How OSI Group Processes McDonalds Hamburgers

McDonalds Company is a food company that comprises of various customers in the world. In recent years, the company released an operational manual which indicated that it sold 75 hamburgers each second thus initiating a lot of concerns about its ingredients from various individuals. After reviewing the hamburgers, one buyer conducted an experiment where he stored it in the fridge and funded it exactly in the same condition some fourteen years later. Through a business tour, the Insider magazine finds out some vital aspects of OSI Group McDonalds Company in Germany. Currently, the company is more critical of the ingredients they use to make their products. For example, they range from excess sugar, food processing additives such as the E Numbers to salt.

Plenty of customers

McDonalds Company usually comprises of various customers that typically rely on best fast foods after much scrutiny. For instance, David Whipple who is a customer to the company ventured into an activity to determine the number of ingredients present in the hamburgers. Later after fourteen years, he showed everyone the appearance of his product.

Components of the products

The popular McDonald hamburgers, chicken, and French fries consist of preservatives that enable them to rot but after some specific conditions. Moreover, the director of the company insists that microbes such as water, time, warmth, and nutrients enable them to rot. However, if one of the elements is eliminated from the environments, the chances are high that they will not spoil the food.

McDonalds Statement

During the year, the management of McDonalds said that its burgers and fries did not consist of any preservatives. While in its tour, the business insider established various ways how the burger was made into the market. Through the Gunzburg factory, OSI Group McDonalds managed to supply different hamburgers to the company.


Since it is an American company, OSI group is tasked with supplying range of products to the OSI Group McDonalds because of its expansiveness in the area. Before its establishment in Europe, the company had liaised with OSI Group McDonalds in the German village. After following various agreements between the two companies, they decided to perform business together.

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