Understanding Russian Woman, Their Values and How to Act Around Them

For many Americans and Europeans Russian women represent something exotic, yet refined at the same time. Situated in both Europe and Asia, Russia is a unique culture that contains elements of European culture combined with its own rich Russian heritage. Russian women are well known for their beauty and are highly sought after by Western men looking for brides abroad for this very reason.

Besides their good looks, Russian woman are known to be very feminine, a trait that is starting to erode in woman in many developed countries. Russian woman are what is considered to be traditional women in the United States and Europe, and they have traditional values. They value the family, are happy to look after the home and raise the kids. This is in contrast to many Western woman, who are instead focused on themselves and their career instead of the family and the home. Russia is a patriarchal or male dominated society and most woman are expected to perform traditional female roles such as raising a family and looking after the home. Being married, having kids and a husband who takes care of the family is also highly esteemed in Russia and most Russian women share this mindset.

So how do you go about courting a Russian woman that strikes your fancy? As stated above, Russian woman are highly feminine and come from a male dominated society. They will expect you to lead courtship and act gentlemanly in their company. Unlike Western women who may see a man leading a relationship as being aggressive, Russian woman expect the men to lead the relationship. Intimate conversations are valued and will help to the two of you to get to know each other. Holding hands and touching while talking will show the Russian women that you are taking an interest in her. She might return the interest back with some physical contact of her own.

Showing proper etiquette will help you win over a Russian woman. Many Russian women will expect you to hold the door in front of them, help them undress before sitting and order food for both parties on the date. Unlike American and Western Women Russian women will expect you to take the relationship further, and this means that you should not wait to express love or you might end up losing her to another man. As stated before Russian women expect you to be in charge and lead them through the relationship and eventually the marriage.

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