tell her the amazing story of the cat who ran away to where cat treats are produced.

Beneful: Keeping up with the Competition

People view their pets as family. Because of this, there has been a greater movement to feed pets human grade food. Premium dog food has been a rising trend for years, and has now moved onto real meat and vegetables that is available for human consumption as well. Dog food companies are able to win the hearts of pet owners by appealing to their need to spoil their pets. This, in turn, also generates a lot of money on Amazon. While companies have been adding real ingredients such as lamb, rice, and salmon into their food as well as offering buzz words on their dog food such as organic and grain-free for years, traditional companies are starting to do the same. Dog food companies, such as Beneful, are joining the movement towards fresh food for pets as well. Beneful offers several products for dogs that are delicious and full of nutrients. Their blends of both wet and dry dog food keep dogs happy and also let dog owners feel good about what they are feeding their pet. The wide variety of options available lets pet owners choose a flavor that they would like. Beneful offers a wet food that looks and smells like beef stew, for example, so owners can offer their pets a hearty and healthy meal. Their dry food and dog treats are equally as delicious and nutritious for pets. They also offer specific foods for different types of dogs. Whether a pet is on a diet or in their senior years, there is a Beneful food to suit. Because high quality pet food companies are always trying to come up with new things to keep pet owners happy, the current eat like a human strategy seems to be working. Refrigerated pet meals work further to make pets feel like family, as is putting them on a trendy diet, such as a paleo diet.

White Shark Media- Facilitating the Evolution of Digital Marketing

Any marketer worth their salt knows that digital marketing is the it-factor at the moment. The online market continues to grow by the day, and that means more people to advertise for. A company must adapt strategies that help it reach that online audience. Google AdWords is one of the key components of online marketing. White Shark Media knows just how much value AdWords hold and that is why they provide services to clients. For years, WSM has been in the business of developing strategies that work for different types of clients.

Giving Clients What They Want

WSM works with small and medium-sized businesses to facilitate digital marketing. One aspect of digital marketing that the company provides is search engine optimization. The company did not do optimization of websites, but the insistence of various clients changed that. It is the way that WSM deals with all of its customer reviews. A lot of clients felt that it was better to have one company provide all the marketing services they needed including SEO, and that is how White Shark Media began its search optimization services. Now, enterprises don’t have to get different firms to provide them with SEO and PPC services.

An Improved Approach to PPC

White Shark Media is well-famed for its PPC services. By listening to what clients have to say, the company is taking measures to provide better services. Management of customer’s PPC campaigns is one of the biggest improvements they get from WSM. Clients also get evaluations of their AdWords use before experts can help structure new strategies. As a business, it is imperative to learn what was wrong with your previous strategies. If you are doing PPC for the first time, then you can get all the information you need.

WSM believes that an effective campaign does not have to be all new, it just needs to get better results. For this reason, the company ensures that customers have enough people to work with to produce the desired results. The firm has supervisors that team up with SEM strategists so that clients get a fully functional team to work with.

Improving Client Relationships

The relationship between any company and its clients is a crucial one. To provide quality services, it is essential that a business listens to what its customers have to say. If there are concerns, then a company must attend to them. For this to happen, communication must be effective, and that is what White Shark Media is doing. When some customers said that they didn’t get adequate help when they needed it, WSM found a way to fix the particular situation. Through the initiation of monthly reports, clients now know what is going on with their campaigns every step of the way. The phone systems also have direct extensions to ensure that clients don’t have to go through reception personnel when they need urgent help.

Thor Halvorssen Speaks Out Against Nicki Minaj’s Angola Concert

Outspoken human rights advocate and film producer Thor Halvorssen sent a personal communication to rapper Nicki Minaj imploring her to cancel an upcoming concert in Angola. As president of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), Thor Halvorssen states the dictator, Jose Eduardo dos Santos’ “policy to harass, imprison or kill politicians, journalists and activists who protest his rule,” as the reason for the boycott. Yet a $2 million dollar payment seems t have been hard to resist – as the show certainly did go on as scheduled. Despite the country’s extreme poverty, according to HRF, the dictator has gained a fortune exploiting Angola’s diamond and oil wealth.

Nicki Minaj herself grew up in extreme poverty on the Southside of Jamaica Queens, New York. Trusting that she would have an empathetic ear towards the plight of the people of Angola, Mr. Halvorssen reached out to Ms. Minaj in hopes of bringing attention to the country’s human rights indifference. Not to be singled out though, as Halvorssen points out, many other big name celebs continue to profit from performances in countries that are led by brutal regimes.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded by Halvorssen in 2005, yet he has been advocating for the rights of underprivileged societies since 1989 with loud opposition to South African apartheid. Graduating Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania did not shield him from suffering first hand the unfairness of political structures that seek to silence the peoples they govern and misuse their power. His father, a diplomat, was falsely accused and suffered torture in a Venezuelan jail, while his mother was shot while attending a peaceful political protest.

The HRF has successfully participated in attaining the release of seven dissidents, and has provided crucial information for major international human rights cases. They follow an untiring mission of freedom for individuals in closed societies rooted in a deep commitment to individual liberty in those areas that are most under threat. While the lure of a cash windfall for performances in countries such as these may seem harmless, imagine the spotlight to human suffering Nicki Minaj and others could bring in the fight against impoverishment.

European Union Might Not Want to Bet Against George Soros

On February 7, 1992, the European Union (EU) was formed by the signing of the Maastricht Treaty. The Euro currency has been one of the most successful results allowing the continent to compete with the United States, United Kingdom and Japan. Unfortunately, the 2008 economic crisis might be the “beginning of the end for the European Union,” according to Bloomberg Business said by George Soros.

“Why Might the European Union Fail?”

On March 25, 1957, Belgium, France, Italy, Holland and West Germany created an economic marketplace for reducing tariffs called the European Economic Community (EEC). This was aimed at allowing Europe to compete with larger nations, such as the United States and Soviet Union. These “Benelux” countries shared many cultural characteristics.

An important factor in the success of the EEC was that the nations retained their own currencies, such as the Italian Lira, French Franc and German Mark. This free control over currencies allowed each nation to develop and control their own monetary and fiscal policies. International trade requires currency adjustment to deal with changes in national productivity.

“George Soros Comments on 2008 EU Crisis”

In 2008, the European Union had a number of its member countries experiencing horrible economic down-turns: Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain (PIIGS). Each nations’ economic problem was slightly different. For example, Greece had high debt and high unemployment; Spain suffered from a collapsing property market. A key EU conundrum is that its political leaders are trying to solve “specific” problems with “common” solutions.

Global investors had worried about the European failing in 2008. Billionaire George Soros has found disturbing similarities between 2008 and 2016. First of all, high debt makes it very difficult for governments to maneuver. Secondly, there remains a serious cultural divide over how the nations should respond.

In 2014, Author George Soros wrote The Tragedy of the European Union. Gradually, the separate member countries of the European Union are beginning to advance separate political agendas.

“What are the bona fides of George Soros?”

George Soros is a well-respected billionaire who has predicted national economic crises. Soros reportedly made $1 billion predicting that the United Kingdom would be forced to devalue its Pound. For this reason, wise men listen to George Soros.

Investors might be less likely to purchase Greek Treasury bonds if the very survival of the European Union is in question. The EU may fail because it was incapable of creating a viable political union, which could overcome national, cultural, societal norms. The United Kingdom lost its bet with George Soros, the European Union might not want to bet against George Soros.