The Amazing Philanthropic Success of Charles Koch

George Mason Univeristy has been hailed as one of the most important schools in correlation with the conservative republican party. Charles Koch, a well-known businessman and philanthropist, has been pouring millions of dollars into this university every year. These millions of dollars are being invested into the law and economics programs at George Mason University. In the last 5 years, Koch has donated close to 50 million dollars to this university. Most recently, the Koch Foundation announced a 10 million dollar gift to George Mason University. It seems as though Koch won’t be slowing down anytime soon with the donations to George Mason.

Koch cut his teeth early on by attending MIT and earning his bachelors of science in general engineering. He then earned his mastered in mechanical engineering. He also decided to earn a second masters degree in chemical engineering. Rock Island Oil & Refinery is where is the family company where Koch began to find his success. When he became president of the company, Koch renamed the company Koch Industries in order to honor his father’s name. Koch Industries continued to grow until the company was generating over 90 billion dollars of revenue yearly. An annual breakdown of this shows that each year there were returns of almost 20 percent year after year.

Koch has some very strong views when it comes to politics. He is very concerned with having a smaller governmental hand in business. This has shown in the different philanthropic contributions that have been made by Koch over the years.

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How Charles Koch Is Looking To Help Conservative Programs

The industrialist Charles Koch and his brother David are often seen as figures who divide public opinion about the role they play in the U.S. political theater; the Koch brothers are now seeing their role in the Republican party reassessed by a number of groups who question the image that has been presented of the leaders of Koch Industries. For a number of years Charles Koch has been an active member of the political classes within the U.S. after he and his brother began to look to use their vast wealth to back candidates in their chosen party. The GOP has been the major party supported by the Koch brothers recently after the conservative beliefs of the pair were closely reflected by the Republican party and its leaders.

Charles Koch may often be seen as a newcomer to the world of politics who is taking advantage of the role Super PAC groups now play in major elections; those who know something of the history of the Wichita, Kansas based business leader understand he has played a major role in different political groups for a number of decades. After assisting in the founding of the Cato Institute, Charles Koch went on to back the establishment of an unsuccessful third party based on libertarian political beliefs. Charles Koch is not a new entrant to the political arena and the belief he is solely working to undermine President Barrack Obama is not backed up by his major contributions to political campaigns prior to the emergence of the Obama in 2008.

It is important to remember that despite the way the backing of the GOP is portrayed in the media the Koch brothers are just two of the backers of the policies of the party. Hundreds of donors now make their way to the twice yearly meetings established by Charles and David Koch to discuss policy and make sure the Super PAC’s that have been created are working towards set goals.

Charles Koch cannot be acussed of working towards changing the U.S. political climate purely for his own gain as he has made many different donations to groups and organizations in a number of different arenas; for example, Charles Koch has provided funding for arts based communities and for sporting groups such as the Wichita State University basketball team. Finally, Charles Koch is backing Republican Party groups formed by himself and others who are simply looking to promote the conservative beliefs they believe in.

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The Increase of the Koch Brothers’ Influence

The Koch brothers, Charles and David, are two powerful individuals who are a part of the same family and have the same motivations for success. Charles Koch inherited Koch Industries several decades ago and have been able to expand the company and create a name for themselves in both the business industry as well as in politics. Currently, the Koch brothers are strong financiers of the Republican party due to the Republican party’s promotion of the free market.

The Koch brothers have demonstrated their role as financiers with the 2012 election. The Koch brothers, together, raised over $400 million for the purpose of financing Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Though Mitt Romney did not win, the Charles Koch is determined more than ever to assist a Republican candidate to the win. Before the start of the 2016 election, the Koch brothers began a campaign to raise money through many wealthy donators. As of now, the Koch brothers hold over $900 million to finance a potential candidate.

The only thing that is inhibiting their tie within the political world is Donald Trump who is also currently self-financed. Mr. Trump’s politics in regards to trade, taxing, as well as foreign policy are not in alignment with that of the Koch brothers. In addition to this, Donald Trump has attacked the Koch brothers on social media such as Twitter for the reason of them financing another candidate.

Charles Koch, as well as their hundreds of investors have the current mission of taking down Donald Trump. The strategy that they are most in favor of is highlight Mr. Trump’s bankruptcy as well as his sometimes shady business deals and demeanor. With their current mission and strategy, the Koch brothers have a similar interest to that of the Democratic party who are in disagreement of his business background and his lack of diplomacy skills.

Though Donald Trump’s many supporters has proven to be a problem, the Koch brothers are driven by two goals. The first goal is to expand their family ties and their business while the other is to continue protecting the free market from government interventions. The Koch brothers believe that the free market is the key to economic prosperity. This is why the Koch brothers are making large donations to institutions such as George Mason University as well as certain think tanks. These institutions are strong supporters for the classical economic principles enacted by Carl Menger and Adam Smith

George Soros: The Billionaire Philanthropist

The EU needs a comprehensive plan to eradicate the growing problem of the lack of a common refugee policy that has seen a transformation in the growing numbers of the asylum seekers into a political crisis in Europe today from a manageable problem. Every member of the EU state has focused on their individual benefits and not the interests of other. The panic among the asylum seekers has also precipitated as a result as well as the authorities responsible for order and law and the general public. The refugees are the victims that are worst hit.


The European Union needs a comprehensive plan, a plan that reasserts effective governance over the flows of the refugees. In an orderly and safe way that depicts the picture how Europe can absorb the refugees. For this plan to be comprehensive enough, it has to extend beyond the borders of Europe outwards. This will make it less expensive and much less disruptive to maintain those refugees close to their locations.


Syria is the origin of the current crisis facing Europe, the population of Syria is to be the priority. But other migrants and refugees should not be forgotten. The European plan must be brought to effect accompanied by a comprehensive response, under the UN authority and every member state under the UN. This will help in distributing the burden in Syria over many states while a global standard is established for dealing with the caused problems of more generally of forced migration.


The comprehensive plan must have the integral components. The European Union must accept at least one million refugees every year into the future. For the European Union to achieve that, the burden must be shared equitably. It is critical for the EU to have adequate financing; The European Union must provide a minimum of 15,000 euros fro every refugee for the first two consecutive years. These funds will be used by the asylum seekers to take care of their health, education and cover housing costs. The EU must use its unused capacity in the AAA borrowing that has added to stimulate the economy of Europe.


The EU will lead the worldwide effort to provide funding to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to support the millions of refugees in the country. The EU will then embark on building a migration agency that will guard the border. Safe channels must also establish for the refugees from Italy and Greece to their countries of destination. Please Visit: MarketWatch for more information.


George Soros fled from Hungary to England in the year 1947. He studied in a London school of economics and obtained qualification to work in a local investment bank in London in 1952. He immigrated to the United States and held two positions as an analyst and investment manager in three companies in New York City. He went off in 1973 and started a hedge fund firm. The Soros Fund Management grew into the well renounced Quantum Fund. For related reading, please visit Investopedia.

While Not Exactly Acting Presidential, The Donald Disses Back Neil Young

2016 GOP presidential contender Donald Trump wasted no time in returning the diss back to geezer rocker Neil Young. It turns out that Young, a Canadian citizen, supports the candidacy of Socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders in his long shot bid for the 2016 Democrat presidential nomination. As a result, he was not pleased at all with Trump using his song “Rockin’ in the Free World” as bumper music during his campaign announcement. Young was blunt in his tweet saying that Trump did not have permission to be using the song.

As far as the song itself goes, “Rockin’ in the Free World” became the theme song to celebrate the collapse of Communism in Easter Europe during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Ironically, the song was actually written by Young to ridicule the administration of President George H.W. Bush, a Republican. In that respect, Trump is probably better off finding another song.

That said, this week The Donald fired back at Young accusing him of hypocrisy. It turns out that Young recently visited Trump requesting financing for a business deal concerning audio equipment. In fact, Trump says that Young personally invited him to attend a concert days before his presidential announcement. In one sense, it is understandable that Trump would fire back at Young for the public “diss”. The real estate mogul has made it clear on his hit show “Celebrity Apprentice” that he values loyalty above all else. A few at Madison Street Capital can clearly see it when checking So when someone who displays friendship acts blatantly disloyal, it is unpardonable. Still, Trump’s retort wasn’t exactly presidential.

Puerto Rico Legalizes Marijuana

Marijuana legalization has become a thing of reality. People all across the world are demanding legal weed, and it’s not hard to see why. Marijuana has been proven to have medical uses. Also, many people enjoy smoking marijuana more than drinking alcohol. However, legalization for medical uses and recreational uses are far different.

Folks at FreedomPop know that, in America, marijuana has become completely legal for recreational use in states such as Colorado and Utah. However, there are still many places were only medical marijuana is legal, and there are other states that do not even allow medical uses of the drug. Marijuana advocates are trying to get the drug legalized nationwide, and many American citizens have agreed with this idea.

The territory of Puerto Rico has recently announced that medical marijuana will now be legal in the country. American citizens were extremely proud of Puerto Rico’s decision, and it seems that the prohibition of marijuana is coming to an end. Rollingstone recently published an article that further details Puerto Rico’s decision.

Marijuana is an extremely controversial subject, and people are unsure what to think. However, it should be noted that marijuana has been proven to help ease the pain of patients that suffer from cancer and AIDS. Nonetheless, the drug is still exploited by people who use it without respect. I personally feel that the people of any country should be allowed to vote for things that they want to take place. If the people of America want marijuana to be legal, then it should be.

Younger Americans View Socialism in a Better Light Than Others

A poll has come out from that shows younger Americans have a better view of socialism than older Americans. They are also more likely to have a dim view of capitalism. As far as Americans overall, capitalism still comes out on top with a 52 percent favorable attitude toward capitalism and only 26 percent favorable for socialism. Even among younger Americans under 30 years of age a minority of 36 percent have a favorable view of socialism, but that is still much higher than middle-aged or old people.

If you are not a conservative at 35, you have no brain.” For whatever reasons, people seem naturally more attracted to a socialist mentality when younger and then, perhaps after seeing how much of their paycheck disappears to the government year after year, become a little jaded toward it. There is also the factor that many people may be confusing our current system of crony-capitalism with actual free market capitalism. When you believe that capitalism is a system in which the company with the most lobbyists wins, then of course you will have a dim view of it according to Ivan Ong (Check him out on WorkingWithGrace). This is, however, not how it’s supposed work. The damage to the good name of true capitalism may be more harmful than the corruption itself of crony-capitalism.