Businesswoman Susan McGalla Leads By Example

As women continue to advance in the corporate world, there are plenty of people who want to offer advice on how women can best advance in their careers on The best advice comes from those women who themselves have succeeded.

Susan P. McGalla, the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, has been outspoken in her views as to how women can succeed in business. McGalla, one of the most accomplished leaders in the corporate retail field, is perhaps best known for her 15 years at American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. When McGalla came to American Eagle after working for 8 years at Joseph Horne Company, she joined a company with no women on its board of directors or in senior management positions. But McGalla quickly rose through the ranks and eventually became the company’s Chief Merchandising Officer and President.

McGalla regularly speaks to civic and professional groups about her perspective as as a successful businesswomen. McGalla takes a no nonsense approach to succeeding in business and advises others to do the same. McGalla believes that most women in the business world do not want to be viewed as the woman in the room but as a professional on the same level as everyone else. Even though she worked at a male dominated company at American Eagle, she never carried a chip on her shoulder or saw herself as trying to break the glass ceiling.

Even though McGalla may have been the first woman in a high ranking position at American Eagle, she was not the last. By leading through example, McGalla encouraged other women to take leadership roles in their departments. As she rose through the ranks, American Eagle became recognized as being a model corporate culture where everyone’s views were welcomed and where aspiring to lead was encouraged.

This is a recurring theme in McGalla’s career. Her success in business was not limited to viewing the profit and loss charts. Rather, she has always sought to create corporate atmosphere that encourages people to be both self starters and team players, with both the individuals and the organization benefiting from the efforts.

Having succeeded in numerous businesses, McGalla took the next step of becoming a consultant to other businesses. As the head of P3, McGalla now consults with clients on marketing, operations, human resources and all other aspects of business, with a focus on the retail industry. She provides unique insight through her knowledge of the retail industry and her ability to foster an optimal corporate culture.

Women CEOs Like Susan McGalla Breaking The Glass Ceiling

The last decade has been powerfully ground-breaking for business women on all over the globe. These women are smart, accomplished, tough and have broken that glass ceiling that many women never dreamed could happen. Some of these women head some of the largest not only in the United States but the world. We’re talking Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees. Achieving these positions are very difficult, and in most cases, they face a great deal of challenges on a daily basis. But despite the resentments, prejudices and good ole boy systems they sometimes have to deal with, they are living proof that women can sit at head of the boardroom table.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld and IBM CEO Virginia Rommetty, are considered some of the most powerful business women on earth. They run billion dollar corporations and make tough decisions everyday. To make it, many of these women have to shake off the stereotypical attitudes and just be themselves. More than anything else, they need to have confidence in their abilities. Although there are still many challenges, “A slow evolution is occurring towards women in the boardroom,” according to Sandberg. She went on to say that women should not be afraid to assert themselves or be intimidated by a boardroom full of men.

P3 Executive Consulting founder, Susan McGalla, knows all to well about the stumbling blocks women face while trying to reach the boardroom. “It can be tough,” says McGalla. Men aren’t exactly as bold as they used to be. Now they use “buzz words” to try to cut you down and make you feel unwanted. Most women CEOs agree that you have to have a thick exterior, or you won’t survive. McGalla started her career at Joseph Horne Company. Although she excelled, she wanted more.

She moved onto American Outfitters, where she gained a foothold. She admits that over a few years, the corporate culture began to change, and women in management positions were very successful. She rose the corporate ladder and soon became American Outfitter’s CEO over merchandising. Although she says the experience was rewarding, she decided to make a move to consulting.

More and more women are breaking that glass ceiling nowadays. There are a number of role models who successfully run global companies — and do so for many years. Women who have made it to the top will admit that it often isn’t easy when you’re climbing, but it’s very rewarding once you make it there.

Financial Services Offered by Citadel LLC

Citadel LLC is a globally leading financial institution founded by Ken Griffin. The firm operates two major business, Citadel Securities and Citadel. Citadel Securities trades products such as equity options, equities, and interests rates swap for institutional and retail clients. Citadel is an alternative multi-billion asset. Citadel LLC is recognized for investment performance and managesfundsfrom largest institutional investors in the world such as the University Endowments, Pensions, Sovereign Wealth Funds just to mention a few. The company helps investors from all occupations to achieve their financial obligations and goals.

The Company works relentlessly to capture new opportunities across a broad range of investment strategies. It deploys capital with the objective of generating consistent risk adjustment in the investment results for capital partners and investors. The company delivers excellent services as it has the most focused and talented minds in the industry. The ideas of the staff are activated, and strategies put in place via a healthy range of proven technology and execution capacities.
Investment Strategies
The Company’s investment plans focus on the main classes of assets in the largest financial market globally. The company adapts accordingly in such areas to positions its portfolios in the most favorable opportunities. The strategies of market opportunities are based on advanced quantitative andthoughtful research, and developed by diverse teams. Consequently, it knows how to bring together multiple perspectives to harder challenges, engage in critical and rigorous discussion,and come up with best solutions.
Management of Risks
Citadel LLC capitalizes on opportunities and improves performances by managing its risks. The company has integrated disciplined risk management and estimation in the income generating routes in the departments. Citadel LLC allows investors to work side by side with the leaders in the industry. Consequently, the investors get an opportunity to learn and interact with world’s most successful business builders and economists.

Career Benefits
The Company recognizes and rewards exceptionally hardworking team members. It offers a comprehensive, yet very competitive range of advantages that enhance their lives. The employees enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Retirement saving plans
  2. Dental and medical plans
  3. Disability coverage
  4. Transit coverage
  5. Education reimbursement
  6. Life and travel insurance
  7. Fitness facilities among others

Kenneth Griffin
Kenneth Griffin was born in 1968 in Daytona Beach, Florida. He graduated from the University of Harvard in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in economics. During his early days at Harvard as a freshman, he began a hedge fund that focused on bond arbitrage. His friends and families supported the initiative. He set up a satellite that linked his residence and enabled him access real-time data.

Currently, he is the CEO of the Citadel LLC. Mr. Griffin is an ardent supporter of educational causes that lead to development and improvement of the community. He is involved in numerous charity works such as Chicago Public Community Funds. In the business community, he belongs to various organizations such as the Economic Club, Civic Committee and the G100 club all in Chicago. He also supports cultural and civic institutions.

A Room of One’s Own

Our father passed away a couple of years ago and it has been very difficult; especially for Mom. They met in grade school and were sweethearts all through high school. Mom and Dad were married right out of high school and Dad joined the Navy. They had three rowdy boys and enjoyed a beautiful marriage of forty-five years.

Recently, we were going through some old pictures with our mother. One of my favorites is of Mom and Dad riding their bicycles together as third graders. Mom looked so cute in her little blue dress and Dad had a sheepish grin. You could tell from their expressions that they loved each other even then. There was also Mom’s favorite 5×10 picture of Dad taking her to the school prom. What a beautiful couple they were! Mom wore a sky blue dress with a matching wrist corsage that Dad had given her. Dad was dashingly handsome in his suit and tie.

We spent the afternoon reminiscing over our family’s life in photos. Each picture evoked a cherished memory. There were baby pictures and funny school pictures that made us laugh. It was hard to believe we ever dressed like that and wore those big glasses! We helped Mom separate the pictures into categories and put them in labeled boxes. My wife and daughter are really into scrapbooking and are eager to help Mom create some of her own.

I knew that Mom loved this old house where she and Dad raised their children and lived in for so long. After long discussions with her, she realized that the upkeep of such a big house was just too much for her. Recently, I built an addition on to our house that included its own bathroom, kitchenette and separate entrance. It was a difficult decision for Mom, because she has always been fiercely independent and was proud of it. However, she is getting older and has some health issues. We all felt better that she move into our new addition.

Mom shared a lot of family heirlooms with us boys and her grandchildren and sold a lot of things she did not need any more. Each piece seemed to have a special memory attached. She cried a little and laughed a lot during the transition. My children were excited about having Granny so close to them.

Like many older people who have lost a spouse, Mom has a modest, set income. Of course, we do not charge her any rent; however, she does have a few bills of her own and insists on contributing to the household. She is adjusting well to her new place.

Mom loves to talk to her family and many friends on the phone and was thrilled to find out about FreedomPop Wireless. She did not have to sign any contracts or worry about extra cell phone bills. It works on our WI-FI system and she gets two hundred free minutes of talk and up to five hundred free texts. She can also upgrade to have Internet if she chooses. Thanks to FreedomPop, Mom is enjoying the independence she loves!

The Drive Which Mr.Griffins Had To Grow Citadel Hedge Funding Company

Citadel Company is one of the leading financial investors in the global markets. Citadel goes by the guidelines of working relentlessly to capture and uncover new opportunities. Across a vast range of investment plans, Citadel uses its capital with the aim of generating recurring risky and customized investment plans for their capital partners and investors.
Deep down the company’s heart is staff that are ready to deliver unmatched excellence. Citadel boasts of truly having the most focused and talented minds in the industry, who assist in generating new strategies and ideas through a robust range of execution capabilities and technologies.
Citadel was founded in 1990 by Mr. Ken Griffin with $4.6 million only. By the year 1998, Citadels’ team had grown to more than a hundred employees and a billion in investments capital. In 2002 June, CFO magazine included Mr. Griffin in the list of the one of the most influential people in the financial world. After 20 years working at citadel, Griffin has been published a couple of times in the Forbes magazine’s 400 as the champion CEO of Citadel. When he first appeared in the Forbes four hundred, it was in the year 2003, with a net worth of $650 million. At the age of 34, he was one of the history’s youngest billionaires who’s self-made. From the age of thirty-four till the age of forty, he was recognized as the 8 wealthiest American citizens who is under the age of forty and is self-made. By the year 2014, Mr. Griffin had an accumulated a net worth of three billion dollars.
Citadel soon became a company of interest to many because, in March 2015, the company received the top ten greatest working places in the financial industry ranked by the (GTWI) Great Place to Work Institute. The company’s Ceo Mr. Griffin was applaud for bringing about teamwork in the company, free food to employees, gifting each other and all paid tours or fitness programs. In 2015 at a global conference, Mr. Griffin was cited saying that, Citadels success was a result of his employee’s hard work and the easy access they had when they wanted to discuss anything that concerned the company. Citadel’s hedge fund firm continues to perform extraordinarily well. In 2014, the firm’s main hedge fund returned 17% net o fees.
Mr. Griffin’s interest in trading led him to conduct his first trading in 1980 in his dormitory room in the University Of Harvard. His passion drove him to get some money from relatives which amounted to $4 million dollars that he used to establish the existing Citadel Company in 1990. He later on employed other people who were liked minded and deeply engaged who on a daily basis assist in identifying the best ideas for every investment plan that is tabled.

The Impact of the Sygenta Corn to the American Farmers

SuperLawyers tells us that the advancement of agriculture has led to the use of Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs. GMOs use the Deoxyribonucleic Acids or DNAs of different crops and animal species to create combinations of genes. These engineered genes have the ability to increase production, tolerate drought and diseases, and promote nutrition. The issue on safety of GMO products is debatable because there have been both success and failure stories on the effects of GMOs.

A good example is in the case of corn farmers in America who have recorded losses of up to one billion dollars on projects concerning the MIR 162 corn. The corn, which is modified for resistance to pests by the Syngenta Seed Company, has failed to obtain import approval from China though it received approval from the U.S. in 2010. Syngenta is facing lawsuits from a number of organizations representing the American corn farmers. These organizations claim that Syngenta misrepresented the U.S. corn farmers by marketing and promoting the seed before receiving the needed approval from China. Syngenta is also being accused of placing its profit margins over the livelihoods of corn farmers.

Lawyers like Mikal watts are helping farmers to sue Syngenta for the heavy losses that have made the price of corn drop dramatically. Mikal wants to help the farmers get financial compensation. He was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas and received his first arts degree from the University of Texas and followed it up with a law degree from the University of Texas School of Law. He has also worked for the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Texas, David L. Perry and other law firms such as David L. Perry & Associates and Perry & Haas LLP. Currently, he is the co-founder and owner of Watts Guerra LLP, which handles personal injury, product liability and commercial litigation cases.

On the other hand, Syngenta claims that the lawsuits hold no merit. However, it admits that it is dedicated in making their technologies accessible so that farmers can increase their profits and produce. In addition to this, Syngenta insists that it is liable to commercializing corn in compliance to the legal and regulatory expectations. It has also received import approval from the major countries that import corn; a trait that it says has been fully transparent over the last four years.

According to Syngenta, the GMO corn has been beneficial to farmers by preventing losses caused by pests, and therefore, increased the yield of the crop.

Spirituality Can Lead to Peace in Businesses

When a business allows spirituality to be a part of its practices that business can run in a way that is peaceful. Those that possess spirituality allow it to change who they are and the way that they act, and they tend to act in way that is more peaceful. Those that value spirituality allow it to change who they are in the workplace. When a business is filled with spirituality that business can experience true peace no matter what happens and no matter what the business faces. Those businesses that choose to be spiritual can find a peace that other businesses cannot find.

When someone possesses spirituality that individual needs to feel that they have the freedom to bring their spirituality with them into the workplace. When someone brings their spiritual side to work with them they will find that it helps them to find peace as they go about their day. There are many stressful moments that can take place in a business in the average day, and those who rely on spirituality will find that they have peace in the midst of the stress. Those who possess a spiritual side and hold onto that when things get messy will find that they can have peace no matter what comes about.

The business that is drenched in spirituality will succeed because of the peace that is found by those working there. The business that allows spirituality to be a part of every day will find that the spirituality that it lets in can help to bring about peace and make the business a better place to work. Every business wants to do what it can to succeed, and having a business that is filled with spirituality and the peace that it brings is one thing that can help to bring about success.

Joseph Bismark is someone who is an example of just how spirituality can help to bring about peace in a business. He is a business leader who is very focused on the spiritual. He can see the power that the spiritual has to offer to the business world, and he understands the kind of peace that spirituality can bring about. He lived a portion of his life as a monk, and he learned the power of spirituality and the peace that it brings while he did that.

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At the mention of NBA, a basketball veteran player, and fun is likely to click onto the American, Bruce Levenson, a former teams owner. A juvenile fun, however, has no idea who this Jewish American is and was. Bruce Levenson is not only a standard figure in basketball but too in business commanding a net worth of about 500 million US dollars.
This father to three children and husband to Karen Boyarsky is an alumnus of Washington University in St. Louis where he graduated with a degree in journalism. The currently sixty-five-year-old Levenson also undertook night lessons at the American University while practicing his journalism career at Washington Star. This is an interesting story because practically, we should be talking about a skilled and well-accomplished lawyer or journalist in the American history, what should have probably unfolded out of his education but this is an odd that never attended business school. One would, however, argue he has attended the business school of life.
Bruce Stevensonís mark in business first appears in 1977 (I doubt if any of the NBA players was born) where him and his friend Ed Peskowitz earned their very first fortunes as the co-founders of United Communications Group(UCG), a portfolio of professional business information companies. Currently, UCG is one of the largest privately held business information companies in the world. The company disseminates information to more than two million customers in several business sectors among them being telecommunications, energy, technology, healthcare and financial services. At the time of establishment, Levensonís apartment was the operational headquarters where ëOil Express,í a newsletter focusing on developments in the oil industry was published. More other newsletters were launched later including databases i.e. Oil Price Information Service and GasBuddy, a mobile application that helps drivers in finding local law gas prices.
Bruce Levenson together with his business partner Ed Peskowitz and other businessmen collectively formed Atlanta Spirit LLC, currently known as Atlanta Hawks LLC, in 2004 with a plan to buy Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. Levenson, a member of the NBA Board of Governors, however, announced his intention to sell his shares of ownership in the group.
No, much can be told about this Jewish native living in Maryland without further regard to his prominent philanthropy. His remarkable efforts in supporting low-income children pursue higher education while serving as president of I Have a Dream Foundation is indelible in the American books of history. Community Foundation of Washington, D.C, and Hoop Dreams Foundation are just but a few other philanthropic organizations that have received enormous financial support from Bruce Levenson.
Jewish Americans will specifically never forget the donations he made towards the U.S Holocaust Museum and the Museums Bringing the Lessons Home program, which teaches inner-city students Holocaust lessons and being tour guides in the museum. This a tangible unprecedented success story of a Jew living in the United States, a land of opportunities where anyoneís dream is valid. What is your story?

The Profitability of CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is all about buying out financial assets and businesses and assisting with growth equity. The business itself has been around for several years now and it is a company that has been growing since its inception. In fact, Stephen Murray helped creation the branch which eventually spun off and became a branch company from JP Morgan. While the company has continued to grow and do well, especially through the down economy that took place over the last several years, it is no longer with its leader or CEO, who passed away not to long ago.

Stephen Murray quickly rose up the company ladder. While he obtained both his bachelor’s and master’s degree from the local schools (including Harvard), he eventually went on to work in the buyout department where he learned everything he needed to know about the process of buying out a company or merging with it. This made him a top candidate to head the CCMP Capital branch, and it is why the company grew into one of the top buyout and equity firms in the entire country. Now, it ultimately is something that needs to be commended for just how well of a job he has sone in this process and for the company itself. Despite his recent passing though, the company has gone on to increase its range and to continual to grow.

CCMP Capital works directly with the financial elements of different businesses. It is able to look over a company and determine what it is doing wrong. There are many companies that have quality assets and a solid core, but they are struggling with a few different elements of the business. By taking over the business and buying it out, CCMP can then either determine what to do with it. Once it straightens out the struggling business it is then able to sell it to another company who is interested and make a sizable profit. There are always going to be businesses that struggle, which is why CCMP Capital is always going to be doing well for itself. For anyone who is interested though, this is a business that is able showcase exactly how the takeover process is done. So, for someone who is interested in learning the trade and they want to take after a company who has proved successful in how it runs itself and how it grows, CCMP Capital out of New York is the private equity investment firm to look into.

There are many different elements to any business. CCMP Capital has proven to be a strong sum of all its parts. And now the company is now without its CEO Stephen Murray, CCMP Capital is at a loss.

Advice for Future Capital Marketing Lawyers

Scarlette Etienne & Sam Tabar from Chroma Pixel NYC on Vimeo.

What a capital market is is a business venture to make money through stocks and bonds. Within the business of capital marketing, capital marketing lawyers are required. Capital marketing lawyers are required to fund businesses and give loans. Within the world’s economy there are powerful businesses that obtain money by either selling or sharing their equity or by receiving loans from lenders.

Capital marketing lawyers are a useful source to use because they allow more freedom to companies than banks who give out loans. Instead of a company having to apply for a loan from a bank, capital marketing lawyers allow for large sums of money to be borrowed by worthy companies. Capital markets also allow certain services such as equity offerings, bonds, stocks, as well as security to what is theirs.

The job of a capital lawyer is to advise investment bankers or companies on the complexity of all transactions that are made to continue the profit of the business. A successful businesses require a business as well as a financial expansion. What a capital lawyer offers is a banking team that has a goal of raising funding through investment as well as through funding. These banking teams vary in size. Banking teams for banks often can be larger in size, however banking teams can be smaller for the privately owned companies.

Capital marketing lawyers have a goal of raising money for their clients. Their objective is to also advise companies as well as banks to raise money through the international capital investments. A transaction between a company or a bank with the capital market can take anywhere from weeks to even months.

One of the best tips for those aspiring to become capital market lawyers is the fact that most lawyers work regularly on international transactions. One example of an international lawyer is Sam Tabar. Taber is a successful lawyer who resides in New York. Tabar, like many other capital lawyers is an expert strategist. Mr. Tabar’s has advised others that if they are interested in this occupation, they must have initiative to take action, know how to deal with contracts, Understand taxes as well as the European system, as well financial regulatory.

Becoming a top lawyer, like Sam Tabar requires many things. To be a top capital marketing lawyer requires commitment, constant energy and enthusiasm, as well as a strong interest in the career of a lawyer. Working with the market has multiple benefits. One of the biggest benefits is the fact that lawyers are able to travel abroad and meet other lawyers from many other jurisdictions. For any lawyer wishing to become a capital marketing lawyer like Sam Tabar, the most important piece of advice is to know the world market.