American Addiction Centers: You Will Conquer Your Addiction

It is important to believe in yourself at all times, but it is especially important when battling an addiction. It is going to get you through those dark times and those dark days. You know you will regroup, recover, and pick yourself up once again.

It is why the AAC (American Addiction Centers) is fully invested in helping out those struggling with addiction. They know how strong and how tough they really are because of what they have to endure on a daily basis.

Needless to say, it is no picnic, but they don’t complain about it or look for sympathy. They just look for help in conquering it once and for all. With the AAC by their side, arm in arm, they have a group of men and women that are truly devoted to helping an addict overcome anything that is thrown their way, no matter how impossible it might seem at the moment.

They don’t believe in the impossible. They believe in their results, and their results are truly the gold standard when it comes to treatment centers. Their website states their success rate is more than double the national average. That is truly amazing. It shows that what they started in 2007 is paying off. It has been paying off since they opened their doors. That is the thing to remember here.

When people commit themselves to doing things the right way, wonderful things can come out of it. They are not looking to just rush people out of there. They also listen to the individuals suffering from an addiction to find out what they are thinking and how they are feeling. They truly care about them as human beings. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor

Beside manner is important when treating someone with an addiction to AUD (alcohol use disorder). Society has been unkind to them. They don’t always get the benefit of the doubt. People don’t look at the bigger picture and try to understand what’s really happening with them.

Instead, they are quick to judge them and even laugh at them. It can be a cruel world at time, but they can’t help it they were born with a disease and a mental illness. They are just trying their best to overcome it and be a good person. They are good people, and the people at the AAC know it. It is why they are helping them in the first place. They get right to the root of the issue to help the individual with an addiction to alcohol.

It is why they are always researching, studying, and doing surveys. They want to be at the forefront of information on addiction. With their commitment to this, they will always be number one.

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EOS Lip Balms – Egg Shaped Lip Balm All The Celebs Are Talking About

Evolution Of Smooth lip balm, more commonly known as EOS, was founded in 2006. By 2015 EOS lip balm was the second highest selling lip balm in the world. What makes EOS unique is it’s “egg shaped” packaging that is available in many fun colors and flavors. These great flavors include sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, vanilla bean and more. The product also features all natural and organic ingredients helping it to stand out among its peers.

Recently Evolution Of Smooth has released a new product, their Lip Stick Balm. This new stick balm is also all natural and organic, however, it is only created using sustainable ingredients. Consisting of nourishing oils such as vitamin E, jojoba and shea butter this formula is sure to moisturize your pout. The EOS Lip Stick Balm features a new sphere tube, similar to your traditional lip balm tube, but still cute and trendy. 

In 2019, EOS is still revolutionizing the lip balm industry and is very popular among women everywhere. They can be seen in magazines and on social media everywhere. Celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and even pop singer Billie Eilish all have all been caught sporting these adorable balms. 

Isabel dos Santos: The Pearl Of Africa

Isabel dos Santos is a well-renowned figure in Africa’s business and finance industry. Being a woman, she has worked hard to earn her rightful place at the table of wealthy individuals. Forbes recognizes Isabel as Africa’s wealthiest woman and one of its youngest billionaires. Isabel is respected for defying all myths and hurdles to accomplish her goals. She has been playing a significant role in shaping the way for more women to become successful in the business world. Hailing from Angola, the independent businesswoman has a rich portfolio stating her work in banking, construction, telecommunication and energy sectors in Africa, Portugal, and Europe.

Isabel dos Santos’ path was backed majorly by her educational background. She attended King’s College in London where she earned her bachelor’s in electrical engineering. Isabel holds education as a crucial tool necessary for opening up opportunities. She has been instrumental in aiding many young women to get an education as a way to empower themselves. Through Isabel dos Santos and her business initiatives, more women are becoming independent and joining the skilled workforce. Shortly after graduating from college, Isabel was set to begin her life as an adult. She secured her first job as a project manager engineer in Angola. In the search for more challenges, Isabel veered off into becoming an entrepreneur. She became a partner at the Miami Beach bar and restaurant based in Luanda.

Isabel dos Santos then pursued her interests in the telecommunications industry. The African pearl invested in Unitel, a communications company in Angola. This move would make Isabel one of the company’s largest shareholder, controlling 25 percent of stake.Years under Isabel’s insight, Unitel grew to be one of Africa’s largest and fastest-growing mobile operator. Isabel continues to diversify her portfolio with her name touching on some of her Portuguese ventures. She also has interests in the oil mining business where she partnered with Americo Energia.Isabel dos Santos is gradually grabbing the world’s attention with her moves. She is changing the obsolete concept that discriminates women from leading and participating in hefty world economy topics. She is indeed the female figure and change that African women have been waiting for ages. Click here.

Agera Energy: Pure Wind Program

Providing the best services to their customers while providing natural gas and energy to customers Agera Energy offers the Pure Wind program to achieve the goal of using selling natural gas and energy while being the best energy provider. Visit to know more.

The Pure Wind Program s specific to Agera Energy where they offer customers the choice of reducing their energy bill by switching to the usage of natural gas and energy to power their home or business. For customers that agree to make the change they are offered enrollment into the Pure Wind Program where at least 50% of the energy used is generated by a wind farm (Premier Gazette, 2019). Read more about Agera Energy on

United States wind farms are an alternative way to generate energy that is better for the environment compared to energy generated at a power plant. By generating energy naturally using nationally-sourced certified wind farms Agera Energy is responding to the concerns of thousands of customers regarding energy generation and usage harming the natural environment. By using wind farms to offer the Pure Winds Project to home and business owner’s they are able to supplementing half or more of their energy usage with naturally generated energy (Chronical Weekly, 2019). Through this program Agera Energy is giving their customers a more natural, environmentally safer, and ethical choice in saving money on their energy bill while enjoying effective energy service with Agera Energy’s Pure Wind Program.



  • Chronicle Weekly. (March 2019). Energy Efficient Spaces with Agera Energy.
  • Premier Gazette. (March 2019). Agera Energy is Dedicated to Efficiency and Sustainability.

Chicago Has A Lot To Offer To New Residents

Chicago is one of the United State’s most famous and dense cities. This diverse city has plenty to see, do, and explore. It also has its own quirks that new residents should be aware of. Here is a small sampling of what you can expect. 

People coming from warmer climates should prepare themselves for a frigid and snowy winter. Expect freezing temperatures and drab weather. You will want to make sure you have a warm coat, gloves, hat, and a scarf. You will need it. 

Summers in Chicago are the opposite of its winters. They are warm, and the people seem to come alive along with the plants and wildlife. Enjoy the many parks, beaches, and outdoor events the city has to offer. The beaches we are talking about are the city beaches right on Lake Michigan

Chicago is a culturally diverse city with some unique elements to it. If you love pizza, then you definitely should try out an authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Street vendors abound in Chicago. You can find vendors selling American favorites such as hot dogs along with ethnic street food such as tamales, jibaritos, polishes sausages, and Italian beef sandwiches. If you like exploring neighborhoods, then be sure to check out Little Vietnam and Koreatown.

Beal Properties makes settling into Chicago simple, easy, and comfortable. The company manages dozens of properties in some of Chicago’s and its surrounding suburbs most convenient and prestigious neighborhoods. You can find modern, renovated and ready to move into apartments in such neighborhoods as Lake View, Wrigleyville and Logan Square. 

Beal Properties has been managing properties in the Chicago area for over three decades. The company is not just a group of property managers. The staff at Beal Properties is invested in the community and wants to give back to the community that many of its employees call home. Every month, Beal Properties donates money to community organizations in the Chicago area that is chosen by its team members. This is just one way that Beal helps foster community spirit and supports charitable organizations.


The United States education system is one of the lowest in terms of educational success. A possible reason for this could be the lack of student activities and involvement.

You cannot negate the fact that there is a higher chance of children doing better in school if they are happy, which is a manifestation of life long success that is worthy of exploring. A research study showed that happy kids do better in school if they reported a high level of happiness. School supplies, meals and engagements in education have all been the key to this success.

Aaron Lupuloff started a foundation within the Gwinnet County Public School system and is committed to keeping funds in the G.C.P.S. In a recent interview with Aaron, he had stated how it is easy for him to be so passionate about this foundation when he has put 5 children through the G.C.P.S. He has been a crucial part of insuring that at least 1 in 10 of Georgia students get the education they deserve to be successful in life. Gwinnet County is also devoted to ensuring that they receive the same quality of education.

With the efforts of Aaron Lupuloff, local communities, parents, teachers and businesses, they have provided structure to the students that need and deserve it. The Atlanta Falcons contributed to the first ever girls flag football team which provides structure and an option for an after school activity. It has since gone state wide. All contributors within the community have been driven to assure this was successful. The fact that it has gone state wide shows just how much this program was needed in the schools across Georgia.

These actions and drive can stimulate the next generations to come. The system set up at G.C.P.S. works well and only possible with the support of the community. We can hope the passion spreads throughout the entire United States. To see more about Aaron you can visit

A Life Well Lived: Alastair Borthwick

 Alastair Borthwick was a man who lived a full life. He lived to be ninety years old and make his mark as a writer and broadcaster. He was born in 1913 and went to school until he was sixteen. He had to quit school in order to support his family. Now his life was able to turn for the better. 

Alastair Borthwick went on to write articles and also discovered the second passion of his life which is exploring nature. As his writing prowess increased he was able to cover World War II in a way that no one else had done before. This would become one of the high water marks of his career.

The book was called Battalion and it was a hit for him. The book told the stories of his time in the military. He was able to give readers a first hand account of what World War II was like. It was a graphic depiction of the hellish nature of war. This is what made the book a landmark.

After that he was able to take on his passion of nature after the BBC signed him to a contract. He was able to travel the world and give viewers an inside look at the treasures of nature. He was able to continually write columns for papers for years afterward. He was able to keep busy and do what he loved for the rest of his career.

At the later parts of his life Alastair Borthwick became less well known. His programs declined and so did his health. He would stay in a nursing home for his remaining years and eventually pass away at the age of ninety.

Alastair Borthwick was a man who lived his life to the fullest. He may have had some hard time but he was able to find two things that he loved doing and make a career out of both. That is a very hard thing for people to accomplish. Being able to share that with viewers is a true gift indeed. His full life was very well lived.

Luke Lazarus: A Story Is The Most Important Thing Your Business Can Have

The odds are not stacked in the favor of entrepreneurs when starting a business which is why they need to do everything that they can to improve their chances of their risks paying off. For some, hiring a startup consultant such as Luke Lazarus can give their company the edge that it needs to make it and surmount the difficult odds.

After the Australian managed to start four different companies that were all sold before the entrepreneur turned 34, he realized that he could use his expertise and talent to help entrepreneurs that were struggling to take their company to the top. It’s never easy to get a business off of the ground, but with the help of Luke Lazarus, these businesses can know exactly what they need to do to move to the next stage.

Having a strong story behind your business is essential according to Luke Lazarus. It not only can attract the attention and loyalty of customers, but it can also encourage potential investors to put their capital behind a company that is seeking needed funding to grow.

The story that is being told about the company must be the same thing as the product or service that the business is providing. According to the startup consultant, having this story can almost guarantee that a company will end up being successful. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Medium and Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler

While many entrepreneurs believe that they can handle starting a business on their own, the statistics make it clear why the advice of experts like Luke Lazarus is so important. After earning his MBA at 24 from Melbourne Business School, the serial entrepreneur has seemed to have the golden touch when it comes to creating successful businesses.

One of the most important things that Luke Lazarus does for his clients is creating a business plan. This is true for both new companies and companies that he is helping to restructure. In addition, he also helps his clients prepare presentations for their potential investors that will be likely to get their interest and potentially their venture capital.

It’s important to make the purpose of a company clear for investors to catch their attention quickly and then to keep it. Luke Lazarus is an expert when it comes to using wording in this manner to make an emotional connection with potential investors and consumers.

Some entrepreneurs think getting financing for their company will be simple and are sorely disappointed when they realize that they were not correct with this assumption. When explaining the concepts that he has built while recruiting college students, Luke Lazarus states that their potential investors will decide whether or not they are interested in making a deal with a startup within just 30 seconds.

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Steve Ritchie: The Guy Behind Papa John’s

Papa John’s is one of the world’s most well-known pizza businesses. It employs about 120,000 people. Papa John’s calls 45 countries and territories, as well as all 50 states, its home. The company spreads pizza to the far reaches of the planet as it opens up more franchises. The beauty of Papa John’s is that they give fast, convenient service and dish out great products. Papa John’s dishes out pizza with a variety of different toppings. Some of the toppings include meatball pepperoni, pepperoni, sausage and cheese.

Steve Ritchie is the current mastermind who runs Papa John’s. His story should serve as an inspiration to anyone who works on a lower end job and wants to go up the career ladder. He started off as someone who was on the lowest rungs of the Papa John’s career ladder. After showing dedication and great leadership skills, he kept getting promoted to higher levels of the company. After about twenty years, he is now the current CEO of the company. Steve Ritchie controls the planning of the company. It is quite obvious that he is doing a superb job in his position, because Papa John’s is doing great.

Steve Ritchie is based in Louisville, Kentucky—the place where he grew up. Now, he lives there with two daughters and a wife. He takes on a very positive view of the company, and believes that the best, most crucial ingredient in Papa John’s is people. This makes a lot of sense because of the fact that you cannot have a business without people. Without people, there are no customers, workers or leaders. No human-made institution exists without the presence of humans. The more humans are involved and dedicated to an institution, the more it thrives. The dedication of people makes the success of Papa John’s possible.

Organo Gold and the Dynamics of Coffee

Organo Gold is the name of a marketing system that’s guided by Bernardo T. Chua formerly of the Philippines. Watch this video on Youtube.

Although this resilient Chief Executive Officer was born on that island nation in Southeastern Asia, he’s been hard at work in business matters in other parts of the planet for years already. Organo Gold has offices in serene Ferndale, Washington. It accommodates audience members in all kinds of international locations, too. Chua isn’t just the CEO for Organo Gold. He’s simultaneously the man who founded it as well. Shane Morand is his colleague and Co-Founder.


Organo Gold doesn’t want other people to tire of coffee consumption. It’s a renowned marketing company that has a lot of coffee-related proficiency. The painstaking team members at Organo Gold have many suggestions in mind for individuals who are looking to enhance the way their coffees taste. These people genuinely comprehend coffee and all of its dynamics. Visit to know more.