The Growth Of Fortress Investment Group

Investment management which involves financial backing and various investment strategies by private equity firms is the principal service offered by Fortress Investment Group, headquartered in New York. However having been founded two decades ago, 1998, the group has high expertise and experience in a wide range of investment strategies which enables it to efficiently and effectively serve over one thousand seven hundred institutional investors and private clients globally. It is the first large-scale private equity firm in New York Stock Exchange which went public as highlighted in its last years, 2007, initial public offering hence continuing setting trend globally.

Fortress Investment Group founded by Rob Kauffman, Wes Edens and Randal Nardone who brought together their financial experience with a goal of coming up with a new type of investment firm. They began with $400 million in assets under management which has multiplied to over $ 43 billion. Kauffman retired in 2012 and joined car racing leaving Edens and Nardone as the only Principals who are founders and inclusion of Peter Briger as a principal.

The duration between 1999 and 2006 was the firm’s expansion time with over 40% growth witnessed then. After 2006 the firm focused on increasing the investment vehicles and the addition of the international focused funds to its portfolio. Fortress Investment Group profile has significantly risen after being the first alternative-asset investment firm to go public. The going public set the trend with other firms like the Blackstone Group and Oaktree Capital Group following the example. Fortress innovation and success has resulted in its global leadership recognition. The firm has received several awards from 2010 to date which includes; Credit-Focused Fund of the Year and Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the Year. It was also named the Management Firm of the Year and Hedge Fund Manager of the Year in 2014.

In 2017, SoftBank Group Corporation bought Fortress Investment Group at a price of $3.3 billion. Though bought by the Japanese multinational, Fortress continued to operate independently, and its principals did not change. The buying was strategic since it added investment expertise to the firm and this will help Fortress achieve information revolution.

As of now, Fortress Investment Group operations categorization is in three with each principal being in charge of one. The credit division is the first operation led by Briger, Nardone leads the Private Equity division which focuses on the generation of cash flow and the Permanent Capital Vehicle division led by Edens though dominated by the five already publically traded permanent capital vehicles managements.

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Freedom Checks are Real

Everyone in the world is trying to look for an investment opportunity that will turn out to be ideal at the end of the day. There are so many areas where people can invest and earn some cash, despite the challenges that have hit the market. Although the competition in the market is quite high for the people who are investing for the first time, it is possible to perform well and earn money in the competitive market. In the last few months, an ad has been going round in most radio and television stations. Several social media platforms have also shared this ad, claiming that freedom checks are ideal for the modern investors. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

In one of the freedom checks ads, Matt Badiali, a well-known investment strategist speaks about this modern way of making money. Matt Badiali is shown holding a huge check that resembles those are offered by the government when an individual is getting a tax refund. Matt Badiali is a top rated professional who commands a lot of respect because of his contributions in the corporate world. Badiali works with an institution that is called Banyan Hill Publishing, and he has been teaching American investors about natural resources. The businessman chose this career path inluding freedom checks several years ago when he was already doing so well when working as a scientist.

There are many people who have already considered the freedom checks investment opportunity as a scam. These views might just have written off the idea because this deal looks too good to be the truth. The ideal looks to be a get rich quickly opportunity that has very low chances of working for the ordinary citizen to gain any profit from the opportunity. Many people are believed to have acquired this instinct because of the simple nature of the advert. It is not normal for the government to write an ordinary check for a citizen without any critical reason. For most people, this investment opportunity is just not possible. Many people have only been seeing this as a way of losing money.

In the modern times, people have been losing their hard earned money because of the companies they have chosen to invest in. There are millions of people who have decided that they will scam innocent people by using investment opportunity. Matt Badiali and the team at Banyan Hill believe that investing in Banyan Hill is a great way of earning profits. Badiali has told Americans to go for this investment opportunity because of the benefits that they will get at the end of the day. Learn more:


Who Is Alexandre Gama?

Just as Pablo Escobar was the face of the Medellin Cartel’s Colombian-based drug-pushing operations, Alexandre Gama is arguably the most famous advertiser in Brazil. This comparison features countless differences between the legitimate businessman and law-abiding Brazilian citizen of Alexandre Gama and his drug lord counterpart – the key similarity is that Escobar and Gama are highly regarded by their home countries for being the best in their respective businesses.

Alexandre Gama’s work history is something out of a hopeful advertising mogul’s dream resume

Mr. Alexandre Gama went to college to study mass communications, earning a bachelor’s degree that unarguably helped Gama skip ahead of his like-aged peers from his home city of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro.

He moved to New York City to work for the ultra-popular Standard Ogilvy & Mather in 1982, working as a joint copywriter and content creator for the world-famous business that has since changed its name to Ogilvy & Mather, and zoomed back to Brazil in 1990 after an eight-year stint from which he left on good terms.

Mr. Gama worked for two other businesses before becoming the CEO-cum-CCO-cum-Director-of-the-Global-Board of Young & Rubicam in 1996. Three years later, despite having a secure job with one of Brazil’s and planet Earth’s most popular advertorial producers and designers in Young & Rubicam – the firm has since altered its name to Y&R – he left to create Neogama in 1999.

Just one year after Neogama was created, it won a Golden Lion award from the world-renowned Cannes Festival. Over the years, both Alexandre Gama and Neogama collectively won more than 20 such awards, by far making the pair the most-awarded advertisers in the history of Brazil.

Alexandre also enjoys creating unique art and putting it on display in the name of fundraising, as well as helping amateur musicians strike it big.

Ryan Seacrest’s Career Is Explained Right Here, Right Now, For You To Learn About

The United States of America has long been home to planet Earth’s strongest economy despite only having 300-odd-million residents, the fourth-largest country by population. Widespread success by businesses and individual high-caliber entrepreneurs have effectively made the United States the worst developed country in terms of income inequality.

With the gap between the vast majority of Americans and the wealthy being wider than ever before, Seacrest now more than ever enjoys giving back to the low-income and middle-American households he grew up in as a child in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation was launched in 2010 by Mr. Seacrest, who cemented the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization into philanthropy by structuring it as such in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code. Since its foundation, Seacrest has brought Seacrest Studios to two handfuls of hospitals all across the contiguous 48 states, all of which help diseased, sickened children learn more about what working in entertainment, new media, broadcasting, writing, and other media-related fields might contain.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation isn’t, by any means, the only civic-minded venture the entertainment personality has engaged in

Though not a painter, sculptor, or another type of traditional artist, Mr. Seacrest serves the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as a member of its board of trustees. He’s also a chairholder of the GRAMMY Museum Foundation.

Ryan is very much interested in TV outside of American Idol

Other than being an American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest works as a co-host on Live with Kelly and Ryan, formerly hosted by the likes of Kathie Lee Gifford, Regis Philbin, and Michael Strahan.

He’s also still stimulated by his first true entertainment-industry love: radio

Seacrest has been in love, according to his parents, with radio since he entered grade school. Thanks to his parents’ purchase of several pieces of basic recording equipment in his childhood years, Ryan was exposed to what the feeling of live radio broadcasting might be like.

Further, a high school radio station internship allowed him ongoing on-air hosting privileges, when he found out radio was right for his needs. You should also check out his latest radio show.

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OSI Group is on a Journey of Global Expansion

If you are a business professional and have been thinking about taking your enterprise to the next level, then global expansion should be what you are looking at. If executed strategically, globalization brings your company multiple benefits including a new revenue potential and increase your potential to serve more clients. To understand the benefits of this business strategy better, let us highlight good examples through OSI Group, a leading company in the manufacture of meat-based food products.

Background Look

OSI Group was once a local boutique firm based in Chicago. Initially, it was known as Otto and Sons. Otto was the owner, and he did a great job at growing the company and making sure that it could serve more 1,000 locals annually. With more demand for meat from the community, the company decided to expand its presence. In the process, there was the need to hire a finance manager who happened to be one Sheldon Lavin.

OSI Group Expands its Portfolio

At that moment, Lavin owned a financial services consulting firm where he provided competent advice in business. Faced with the challenge to oversee the finance department at OSI Group, Lavin learned the ropes of the business. Shortly into the market, Otto and Sons decided to change the name and sell most of the company shares. OSI Group was born while Sheldon Lavin assumed one leadership role that he currently uses to promote the company’s global expansion.

Over the years, OSI Group has expanded its presence across different parts of the world including Aurora, Illinois.

The acquisition of the Spain Toledo facility by OSI Group is its latest expansion. Like any other acquisition in many of America’s business sectors, this £17 million investment has doubled the firm’s production capacity in chicken products.

Benefits of Acquisition

Moreover, OSI Toledo has now exceeded the total production of 45,000 tons in quality beef, pork in addition to chicken products. Furthermore, the entire project and its related services have provided additional employment opportunities including that of a product development manager.

Baho Food

The acquisition of a new facility in Toledo is not the only expansion project that OSI Group has been part of. In the beautiful summer of 2016, the company acquired Baho Food, an industrious manufacturing facility for snacks, meat delis, and other convenience foods. In the perspective of OSI Group’s leaders, this new acquisition was propelled by the rising demand of the meat-based product in the industry.


From the look of OSI Group’s major acquisition projects, it is evident that global expansion fosters the international penetration of a brand into foreign markets to protect the company against unforeseen events.

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Dr. Jim Toner, Atlanta-area Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist

Dr. Jim Toner, MD Ph.D., is an expert in the field of reproductive medicine and infertility. He currently provides services to those suffering from infertility issues at the Georgia-based facility, the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine, which offers patients two locations in the greater Atlanta area. Dr. Toner, who received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Pennsylvania’s St. Joseph’s College and subsequently, both his MD and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine, has been a practicing expert in the field of reproductive endocrinology and infertility for over 25 years, as well as an American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology accredited and board-certified specialist in Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Dr. Toner, who is an Atlanta-native, also spent over 15 years as a respected faculty member with St. John’s Institute in Norfolk, Virginia, where he also completed his medical residency and fellowship. Dr. Toner was fortunate to have also studied under the tutelage of esteemed St. John Institute founder, Dr. Howard W. Jones, Jr. During his tenure at St. Johns, Dr. Toner eventually rose to the position of Associate Professor, as well as heading the Institute’s Fellowship and Third Party Reproductive Programs. He is also a noted and recognized medical researcher in the field of Infertility and Reproductive Medicine; authoring hundreds of abstracts and papers on the subject and being recognized on numerous occasions by his peers with awards such as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Ciba-Geigy Award and the American Fertility Ortho Award. Dr. Toner is also a widely-acclaimed lecturer and speaker, who has been invited to speak in front of his peers many times over his career on the topic of his research into Reproductive Medicine and, in particular,

his respected research on Ovarian reserve and it’s relationship to fertility. During his almost three-decade medical career, Dr. Toner has treated infertility-related conditions as varied as uterine fibroids, perimenopause, endometriosis, and amenorrhea. In addition, the fertility doctor has utilized cutting-edge and emerging technologies in his pursuit of the successful treatment of related-infertility issues, including in-vitro fertilization, laparoscopy, intrauterine, and acupuncture.

According to Health Grades, Dr. Toner, who holds a doctorate in psychology, also believes strongly in a holistic approach when dealing with patients suffering from infertility. He notes that patient’s emotional and psychological well-being need to be addressed as delicately as their medical needs and says his goal is always to work as partners with patients as they set about finding the probable cause, and ultimately, the solution to fertility issues.

When not practicing medicine, Dr. Toner enjoys spending time with his family–including his four children and gardening. He is also a proponent of volunteering and spends his free time giving back to the community, including his church and the organization, Habitat for Humanity.

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Tips on Educating Children About Finances with the Help of HCR Wealth Advisors

Children need to be taught about finances and money so that they have the required preparation when it comes to adulthood. Some parents are afraid of initiating financial discussions because they feel that the kids will not be interested and sometimes they don’t know the right age to start introducing financial topics. However, the earlier the kid learns all they need to know when it comes to money, the more likely they will be able to make reliable financial decision in their adult life. That is the reason why HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, recommends parents begin financial training early in a child’s life. Below are some of the tips that HCR Wealth Advisors posted to help parents educate kids about finance and money.

Reward Them with Allowance Once They Do the Chores

The first valuable lesson is to teach children that they have to work in order to earn money, it won’t just be handed to them without effort. Once they do the chores around the house and earn an allowance, it will teach them that money has to be earned.

Talk About Budgeting

Once they have earned an allowance, the next lesson that they need to be taught is making a budget. Start off by asking them to come up with the list of things that they need. With that list, they then can budget the money they have to buy their essential expenses. Everyone can benefit from effective budgeting, from a child to a large business, and HCR Wealth Advisors can help create personalized financial strategies for their clients to support this.

The Basics of Investing

Having the necessary knowledge when it comes to investing is a useful skill to cultivate early on in life. If the kids know about investments, then they will understand net worth and use it to their advantage. Teach them all they need to know when it comes to investing and the rewards they can obtain from investing wisely.

HCR Wealth Advisors believes that one of the best gifts that any parent can give their kid is a financial education. That’s why they do their best to encourage parents to educate their kids. HCR Wealth Advisors will keep their clients informed and help them come up with a strategy they can use to reach their financial goals.

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Whitney Wolfe-Herd Doesn’t Play By the Rules

Whitney Wolfe-Herd is someone that has refused to play by the rules. Anyone that has taken a look at the Bumble NYC Hive where people from Bumble are able to meet are well aware that she is planning the dating app game completely different.Wolfe-Herd knows what she is capable of with a dating app, but she did not set out to start a dating app alone. If someone gets a chance to look inside of the headquarters for Bumble they will notice that it is to start up technology dating app that does not actually have engineers in place. It is much more common to see a large number of women that are using laptops and phones to engage in various types of brainstorming activities.

These women are doing their best to make improvements with Bumble, and they are testing the waters with all the other possibilities that come from researching the competition.Bumble has proven to be a stellar dating app, and Whitney Wolfe has received a great amount of recognition for branching out and reinventing the wheel when it came to dating apps and the way that people perceive dating app developers.It does no good for Whitney Wolfe to create a dating app that looks like everything else there is out there. When she got married to her husband Michael Herd she was taking a break from the rigorous work schedule that she has engaged herself into. She would find herself in Italy enjoying some of the fruits of her labor.

She would enjoy transitioning from a single woman to a wife, but Whitney Wolfe has remained well aware that there are so many other single women that are trying to get to where she is. She knows that there are a lot of women that are looking for a chance to cross the threshold, but first they have to find the right match and engage in communication with the right person. This is what she is trying to establish with Bumble. Whitney Wolfe-Herd is someone that has not been afraid to push the boundaries. Her level of fearlessness has allowed people that may have never consider dating apps to try this type of environment out. She has clearly proven that dating apps have the ability to be successful if someone is willing to think outside of the box. Wolfe-Herd has shown that she is creative.

Fake News In Elections Is The Focus Of Integrity Experts Like Bruno Fagali

Whenever the period of the election comes along, it is evident that some candidates use fake news to defame their competitor for easier entry into the ballot. During the United States presidential elections and campaigns of 2014, it is quite pathetic that there were 1,200 fake profiles of the 3 lead candidates which were being used to spread some fake news. Although TSE and some committed lawyers like Bruno Fagali have been on the forefront of enhancing corporate integrity in Brazil, still there are culprits in the ground.

In the bid of stopping the spread of fake news, TSE established its investigative team to identify the fake news and those who spread it. One of the steps they took is to have “Consultative Council on Internet and Elections (CCIE)” on the ground which basically is involved in 3 main tasks. First, they are to develop research on election rules and the influence of fake news to the outcomes, second, come up with some opinions on issues the president of TSE will provide them and finally provide solutions and proposals of improving the standards.

According to the President of TSE, Manerva Luiz Fux, there is a need for Electoral Justice for a clean and legitimate election. TSE will use a precautionary measure to prevent such occurrences and with CCIE on their side, they can do much. FBI is incorporated in the investigation where they have their representative in the CCIE who is the Director of Cyber Crimes Division Mr. Howard Marshall. The use of fake news is feared to be one of the threats still in the coming election both to influence the decision making of Brazilian in voting for the president and governors.

This is the reason why corporate integrity expert Bruno Fagali are working to bring justice and removing the scandals in various contracts through spearheading transparency campaigns. His passion for integrity led to him founding FAGALI Advocacy in 2014 and consequently works at Nova s/b, which is one of the leading advertising firms in Brazil, as the Corporate Integrity Manager.

Bruno Fagali studied at Pontifical Catholic University for his LLB and later Masters at the University of Sao Paulo. He is well experienced in Administrative law, Regulatory Law, Urban Law, and Compliance Law.

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The Achievements of Wes Edens in the Financial Sector.

Founded in 1998 by Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman, Fortress Investment Group has come a long way to becoming one of the most trusted investment managers. Its portfolio has grown over the years and is now in charge of assets valued at about $43 billion. What started out as a small buyout company currently manages financial assets in the form of liquid equity, bonds, hedge funds, and private equity. Wes Edens is one of the founding members of the renowned corporation. Today, he serves as a co-chief executive as well as co-chairperson of the board of directors. Since its entry into the financial sector, Fortress Group has made substantial steps in the market and has been part of notable economic projects not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world. One, in particular, happened recently, Mr. Edens is heading the company’s investments into the Jamaican Liquefied Natural Gas.

Wes Edens love for matters economics took him to the Oregon State University where he pursued a degree in Finance. He got an opportunity to kick-start his career in various reputable companies including California Savings and Loans, Smith Barney, and Merrill Lynch. In his pursuit of more knowledge and expertise in matters finance, Wes Edens joined the mortgage trading department of renowned firm Lehman Brothers in 1987. He served the company to his level best and held various leadership positions including partner and director. Wes later joined BlackRock Investments and was tasked with heading its subsidiary BlackRock Financial Management as both partner and director.

Through Wes Eden’s quality leadership skills, Fortress Investment has achieved various feats over the years. It became the first privately held hedge fund corporation to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The achievements of Fortress have also had a positive impact on the life and wealth of Wes. He is now a billionaire with a net worth of $1.6 billion as published by Forbes Magazine. Wes Edens makes around $54.4 million annually with $13.4 coming from direct compensation and $41 million from stocks dividends. Though most successful billionaires have either inherited family wealth or trust funds, Wes and his partners at Fortress have toiled for years to earn each dime they own. Wes is an ardent fan of sports and is involved with two franchises. He is the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, and FlyQuest, an e-sport team.