Try the New Flipora App to Find Sites You Will Really Like

Not many people have heard of the app-Flipora but the word is getting out there. Statistics show people are signing up at a rate of it’s growing by 150,000 new sign on users a week from all over the world in over two-hundred different countries. This app helps introduce you to new websites and new information. The app used to be called InfoAxe, it helped people find websites that they had previously visited when they wanted to go back and revisit a site for information they needed. It has now been changed, as of the end of last year to an app that finds new sites and info. People using the app choose from fifty-seven different subject areas and then get onto the internet through the app to those subject areas. The service chooses sites that others have chosen to visit and recommend. You choose sites you want to visit by “flipping” through sites that the app brings up.
What makes this app different from other apps that are similar is that Flipora uses people’s browsing history to find fun, interesting web sites that you might like to try out. They get people’s browsing history, upload the information to their server and save all the information, then they use that information to find other new websites that are suggested as similar for the app users to use. The app-Flipora has over eight million members that are using the app right now. Those members go through over twenty million pages on different sites Flipora’s web history search engine is a unique product with very few competitors who are able to do it at scale which amounts to over 6 times mores pages than Wikipedia has.
The search engine that they use that gathers the web history is not like any that is being used in this industry, especially of this magnitude. We have been doing a lot of testing and we have found that the way we are gathering our information is really bringing in a large number of new users. Once they find the web sites and pages they like, we suggest other similar sites and pages that they will like. They end up checking them out and find other unique information that interests them. The company redesigned how their app worked four years ago making it easier to use and better at finding new web sites and information. This has helped the expansion and growth that has led the company to where they are now. We think that adding the upcoming recommendations on the side of the page so you can skim through them to pick out the ones you want to see is really great for people. Also the more you use it the more it learns what you like and prefer and it can progressively increase picking out sites for you to see.

The Outlook of North American Spine on Spinal Surgery

Spinal surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the world today. This is due to the growing number of individuals that experience problems with their lower back. Many spine surgery centers are foregoing the traditional method of performing these types of surgeries and opting for a more innovated solution. This includes various forms of laser spine surgery.

The need for surgery is the result of degenerative disc disease, accidents, injuries or pain in the spine ranging from the neck to the lower back. In some cases, individuals are not responding to other treatment methods, therefore surgery is the only option. Patients travel from all parts of the world, to receive the best treatment from some of the world’s top physicians. North American Spine has locations throughout North America, Europe, and other parts of the world, with some the most sought after physicians.

On their YouTube the North American Spine Institute has enhanced many of the laser surgery options that are available to their patients. Accurascope is performed using a unique method of laser surgery exclusively by North American Spine. This procedure is a more precise method used to resolve issues with the spine. Compared to the standard procedures practiced in many spine surgery centers, this method is known for providing a faster healing time and eliminates multiple incisions.

Surgery at North American Spine is typically performed in a single visit including a brief recovery time in the center for the patients. Many types of insurance plans are accepted and prospective clients have the option of speaking with prior patients that have had the procedure performed through North American Spine. The physicians at the surgery center believe in a process in order to alleviate or completely eliminate back pain. Some of these methods include non-surgery treatments including changes in lifestyle to promote a holistic approach to relief from pain.

North American Spine offers an approach that helps to reduce the negative side effects that may occur with spine surgery. This would include, infections, death, nerve damage, pain, weakness and numbness throughout the spine. There are seminars regarding the Accurascope procedure, so that patients have a complete understanding of the entire process.

Laser spine surgery centers have been around for many decades, offering alternative solutions in response to pain relief. Patients no longer have to fear that they will become paralyzed or have an increase in pain. Many innovations are in the making when speaking of laser spine surgery in order to lessen the risks that are involved. With this option, patients have the choice of recovering in order to enjoy a happier lifestyle. The amount of centers offering quality care are accessible from anywhere in the world, to resolve chronic back and neck pain. These medical professionals that perform the procedures, are dedicated to providing patients with relief from the pain and suffering that is taking over their life.

Investment Banking Jobs: Good News and Bad News

Investment banking jobs do offer a lot of reward for people who work at that type of job. Analyst jobs are high paying entry level jobs in the industry. When looking for an investment baking job, it is important to know what one is up against. For one thing, the year offers less than 20,000 analyst jobs or other entry level positions in investment banking. For those that are interested in a job as an analyst in investment banking, there is bad news. For one thing, there is not a high rate for finding a job in a career center at a university. Even Ivy League schools are very hard to break into.

The Good news is that it is possible. That much is obvious due to the fact that there are people working jobs in investment banking. One just has to put in effort. While one puts in effort, he will meet people and get in contact with potential employers. He will eventually make meetings that he can use for networking which will eventually land him a position as an investment banker. He will then have the opportunity to work up the ladder and learn closely the inner workings of an investment bank. Eventually, one will be able to start his own firm like James Dondero on nexpointadvisers did.

James Dondero is one of the very influential investment bankers that have plenty of experience with finances. He has recently been appointed in the board of directors by NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. His 30 years of experience include investing in credit and other financial activities. He has put in the effort to land the job, learn from experience and use it to build plenty of businesses that are based around helping people with their finances.

In order for one to get a job in investment banking, he has to know how to create favorable odds. This really involves treating it as a numbers game. If one talks to plenty of people, he will put the odds in his favor when it comes to landing a job as an investment banker. This involves having interpersonal skills. Getting training in investment banking can also help. While trying to get a job, it is very important for one to continue preparing for the job that he is going to get. He must be able to hold intelligent conversations about topics which include telecommunications, finances and related topics. It is also important to pick a couple of areas of focus and do a lot of work on them. With the right preparation, one could easily land a job and keep it.

Crystal Hunt, Rising Star

Looking for a movie that’s hotter than the dog days of summer? Magic Mike XXL will definitely tickle your fancy. The sequel to the mega hit Magic Mike takes place three years after the original in which the titular Mike (Channing Tatum) has decided to retire from the exotic dance industry on a high note. So he and the remaining Kings of Tampa (Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez) decide to hit the road to Myrtle Beach for one last blow-out performance. This fun and steamy flick makes for a perfect girls night!

Among the returning cast there were some new faces to take notice of, including Florida born actress Crystal Hunt as Lauren. The Emmy nominated actress has had roles on both the big and small screen and is best known for her role as Lizzie, the wealthy but troubled teen on CBS’ hit daytime series “Guiding Light”. She also starred across from Amanda Bynes in “Sydney White”, a modern day retelling of the classic Snow White fairy tale. Miss Hunt has also gone into production with several other daytime series stars to create “Queen of Drama” a series that brings you behind the scenes of building a new tv show from the ground up. “Queens of Drama will be airing on the POP network. Her latest foray into film production will be a horror film called “Talbot County” which she will co-produce with her friend Dania Ramirez (Devious Maids).

Businesswoman Susan McGalla Leads By Example

As women continue to advance in the corporate world, there are plenty of people who want to offer advice on how women can best advance in their careers on The best advice comes from those women who themselves have succeeded.

Susan P. McGalla, the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, has been outspoken in her views as to how women can succeed in business. McGalla, one of the most accomplished leaders in the corporate retail field, is perhaps best known for her 15 years at American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. When McGalla came to American Eagle after working for 8 years at Joseph Horne Company, she joined a company with no women on its board of directors or in senior management positions. But McGalla quickly rose through the ranks and eventually became the company’s Chief Merchandising Officer and President.

McGalla regularly speaks to civic and professional groups about her perspective as as a successful businesswomen. McGalla takes a no nonsense approach to succeeding in business and advises others to do the same. McGalla believes that most women in the business world do not want to be viewed as the woman in the room but as a professional on the same level as everyone else. Even though she worked at a male dominated company at American Eagle, she never carried a chip on her shoulder or saw herself as trying to break the glass ceiling.

Even though McGalla may have been the first woman in a high ranking position at American Eagle, she was not the last. By leading through example, McGalla encouraged other women to take leadership roles in their departments. As she rose through the ranks, American Eagle became recognized as being a model corporate culture where everyone’s views were welcomed and where aspiring to lead was encouraged.

This is a recurring theme in McGalla’s career. Her success in business was not limited to viewing the profit and loss charts. Rather, she has always sought to create corporate atmosphere that encourages people to be both self starters and team players, with both the individuals and the organization benefiting from the efforts.

Having succeeded in numerous businesses, McGalla took the next step of becoming a consultant to other businesses. As the head of P3, McGalla now consults with clients on marketing, operations, human resources and all other aspects of business, with a focus on the retail industry. She provides unique insight through her knowledge of the retail industry and her ability to foster an optimal corporate culture.

When You And Your Personal Injury Lawyer File A Complaint

Until a case actually starts, your attorney might maintain a lid about the claims procedure. For instance, the insurance firm has no privilege to interrogate you openly unless a real lawsuit is ongoing. Plus the insurance firm cannot talk to your physicians, compel your attorney to handle more tasks, or add the costs needed to investigate plus organize your complaint. When an official case commences, nevertheless, your attorney might have to undertake considerably more tasks, reacting to processes instigated by the assurance company’s attorneys. This can result to both tension plus costs that you alongside your lawyer cannot fully control.

A lawsuit precisely starts after a complaint- a lawful document containing the information plus lawful foundation for your statement against the offender- is recorded in court. This complaint should be filed in the period limit established by the law of limitations of your state. Yet the actual action of a case does not start until the offender and their lawyer are officially involved in the lawsuit after your grievance is presented-officially provided to the offender.

The resolution of the time to give the perpetrator, and thus when to begin the costly and stressful process of a case, is subject to whether payment discussions are progressing. If they aren’t, your attorney might think that continuing with an official litigation is the ultimate way to compel the insurance firm enough to obtain a just reimbursement offer. A resolution concerning starting the case procedure must be done cooperatively by you plus your attorney when a detailed conversation regarding the merits and demerits.

Conducting Discovery
The lawful procedure applied to obtain facts that the other party has is referred to as discovery. Discovery may involve the fairly modest exchange of in print questions as well as answers known as interrogatories, alongside other exchanges of official papers. Yet is may similarly feature costly processes called depositions- that lawyers from either side come together and interrogate you, the offender, or even an eyewitness themselves, under oath, whilst a courtroom reporter accounts the answers and make a printed transcript.

SuperLawyers say that even though depositions form a fundamental part of majority of cases, the amount of depositions planned in a lawsuit can differ considerably.

If you are in San Antonio and have a personal injury complaint, you might need the help of a professional and experienced attorney. Mikal Watts is the attorney to hire because he is a renowned personal injury attorney in San Antonio, Texas.

Women CEOs Like Susan McGalla Breaking The Glass Ceiling

The last decade has been powerfully ground-breaking for business women on all over the globe. These women are smart, accomplished, tough and have broken that glass ceiling that many women never dreamed could happen. Some of these women head some of the largest not only in the United States but the world. We’re talking Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees. Achieving these positions are very difficult, and in most cases, they face a great deal of challenges on a daily basis. But despite the resentments, prejudices and good ole boy systems they sometimes have to deal with, they are living proof that women can sit at head of the boardroom table.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld and IBM CEO Virginia Rommetty, are considered some of the most powerful business women on earth. They run billion dollar corporations and make tough decisions everyday. To make it, many of these women have to shake off the stereotypical attitudes and just be themselves. More than anything else, they need to have confidence in their abilities. Although there are still many challenges, “A slow evolution is occurring towards women in the boardroom,” according to Sandberg. She went on to say that women should not be afraid to assert themselves or be intimidated by a boardroom full of men.

P3 Executive Consulting founder, Susan McGalla, knows all to well about the stumbling blocks women face while trying to reach the boardroom. “It can be tough,” says McGalla. Men aren’t exactly as bold as they used to be. Now they use “buzz words” to try to cut you down and make you feel unwanted. Most women CEOs agree that you have to have a thick exterior, or you won’t survive. McGalla started her career at Joseph Horne Company. Although she excelled, she wanted more.

She moved onto American Outfitters, where she gained a foothold. She admits that over a few years, the corporate culture began to change, and women in management positions were very successful. She rose the corporate ladder and soon became American Outfitter’s CEO over merchandising. Although she says the experience was rewarding, she decided to make a move to consulting.

More and more women are breaking that glass ceiling nowadays. There are a number of role models who successfully run global companies — and do so for many years. Women who have made it to the top will admit that it often isn’t easy when you’re climbing, but it’s very rewarding once you make it there.

Profile of Successful Visual Media Entrepreneur Mogul John Textor

Mr. John Textor is the current Executive Chairman of the pioneer corporation that leads in virtual reality and the production of holographic digital humans used especially for live performances. Known as Pulse Evolution Corporation (PLFX), the company is best known for holographic entertainment. Mr. John Textor is accredited as being the brain behind this new form of entertainment that is fast gaining popularity especially after the virtual appearance of music legend Tupac Shakur at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music Festival as well as the virtual performance of another deceased legend Michael Jackson at the Billboard music awards in the year 2014.

Mr. Textor attended Wesleyan University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics in 1987. He then went on and co-founded the private equity firm Wyndcrest Holdings in 1997. The company, which mainly focuses on telecommunication and entertainment, is based in Florida. Textor is very active in the development of entertainment and uses his vast experience to grow entertainment companies and properties, as well as exploring new ventures in the visual entertainment industry.

Mr. Textor is also a producer and was responsible for the production of the science fiction film Ender’s Game which was released near the end of 2013. He also serves as the Managing Principal of Wyndcrest Holdings, LLC and he often holds leadership positions within Wyndcrest Holdings’ portfolio of companies. Textor became the chairman of The Parent Company in the November of 2002. His hard work and commitment saw him go up the ranks to become its Chief Executive Officer in 2005.

In 2006, John Textor went on to become the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of Digital Domain as well as its parent company which is Digital Domain Media Group. He is the one that was responsible for leading the acquisition of Digital Domain into the larger Digital Domain Media Group and its subsequent reconstruction. His great leadership skills and success saw him lead the company to win an academy award for having produced the first believable digital human actor, which was in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

After his success with Digital Domain, Mr. Textor went on to become the executive chairman at the Pulse Evolution Corporation, a company which has a specialty in the production of realistic computer-generated images of humans. He is the one who is credited with the invention of the World Snowboarding Championship when he was the chairman of the board of Sims Snowboards.

Financial Services Offered by Citadel LLC

Citadel LLC is a globally leading financial institution founded by Ken Griffin. The firm operates two major business, Citadel Securities and Citadel. Citadel Securities trades products such as equity options, equities, and interests rates swap for institutional and retail clients. Citadel is an alternative multi-billion asset. Citadel LLC is recognized for investment performance and managesfundsfrom largest institutional investors in the world such as the University Endowments, Pensions, Sovereign Wealth Funds just to mention a few. The company helps investors from all occupations to achieve their financial obligations and goals.

The Company works relentlessly to capture new opportunities across a broad range of investment strategies. It deploys capital with the objective of generating consistent risk adjustment in the investment results for capital partners and investors. The company delivers excellent services as it has the most focused and talented minds in the industry. The ideas of the staff are activated, and strategies put in place via a healthy range of proven technology and execution capacities.
Investment Strategies
The Company’s investment plans focus on the main classes of assets in the largest financial market globally. The company adapts accordingly in such areas to positions its portfolios in the most favorable opportunities. The strategies of market opportunities are based on advanced quantitative andthoughtful research, and developed by diverse teams. Consequently, it knows how to bring together multiple perspectives to harder challenges, engage in critical and rigorous discussion,and come up with best solutions.
Management of Risks
Citadel LLC capitalizes on opportunities and improves performances by managing its risks. The company has integrated disciplined risk management and estimation in the income generating routes in the departments. Citadel LLC allows investors to work side by side with the leaders in the industry. Consequently, the investors get an opportunity to learn and interact with world’s most successful business builders and economists.

Career Benefits
The Company recognizes and rewards exceptionally hardworking team members. It offers a comprehensive, yet very competitive range of advantages that enhance their lives. The employees enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Retirement saving plans
  2. Dental and medical plans
  3. Disability coverage
  4. Transit coverage
  5. Education reimbursement
  6. Life and travel insurance
  7. Fitness facilities among others

Kenneth Griffin
Kenneth Griffin was born in 1968 in Daytona Beach, Florida. He graduated from the University of Harvard in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in economics. During his early days at Harvard as a freshman, he began a hedge fund that focused on bond arbitrage. His friends and families supported the initiative. He set up a satellite that linked his residence and enabled him access real-time data.

Currently, he is the CEO of the Citadel LLC. Mr. Griffin is an ardent supporter of educational causes that lead to development and improvement of the community. He is involved in numerous charity works such as Chicago Public Community Funds. In the business community, he belongs to various organizations such as the Economic Club, Civic Committee and the G100 club all in Chicago. He also supports cultural and civic institutions.

A Room of One’s Own

Our father passed away a couple of years ago and it has been very difficult; especially for Mom. They met in grade school and were sweethearts all through high school. Mom and Dad were married right out of high school and Dad joined the Navy. They had three rowdy boys and enjoyed a beautiful marriage of forty-five years.

Recently, we were going through some old pictures with our mother. One of my favorites is of Mom and Dad riding their bicycles together as third graders. Mom looked so cute in her little blue dress and Dad had a sheepish grin. You could tell from their expressions that they loved each other even then. There was also Mom’s favorite 5×10 picture of Dad taking her to the school prom. What a beautiful couple they were! Mom wore a sky blue dress with a matching wrist corsage that Dad had given her. Dad was dashingly handsome in his suit and tie.

We spent the afternoon reminiscing over our family’s life in photos. Each picture evoked a cherished memory. There were baby pictures and funny school pictures that made us laugh. It was hard to believe we ever dressed like that and wore those big glasses! We helped Mom separate the pictures into categories and put them in labeled boxes. My wife and daughter are really into scrapbooking and are eager to help Mom create some of her own.

I knew that Mom loved this old house where she and Dad raised their children and lived in for so long. After long discussions with her, she realized that the upkeep of such a big house was just too much for her. Recently, I built an addition on to our house that included its own bathroom, kitchenette and separate entrance. It was a difficult decision for Mom, because she has always been fiercely independent and was proud of it. However, she is getting older and has some health issues. We all felt better that she move into our new addition.

Mom shared a lot of family heirlooms with us boys and her grandchildren and sold a lot of things she did not need any more. Each piece seemed to have a special memory attached. She cried a little and laughed a lot during the transition. My children were excited about having Granny so close to them.

Like many older people who have lost a spouse, Mom has a modest, set income. Of course, we do not charge her any rent; however, she does have a few bills of her own and insists on contributing to the household. She is adjusting well to her new place.

Mom loves to talk to her family and many friends on the phone and was thrilled to find out about FreedomPop Wireless. She did not have to sign any contracts or worry about extra cell phone bills. It works on our WI-FI system and she gets two hundred free minutes of talk and up to five hundred free texts. She can also upgrade to have Internet if she chooses. Thanks to FreedomPop, Mom is enjoying the independence she loves!